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Locks and Latches

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Locks and latches are parts of a door. While the latch ensures that the door stays in a closed position to prevent it from opening, lock prevents the door from being opened without a matching key.
My step daughter just bought a 92. If you look through the grill you will see the latch mechanism on the hood. A little hard to do, but with the hood partially released you can barely get your arm up under the hood, push left on the latch while pulling down on hood to release pressure. . I was look…
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There is a spring clip that holds it on. Take a paperclip and bend the end about 1/8 inch at a right angle. Press the door panel in and you will see the clip on the backside of the door handle. One end is looped. slip the paperclip into the loop and pull. The retaining clip will slide out and the do…
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"I had the same probelm with my 92' Voyager, the only thing I could do was to strip the cable's casing until you see the release cable itself, then grip it with a pair of vise grips and pull it. It should release it then. If not look under the front bumper and take a long screwdriver and see if you …
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have you tried using two people at a time to open the hood - one to pull on up on the hood while the other pulls the interior release?only way my '94 Accord would open. (or I prised release open with a screw-driver and pulled the hood myself)hope it helps Yeah, I tried that to no avail. The cable se…
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i dont know if your grill is like my 98 s 10 but i did the same thing. to open i just pulled the front grill off, it just snaps on with clips then you can find the broken cable and pull it viola it open IF YOU CAN GET YOUR GRILL OFF!   Probably depends on where it is broken but before you res…
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We get this from time to time. Usually you can get to the mechanism unless it has a guard over it. Then you have to have patience and luck. Find the cable where it comes out to the grill and try to disconnect the cable jacket from where it is held onto the latch. Then pull the whole cable, inside an…
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check your insurance policy you might be covered for loss of keys if so let them deal with it   use the vin number situated on the dashboard take that to a peugeot dealership and the should make you a key up that day.easy
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I ended up having to take mine to a dealership. No one will touch it because of the complexity of the airbag system in the bumper. No one will go into the steering system either, due to the airbag system. I am having trouble with my horn now. They say there is a short in the steering wiring, but I w…
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Take a thin metal ruler or a thin screw driver and try to push in the latch. This will bend the latch so it'll open, then when it's fixed, you just bend it back.   On many more recent cars (since 1985) the first aid is to open the trunk, locate the tank cover cable, and ease back on it whilst…
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Fixing a Car Trunk Lock Here are several answers from FAQ Farmers: If the trunk lock is broken, it's probably one of those things that needs to be replaced.. after all if your keeping valuable items in your trunk, you want something that will lock up. A lock is a fairly intricate peice of hardwa…
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%DETAILS% Cars are getting too smart for their own good! The sensor is in the latch on many Fords. But before replacing it try this: Spray the latch with a light lubricant like wd-40, 50-50 etc. Open and close the door a few dozen times, spraying the latch every 5 times or so. This is more typica…
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Door locksRemove the inside door panel ( it's not as difficult as you may think) examine the lock and find the rods that connect the key part of the lock to the lock mechanism ( called the linkage) the linkage is usually connected by nylon or plastic clips. if nylon, just pop the clip back into plac…
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I don't know if this is the problem you are having, but if your trunk won't latch properly because the latch won't reach the U-shaped hook it latches onto, it may be that it is the hook rather than the latch that has moved. I had this problem with my car. The hook, which is connected to the car wit…
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Hey Amber==It is hard to say what is wrong with the door. It depends on what kind of car it is on but I would take it to a mechanic who knows about doors. GoodluckJoe
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%REPLIES% My dad had the same problem. Check the fuses, especially if you have a remote.   Usually it is the switch, if there is a switch on other doors use those to see it the locks work until eventually you find the one that does not work.i approve of these answers, very well said
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I always go to the body shop as they have to get hoods open a lot from wrecks.
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You can buy new locks and replace them in the door they cost about 15 dollars a set if you do it your self but you can pull the door panel inside off and chect to see if the rod that connects to the lock is still connected.
