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Business etiquette is the set of rules of conduct which allows smoother social interactions in a business organization. In particular, office etiquette applies to the interaction between colleagues and how a person behaves in the office.

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Which greeting phrase should a CEO use in his email newsletter to address all employees?

  • A CEO can use a greeting phrase such as 'To All Staff Members' or 'To All Employees.'
Business Etiquette

Types of feasibility tests in system analysis?

types of system

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Should you write a thank you letter after an interview for a part time job for a grocery store for example?

It isn't necassary, but it won't hurt your chances of getting hired. And it shouldn't be written as a thank you note. It is a follow up letter. You may thank them for the interview, but mostly it should be about looking forward for the oportunity to work there. Don't sound like you already have the job, but like you are hopefull that you will get it. yes

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Why you write MS before firms name?

You don't . Ms. is a designation only for a woman who is single, marital status unknown, or a lady who has indicated this is how she prefers to be addressed . MS would only be appropriate for MS Magazine , if you are writing to them, or a company who incorporates MS into it's business name .

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List specific social responsibility activities?

List of socially responsible activities. 1. Reforestation Programs 2. Training for Teachers at Companies 3. Disaster Relief 4. Interacting With Local Communities Through Games sponsoring 5. Promoting national heritage and culture.

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How can you learn good table manners?

Good Table Manners
  • The host and hostess (giving the dinner) generally sit at each end of the table. In some cases if there are grandparents or great grandparents and depending on the culture they will sit at each end of the table.
  • If the dinner is fancy and there will be soup, salad and a main course then the table should be set with dinner plate on bottom, salad plate on top of that and the soup bowl on top of the salad plate. Cutlery to each side of the plate with a napkin (sometimes people will put the napkin in the wine glass).
  • Don't start to eat until everyone is seated. Some people may say a prayer of thanks before eating and if you are a non believer at least bow your head. Don't simply just 'dig into the food!' The host and hostess are the ones that should pick up their knife and fork first to eat and everyone else follows suit.
  • Place your napkin on your lap and DON'T tuck it into the top of your dress, blouse or shirt.
  • If it's a fancy dinner then work from the outside in. Soup may be served first, then a salad and then the main course. When eating soup you cup the soup spoon (hollow side) away from you and scoop the soup up that way. No slurping! Then the smaller fork is used for the salad (and even perhaps a smaller knife depending on the salad.) The smaller knife is a 'butter knife' and can be used if buns are served. If the table is set properly there should be a separate plate for your bun. If there is no plate for the bun then putting the bun on your dinner plate is acceptable.
  • If wine is served it's usually served from the right or, if it's a simple family dinner the bottle is passed along the table. If you don't like wine then just say so. Water glasses with ice water should also be placed at the top of the dinner/salad plates.
  • Don't feel you have to eat everything that is given you. Say nothing, but pass the food (if not served by a maid) to the next person. If a maid or (if in a restaurant) a waiter/waitress is serving then just quietly say 'no thank you.' Don't take huge portions of food because you can always go back for seconds (if asked!)
  • When you finish your main course cross your knife and fork across your plate (this means you are finished.) If you aren't finished and would like more then place your knife and fork on the plate side by side. This is only used at wealthy banquets or at high end restaurants. When eating at someones home cross your knife and fork on the plate. The Hoestess will usually ask if you would like another portion of everything and if you want to then do so.
  • If eating with a family then offer to help clear the table or even do dishes.
  • Be sure you thank the host and hostess for the delicious meal.
  • A lot of the mannerisms that are expected of anyone while eating are mostly common sense really. Well, actually it's a little common sense and a little of learning from a good website. Act like a gentleman or lady, which ever the case.
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What can you do about a coworker who talks to himself says 'Hello' before the phone is to his ear and responds before you finish asking a question?

There is nothing greater than fear itself, Personally if he said hi befor he answer the phone, that's one less pleasentry I have to fake back.


hello it doesnt seem like a big deal if he talks to himself.if you get along with him or her just casually bring up the subject.if your boss doesnt seem to mind it should not bother you.some people just get really excited and answer upfront but if no harm is done don't let it bother you .

Tell him to shut his trap and listen for once. He sounds very annoying.

The first poster hit it right on. What is the big deal? Don't ever tell someone to "shut up" because you don't know the health of this person. Perhaps they have had a brain injury, or have a disease that can cause some of these sides effects.

The question is .... does he give you the right answer to your question before you ask it? LOL I'd call him brilliant if he does!

I work with someone who does that, and it drives me nuts. I really sympathize with you, because it'd be great, especially in the open environment of a cubicle workplace, to tell him to knock it off because it's so distracting and annoying. In my case, at least, I have reason to think this person is mentally ill, so I'm practicing restraint. It's really hard some days.

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What is the abbreviation for General Manager?


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Difference between employee and employer?

A employer is one who hires an individual to work. An employee, is one who works for the employer.

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What are the disadvantages of share capital if second partner increases more than first partner?

it going to increase

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What are the responsibilities of first line manager in pharma?

