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The chicken is a domesticated fowl. Chicken is an extremely popular food and can be eaten alone or used as an ingredient in a wide variety of dishes.

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How many calories in a BBQ chicken thigh?

depends on the sauce you use and the size of the piece you eat.
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Can chickens eat bread?

Chickens LOVE bread as a treat, but it shouldn't be all that they eat of course. They are even fine with eating moldy bread - it won't hurt them, and is better than throwing it away. ...
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How long is chicken good for after the sale date?

In my opinion, if you don't want to catch anything nasty from food, make sure that the food is not past the expiry date. If so, get new produce and never use it after being open more than a week! ...
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Why is baked boneless skinless chicken breast so dry?

The chicken breast is a low-fat meat and is naturally on the dry side anyway. Fat must be added somehow to make skinned chicken breast moist. One reason for dryness is because the skin that protects the meat has been removed. The skin does hold in juices, and contains much of the fat in the bird, so if you want the skin removed, you can keep the chicken moist by cooking it with the skin on and removing the skin 10 to...
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Which tastes better chicken or turkey?

chicken and dont you ever forget it
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How many pounds of chicken will feed 30 people?

Around 10pounds of chicken meat will feed 30 people. A 5 pound roaster will feed 4, a 1-1/2 lb. fryer will feed 2. So 8 roasters or 15 fryers to feed 30. ...
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Is the chicken tenderloin white meat or dark meat?

In most chickens it is white meat.
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How is grilled chicken healthy?

As the cooking method drains all the fat off the meat and if the skin is removed after cooking the meat will have even less fat, this therefore makes the meat more healthier to eat. ...
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Can you bake frozen chicken?

Baking a frozen chicken is not advisable, as the outside will likely char before the inside is fully cooked. ...
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How much does chicken stock cost?

Chicken stock is inexpensive, a dollar or 2 per 16 - 22 oz can. You can easily make it with bouillon and water. Also, you can control the flavor that way depending on what you are cooking. The old fashioned way of course is to boil chicken or chicken parts in water and the broth that results is your stock. When I make chicken soup I brown my veggies in a little olive oil, add water then split chicken breasts with...
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How much time will be taken to thaw frozen chicken salami?

More info required: is it a whole chicken salami and, if so, what diameter is it and how much does it weigh? Or is it slices and, if so, single slices or slices frozen in a stack - in which case what diameter is it and how much does it weigh? And where is the thawing to take place: in the fridge; or at room temperature? And why the heck would you want to eat chicken salami anyway? More info required:...
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How long does cooked chicken last outside of the refrigerator?

Repeat after me. Any food should be unrefrigerated no more than 3-4 hours total during it's life. Since SOME unrefrigerated time is unavoidable during processing and transportation, you should never eat anything that's been unrefrigerated more than an hour. (This is true primarily for foods containing protein, but it only takes a tiny amount of chicken to drop into the rice to contaminate the whole, so use the rule for everything.) Also, rules about letting a food come to 'room temperature' before...
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Do buffalo wings have vitamins?

Since buffalo wings are chicken wings with a sauce on them, they have the vitamins found in chicken wings plus whatever might be in the sauce. Chicken wings contain Iron with small amounts of Calcium and Vitamin A. Pizza Hut Hot Buffalo Wings contain Vitamin A, Iron and Calcium. ...
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How hot does boneless chicken have to be in middle?

165 - 170 Just make sure it's not pink and your usually good.
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Can you stuff the chicken with uncooked rice?

If you do best idea is to bake it with some kind of liquid.
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How do I defrost a Frozen cooked chicken?

In the refrigerator is best, but if you don't have time, then on the defrost cycle in your microwave. ...
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What is the best coating for fried chicken egg based wet batter or dry flour and spices?

I find the wet based egg batter works well for deep frying and the dry flour and spices is best for light frying. ...
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How do you stack chicken parm?

I'm not sure what you mean by "stack". If you mean make, you take a breaded, cooked chicken cutlet, cover it with marinara (tomato) sauce, then top it with provolone or mozzarella cheese. Bake it in an over at 350 degrees until the cheese is melted. (about 10-15 minutes) ...
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How long will fresh chicken eggs keep in the refrigerator?

Length of Time Chicken Eggs Are Good Various answers by our contributors: Eggs can remain edible for even longer than a month, but freshness (egg yolk that sits firm and high, and a thick viscous egg white) will be noticeably less after two weeks. If eggs start out as Grade AA, they remain AA for only two weeks if properly refrigerated. After that, they'll be Grade A for another 2 weeks. "> Here is a true test of freshness: Get a bowl of cold water....
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Where can you find chicken roll lunch meat?

In a supermarket or delicatessen !
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How do you cook Kentucky Fried Chicken?

In oil The only way to truly replicate KFC at home is to buy a deep fryer low pressure cooker. Presto used to make one called the "CHICKnFRYER. Wearever also used to make one called the Chicken Bucket Fryer. They are essentially both the same, just designed slightly differently. They are just low pressure, pressure cookers that you can deep fry with oil in. I own 2 of the Presto units and one of the Wear Ever models. The Wear Ever is...
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Can you boil frozen chicken breast?

You can, but its generally not a good idea. The boiling water will "defrost" the outside of the chicken very quickly, while the inside will not, so you're likely to have a cooked outside, and a raw inside, or if you boil it long enough that the inside will be cooked, the outside will be rubbery and overcooked. Best to defrost before cooking. Yes you can but under low heat with very little water to enhance the defozing on time before it...
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What is chicken SCRATCH?

Chicken scrach can mean lots of things like embroidery or self harm. I use the term chicken scratch when I'm talking about self harm or scratching your self. If your mates give you a chicken scratch its not counted as self harm but if youdi it to your self it is. And i dunno about the embroidery:L ...
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Can emus and chickens live with chickens?

Emus are very placid birds, so they two species could probably live together. ...
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How much chicken and or steak for 200 fajitas?

You can average about 3 or 4 ounces of meat per person so 200 people would need about 50 pounds of meat. If you plan to serve both chicken and beef, you probably want 25 pounds of chicken meat and 25 pounds of beef. ...