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Has the door been hit? If so, a body shop would be the first place to try. If not, roll the window down and spray penetrating oil, like WD40, into the latch area of the door (this is about at the vertical middle of the door, straight down from the outside handle). Let it work in for a day or so, the…
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its your actuators you can buy this part for about 800 but you should ask some one at your part store for best brand to buy. Also, buy a guide book on your model car to learn about the door panels which are not the hard to deal with From Blustg: The door actuators are held in from the factory with …
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make sure that the latching mechanism is open and not closed.. that's the part that is shaped like a c where the door meets the striker(the nob that sticks out from the car) if its closed it would be like running into a closed door.. when open it should close around it correctly..if not you may need…
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remove enter door panel. check the latch rod from handle to keeper spring latch (lock). either bent or detached. end.
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I am a locksmith in Maryland. It sounds like the linkage that goes from your outside and inside handles to the latch have come undone for some reason. OR the latch itself may be jammed for some reason. Did someone recently use a slim Jim on the car or maybe someone tried to break into it? Call aroun…
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As with any vehicle, you have options, based on your own preferences and money you have to throw at the problem. -First choice (most expensive/least risky)Copy the VIN number (metal strip on the dash, just inside the windshield, driver's side) take the number to a Ford dealer and have him code-cut y…
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I replaced the outside driver's door handle on my 1993 Camry today and tried to document the process as best I could. I am not an auto mechanic and do not even know the correct names for all the tools, but here's a link you can copy to the file, which is a Word document with pictures: members.aol.co…
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I too own a 1987 2.0Si. Both inside door locks were broken when I got the car for $400 US. I have since replaced the lock flappers from the wrecking yard. There is no other way to repair this as the flappers are made cheaply in a flimsy plastic.You do have to disassemble the door panels for access. …
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Hey Barbara==The linkage has comeloose inside the door. Take the window crank off with a special tool available from the parts store and all of the screws you can find then the retainers around the sides and bottom of the trim pad. The retainers need a special tool also. GoodluckJoe Hello! i have th…
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If the cable is broken, tke it to the body shop as they have to open hoods on wrecks.
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I would jimmy open one of the doors and preceed from there to do the repairs..making sure to fix the problem with the door handles first.Rather than damage a door and/ or linkage, I would try to trip the LOCK / UNLOCK button to unlock all 4 doors. Could be tricky with hangers etc., but doable. Once …
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You want to repair the inside door handle of a truck. You have to contact a shop who sell automotive parts or any repair shop near you like Delta Diesel Repair. Also, you need to choose a good place to get a new one or you can just bring it to an automotive technician to have a look at it.
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%DETAILS% Answer GM has progammable automatic door locks. These Modes and instructions are from the owners manual of a 2000 Grand Am. Mode 1 = All doors lock when shifted out of PARK, all doors unlock when shifted into PARK and TURNED OFF. Mode 2 = All doors lock when shifted out of PARK, o…
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"You should be able to reach under the hood and pull the cable with a set of vice grips"The question needs clarification: What car manufacturer and what year of make? Standard or remote cable latch? 92 Plymouth voyager - It can be done by removing the plastic housing underneath the windshield wipers…
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You may have to take the door panel off to find out wha is wrong with it. ANSWER: Find the small plastic cap in the center of the handle. Use a knife blade or very small screwdriver to pop the cap loose. The cap should remain attached. Behind it, find the Philips screw and remove it. Use your thumb…
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OneUnder the hood.... Remove the deflector pins, and remove the deflector. Remove the hood latch (16700). Remove the bolts. Remove the retaining screw, and disconnect the cable. Disconnect the two push-in clips holding cable in engine compartment.Inside....... Remove the cowl side trim panel above t…
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first thing you do is get yourself a pair of needlenose pliers with the cutter on them then lay down under the front of the car. you will see the cable to the hood release from underneath the front of the car. reach the pliers up and cut the cable housing but not all the way through it, so dont sque…
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Finding information about this kind of thing seems to be very difficult on the big wide web... I have a '96 Honda Accord, myself, and after an evening spent taping the wires that were pulled down as the result of the front left tire losing it's tread (very nasty... ripped out the tire well, broke wi…
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This is very very complicated but, it is very possible to open this hood. You could get under the hood (if possible loosen the panel) and physically make the latch operate, if that is not possible you could take off the bumper, then take off, thenn take off the grill and use a flathead screwdriver t…
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Take it to a body shop as they have to open then on wrecks.