A 1st line managrt is a trusworthy motivator , team leader and 100% positive result oriented person for the organisation, he should be good communicator having good product knowledge and most important he should be frank ,open and passionate . He can lead his team by motovating the team members in positive way that they should acheive their goal every month with the help of company's strategy which should be 100% implementing in the field .

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Full form of unit CFT?

Cubic Feet of Triangle

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What is the role of computers in business management?

Creating reports to analyse business performance

To manage the business resources - e.g. by use of human resource management system to manage employee functions

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What are objectives of business ethics?

what are objective of business ethics

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Samples of Christmas party closing remarks for a speech?

Samples of Christmas party closing remarks for a speech:

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night."

"May the joy of the Christmas season be with you all."

"May the love, joy, and happiness of the season be with you this Christmas, and in the coming year."

"I hope everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you all for coming, and spread the good news the Christmas holidays bring!"

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Why do women wear thumb rings on their left thumb?

Women and Thumb Rings

Probably because if they wore it on their right hand thumb - the dominant hand that's always doing stuff for most people - it would constantly get snagged on things. Worn on the left thumb, it's more out of the way.

Well I am a straight woman and I have worn a thumb ring on my left hand for at least 5 years now. Not because I am single, or because I have rings on every other finger. It is because I like the way it looks on my thumb. I wear it on my left hand because I am right hand dominant and just as the above answer stated, it does not get in the way. I wear my WEDDING ring on my left hand and the thumb ring(and maybe one other small ring on the middle finger) then I may wear one ring on my right middle finger.

I think it is fashionable. Nowadays everyone is looking for a "sign" to dictate a persons sexuality- its 2008 people, why not just ask the person? I am sure that since times have changed, people are more comfortable about their sexuality and will let you know which "side" they walk on. Either way, lets leave rings and colors out of it and let's just communicate!!!

A ring on a womans left thumb in combination with a wedding band on the ring finger means she is married but looking for sex with other men

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What is telephone etiquette?

Polite reponse to callers. Manners are important in first impressions and often a caller's first impression of a company is with the receptionist of operator.

An individual who initiates a telephone call should always be prepared to identify them self when the call is answered, especially if the person who answers is not the person the caller intends to speak to, or if there is certainly a chance that your voice will not be recognized. In other words, it is generally considered impolite to simply ask to speak to someone else without first identifying one's self. This is true whether the call is made to a residence or a business, or when leaving a voice recorded message.

For example, when a call is answered, the caller might say "Hello, my name is Mary Todd. Is Martha there? May I speak to her?" Or "Hello Mrs Thompson, is Jack able to come to the phone?" Never start a conversation by saying "Are you Jack Burns?", because if Jack Burns doesn't know who you are, he may be wondering whether the call is friendly and if it is safe to give his name to a complete stranger.

When leaving a message on a telephone voice recorder, do not simply say "Call me" or "Call me back". Give a reason why you want that person to call you back. For example, you might say "...I want to ask what plans you have for the holiday", or "...I thought we might just catch up on things." Otherwise, without explaining the purpose of your call, you may be creating concern or worry for the other person.

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What is the role of quantitative technique in business?

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When is it appropriate to use slang in a business letter?


Barack Obama
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You often hear President Obama being called Mr Obama should he be only called Mr President or President Obama instead?

You can call him whatever you want, free speech, right? Unless you are in the military, there is no law or code of rules and standards you must follow when addressing the president.

Having said that, although there is no mandate to do so, the tradition and standard protocol for showing the due respect to the President and the office he holds, is to call him either President Obama or Mr. President. Barack Obama is appropriate in some situations, but not Mr. Obama. He has earned the title and we should respect that enough to use proper etiquette and protocol when we address him. Very close friends and family may have been given his permission to call him Barack, but usually even they do so only in private, adopting the proper protocol in public.

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What can an old employer say to a new employer about an employee if there is only negative issues with the employee?

Former employers can only inform present or future employees of the salary that was being paid, title, job description, and duration of employment. Any other information that you share may be grounds for a law suit. I would say, just be glad that employee is someone elses problem now. The previous answer is just groundless. An employer can say anything factual about a former employee, with no liability for defamation: "We fired Pat after an investigation", "Pat failed the apprentice exam", "Pat had three unexcused absences the last week here", "Pat was in jail for a week and missed work". You can PAY a lawyer to sue the employer for giving valid facts about you from its files. Every court will dismiss the case; it is not defamation to report the facts to someone with a need to know (the prospective employer).

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Difference between Indian accounting standards and international accounting standards?

I know that in international accounting LIFO and eaxtrordinary items are prohibited

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If a car is out for repossesion and stored in a garage but never driven can the repo man get legal orders to take the car from the garage?

Yes but it is costly and time consuming.Why don't you just give it back?

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Why should you have telephone etiquette?

Telephone etiquette is nothing more than an extension of the social courtesies that are necessary to the smooth running of a civilized society.

If one want's to be a boorish slob, one need not practice courteous behavior in his/her interpersonal transactions.

But for the rest of us, courtesy and etiquette are the simple practices that we all perform each day that says to others, "we respect you."

Business Etiquette

What is ludhiana famous for?

Ludhiana is famous for hosiery goods like sweaters, shawls etc..


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