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Does the remote work? When I got my 1992 the remote worked, but only when the key was in the accessory position. The switch worked under the same circumstances. Mine ended up being a blown fuse in the SECONDARY PANEL which was accessed by removing the cover below the glove box.
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If you can still see the wire, use pliers and pull, it should release the hood.
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%DETAILS% Answer The problem is in the alarm. If it is GM take it to the dealer.
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My guess is that it has an intermittent short. My 67 Toronado had a similar locking system, and when it acted odd it was this problem. If I recall the lock switch is in the door, right? Look for frayed or broken wires in the rubber connector between the door and door jamb shorting against something.…
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I have a 91 Wrangler with full doors. First close the window on the door. Now remove the inside door vinyl panel. The handle is attached from the inside, as you can see. Removal and replacement is obvious from this point.
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Chances are that you have remote control door locks and never used the key to unlock the doors....at least I did. Not using the key causes the locks to freeze. You can try WD-40 or another penetrating lubricant for a week to try to free them up but I think you'll end up having to replace them altoge…
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I locked my keys in my trunk and called a wrecker who had a slim Jim. The problem is that the car is designed to "relock" almost immediately after the slim Jim opened the lock. If you are using the slim Jim at the driver's side, someone on the passenger side has to be quick to open the handle before…
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pry it off from the front. use a screwdriver with the tip covered in electrical tape. its pressure fit.the hardest piece to remove is the door handle. I suggest after removing the screw in the handle under the little hinged cover that you put a small flat screwdriver in just above the unlock switch,…
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Most models of cars can be re-keyed. You can order a complete set of locks from a motor parts store or a locksmith. Also, a locksmith can re-key your existing locks.
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The hood release mechanism under the hood is very secure from outside the car. First, remove the plastic grill by removing screws and snap in fasteners. This can be done from the outside and from the front of the grill. Next, the cover over the release mechanism must be forcibly opened up to acces…
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TAke it to a auto trim shop as there can be a number of things wrong with it.
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If it is broken and the hood closed take it to the body shop.
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I have dealt with this problem before at our bodyshop. Basically, a spring inside the latch has broke, and now there is no way to release the latch, even by manually pulling on the release lever at the latch. Prepare to replace the latch, as it is not repairable.Be prepared to be working inside the …
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Haynes and Chilton are two excellent manuals that cover everything about your car. Any Advanced Auto or autozone will Cary them.
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Answer The lock module is defective, how do you find the right fuse to deconect the systm to stop the clicking and draingingof the battery
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Sure. Can you open the lid? If so, there is only a clip that holds the lock in. Remove the lock, and with a small screwdriver, or pin, work what is left of the shank out of the cylinder of the lock, replace the lock, and you are back in business.
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rover metro door lockhi,, could you be more helpful,is it the doorlock or solenoid on the remote locking system,,does the key fob work .does the red light come on the dash ?
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give more detail in the questionwhat model grand prix... front doors or rear doorsever heard of child safety locks?- i can fix broken but not stupid
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get a pair of pliers and grab the cable attached to the the hood popper and pull while pulling the hood lever it should pop open
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crawl under the car and see if you can see the hood latch and cable grab the cable give it a good YANK to the right it may take a few tries but it has worked for me before, hope it works for you.
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That's easy. Of course you can. But the trick is not a slim jim. It is a coat hanger. I locked my keys in my car once outside of my work place. So I took a coat hanger, brought it down towards the sliding lock mechanism itself, and then poked up and down until I figured out where the mechanism was. …
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Open the hood as far as you can then use a flat-blade screwdriver to pust the latch. Just remember to always carry the tool and a flashlight to locate the latch.
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That usally means that someone used a slim-jim 2 try & open a LOCKED Door.U have 2 pull off the inside door panel & replace or reconnect the linkage that has come off,& any clips that were broken.
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where is the release broken? if all else fails raise the front of the car and remove the plastic nuts that hold the bottom of the bumber to the sub frame. next reach your hand up through the space you uncovered and find the cable that releases the hood. grab it and pull. this should do it. or you ca…
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To replace lock cylinder in the hatch ,first inside hatch panel must be removed.After removing the panel you will have access to the lock cylinder. Remove the linkage tothe cylinder and pull the retaining clip from the cylinder and the lock can be removedfrom the outside of the latch. This is not a …
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buy a new oneANS 2 - You can always adjust the strike plate OR the latch so they meet properly.
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We have a 92 Ford Aerostar minivan and our sliding door locked up for a year - even ford could not fix it. My dad reset the computer (disconnect the battery for five minutes) and it has worked for almost a year now.
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i am not sure why it does that but on the 97 it is the opposite it is simply a glitch in the wireing nothing to really worry about My 97 did the same thing except it the bell worked on all the other doors except the driver door so my cousin took the little button sensor off the back door and rewir…
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I am answering my own question - "It turned out to be just a loose connection in the swithch assembly".
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If all obvious attempts fail, try the following: Hit door panel with your hand, just below the outside door handle.As hard as you can.Use a foam pad to avoid damage to the door, (and your hand).It has been known to work!It worked on my car!!GSBUK remove the interior door panel. you will see a metal …
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I had a similar problem on a 93 Regal. I took the plastic housing off where the hood release originally was and was able to get a grip on the release cable. The cable goes out of the cabin near the steering column so you might be able to back track from that point. I would spring for a new cable tho…
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I'd suggest using WD-40 to un-stick it and THEN use Tri-Flo to keep some lube in there because WD-40 evaporates.
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Take a flat screw driver and use it to push the spring away from the hood latch. Locate the screw driver at the end of the cable. This works for mine.
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I had the same problem once and took it to Firestone. They told me that you need to pull the level out really hard, don't worry it won't come out, and the hood should pop open. I wouldn't recommend this because yours might differ.
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Yes it would help to know what you are driving. But in General this is a feature the the Manufacturers have put in to help in the prevention of Car Jacking. It was also started a while back to keep children from opening the car door while it is moving. As to why it does not lock all the time you put…
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Have you tried taking out the top half of the back seat to gain access to the trunk? If you can get into it you may be able to operate the release from inside.
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The hook portion or the latch is probably flipped up. If you lift the exterior handle up and take a pen or reasonable facsimile, you can flip it back. Post your results.   Should someone "accidently" push down the latch, which freezes, the door won't latch or close. Pulling the outside door…
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1 disconnect (-) battery cable2 remove door panel3 remove speaker4 unplug 'door open' warning switch5 disconnect pigtail electrical connector for outside door lock illumination light (if u have that)6 remove 2 retaining nuts for outside door handle and trim... lower the outside trim from door7 unplu…
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I had the same problem on my MX-3. You can reach up from under the car and feel for the spring release to pop the hood. The problem is, the manufacturer put a piece of flat metal in your way, I guess so strangers can't pop it. The metal is not all that hard. It's like an L shaped flap about 3 inches…
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If your car has a power close mechanism like my 91 Park Ave used to I would recommend taking it to a body shop and have them weld the striker in place. The pull down mechanism is so finely balanced that if you slam the lid a little too hard it will throw the alignment off (between the latch and the…
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I need to know how to repair the power lock on my corola dx 95 rear right door the door panel must be removed there is a electronic lock solenoid that controls the lock eods to door latch. if it grinds or makes noise replace solenoid if there is no noie check for a 12volt signal at plgs to lock sole…
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Open it from the inside! Then remove the inside panel and adjust the linkage. there is a spring clip holding the handle to the rod and if it slips, the handle won't work. My dealer wanted 100 bucks to replace the handle. just needed adjustment. And maybe something to keep it from slipping.   …
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the hood release lever is in the glove box...then opens like any other vehicle
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I have an 87 and the lever is close to the drivers side door in front of the fuse box. Also under the hood is the AC, Windshield washer fluid container, the radiator, the radiator fluid container, the brake fluid container, spare tire and car jack. I had an 84 that had a lever under the dash. You…
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The best way to test a door lock is to locate the wiring for the door lock usually in door boot or kick panel. Use a test light with a probe and poke each wire until the door lock is activated. How ever be sure to they are not vacumm locks
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Either replace the lock or disassemble it for manual repair.
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I had the same problem with my 1994 Corvette Convertible. I drilled a small hole on the door edge where there is a square of fiberglass that is very thick. I simply lined up the panel and put in a small black head screw. The panel must be hanging tight on the window edge and the bottom tight before …
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Make a tool to remove it: Take an old coping saw blade, grind it to a gradual point than stretches over a few inches. Wrap electrical tape around the thicker part to use for the handle. The teeth of the coping saw blade can get a grip on the broken key and pull it out.
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I have had a similar problem with my 1997 Ford Explorer a few months back, and I fixed it myself.The only way to do this without going to a mechanic or damaging your hood would be to remove the front grill assembly if you can access it with a socket wrench from the outside, so that the hood release …
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Try pressing the outside door handle button while inserting a heavy screwdriver where the lock would normally close over the striker, and see if you can open the closed jaws with the shaft of the screwdriver. You will be simulating the action of the lock this way. After it is opened, then see what c…
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Are you Positive the release Cable is broken, I'm currently having the same problem with my girlfriends car but the cable is still attached but the latch is sticking, My best advice is first try pulling on the cable from the interior of your car with pliers. if the cable comes free and the hood does…
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How are the hinges? If the door drops down when opened, then the hinges are worn out. If the hinges are fine, then adjustment to the striker/bolt assembly is needed. This is very simple, and once you take a look at it, you'll see what to do.
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Using a slim Jim is too tough, your chances of failure are greater. Use a push rod, (a long metal item to hit power lock buttons, or unlock it manually)Slip it through the passenger/driver window from the top corner of the window just past the door trim.
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Answer in the glove compartment, You cant see it unless you bend down and look up towards the top of the glove compartment on the right side. It's a pull handle.
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The availability of diagrams will depend on a few variables including the year of your vehicle and how much of the vehicle is factory original. For original equipment pictures, check your local auto parts stores for repair books for your specific vehicle published by companies such as Chilton's or H…
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all i know is that I've got a friend with the same problem and he's is at breaking point with this.he has his driver side fender off, front bumper off, you name it. i almost think you can route it through the fire wall behind your steering wheel,run it along with washer hoses, somewhere under the h…
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Answer take of the inside door panel and check that the handle is not broken. It is common for the Lugs that hold the connecting rod to brake off so the handle looks ok but does not actually connect to the mechanism.
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If your battery is completely dead, or battery disconnected. The key, once in and turned would not come out for me. Once I charged up the battery I Was able to remove the key. You can also remove the small plug in the underside of the steering column. May not be a plug but just a circle so I used a …
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My 1997 Aerostar 3.0 has sliding door closing problems and a friend of mine fixed his problems on a 1991 4.0. the parts look the same on both so maybe this will cover most years.The door has three rollers, one top front, one bottom front and one middle back. There is supposed to be a plastic? Teflon…
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I have a 98 sport Cherokee and when I put a 800 cca battery in it, it was taller, but I wanted to make it fit. We had to bend the hood latch wire that was hitting the corner of battery out of the way slightly in order for the latch to grap and lock, took a while to achieve this but it has worked 100…
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Answer depends a lot, first start with removal with the door panel and look for any unhooked rods connecting to the locking mechanism Add lots of lubicant on metal rod where they connect to locking mechenism had problem this winter door will not open
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Answer Just a suggestion, but if we knew what the outer doors were attached to it might be easier to zero in on an answer. Are we talking about doors on a house? A car? A 747? Specificity can be a good thing.
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