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The Emerald Isle provides a great deal of history. The people have greatly affected the cultures of many countries particularly in the Western Hemisphere.


The proud- and noble- Irish surname of "Dowdy" derives from theancient Gaelic language word "dubh", meaning dark-complexioned orblack. First found recorded in County Mayo, they were thetraditional Princes of Hy-Fiachra in Connaught.
Answer . According to common tradition, the Irish name for Ireland, Éire, comes from Eriu. The country is usually personified in feminine terms.. The name Érinn is derived from this.
Dia duit. Pronounced geea ditch.
The Vikings invaded of the 9th century and established trading towns (such as Dublin).. The Anglo-Normans invaded and colonized in 1169 and re-organized governmental and religious systems, but their influence had for the most part been confined to a narrow strip on the east coast known as the Pale....
Yes, he did share an Irish heritage
The Continuity Irish Republican Army is an Irish republican paramilitary group that aims to bring about a united Ireland . It is an illegal organisation in the Republicof Ireland and is designated a terrorist organization in the UnitedStates.
"Para vivir en corazóns que deixa cara atrás non é para morrer 'x
Ireland does not have a prime minister. The corresponding role in Ireland is known as a Taoiseach. Bertie Ahern was Taoiseach at the start of 2008. Brian Cowen was Taoiseach from May of 2008.
The reason the Irish failed to take Ulster back is because the people of Ulster didn't want to be Irish, they died and resisted, the British army which was sent over caused major drama creating opposing militia groups such as the IRA, anyone who wanted British rule was at constant threat from the...
The term "Celtic Tiger" was a reference to the Irish economy when it was very strong, not to Ireland itself. It came from the reference to some of the strong economies in Asian as being Asian tigers. As Ireland is a Celtic nation, the term used was "Celtic Tiger". The Irish economy is not as strong...
It comes from a legend of two men swimming in a race towards Ulster to claim it. It had been agreed that whoever first touched it would claim it. One of the two was further behind as Ulster came into view. So he cut off his hand and threw it past his opponent, so his hand touch the land first, and...
That poor orphan Irish children be used as meat to alleviate the starvation in Ireland. A kind of "kill two birds with one stone" type thing.
The fighting in Northern Ireland is between 'Unionists' and'Nationalists'. Unionists want to remain as apart of the UK, whilethe Nationalists want Northern Ireland to be united with theRepublic of Ireland to make the Island of Ireland the one nation. The fighting period known as 'The Troubles' is...
The school with best grades this year was Ulidia Integrated Collegein Carrickfergus. Second is St Louis Grammar, Ballymena. Aquinas Diocesan (Belfast), Wallace High (Lisburn), Lumen ChristiCollege (Londonderry) and Dalriada (Ballymoney) are also topperformers. However the list is constantly...
Children can't be free.
No. Their battles are confined to various sports that have representative teams from the four provinces, like Hurling, Rugby and Gaelic Football.
That's a rather insightful way to look at it. I don't personally believe in luck, but obviously the Irish have survived through an awful lot!
Surnames were not yet in use when Brigid lived so she has none. She is known by a number of titles such as Brigid of Ireland, etc.
The Easter Rising , also known as the Easter Rebellion, was an armed insurrection in Ireland during Easter Week , 1916
Douglas Hyde was the first president of the Irish Republic.
Pretty sure tht Irish were from Ireland and English were from England. Unless they were immigrants from Ireland to England then No.
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If you kiss it it gives you the "Gift of the Gab"
it was only in ireland and nowhere els so they started shiping people out to america but they died on the way because once you where in ireland there would be a chance you would get it i am irish thats how i now
The Kings of Munster and later Christian clergy.
Well you could but you would not see much that is barely time to see much of Belfast let alone the rest of the country. If you do some research prior then you can pick the parts you are interested in.
502 British soldiers were killed in Northern Ireland during 'TheTroubles'. A small handful have been killed periodically since.
Ireland has a small, open and mixed economy. Strong elements on which it is based include food, agriculture, services, information technology, pharmaceuticals and tourism, amongst other things.
The same way the rest of the western world does.
The second marriage is invalid, so the children of that marriage are illegitimate. Whether illegitimate children are entitled to a share of the inheritance depends on the law of the particular country involved - which you do not specify.
On April 10 1998. It was signed by the United Kingdom and Sinn Fein along with the United States as an intermediary.
the Irish Famine changed the USA because it brought more people to the country.
The answer you are looking for is Catholic and Protestant. However it would be wrong to categorise the violence in Northern Ireland as being down to religion. There are many factors, of which religion is just one. The two sides roughly divide by religion, but there are other things that divide them...
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There was a big conflict in Northern Ireland, the part of the island of Ireland which is still in the UK. It was about whether they should stay in the UK, or join up again with the rest of Ireland. The majority of Protestants belonged to the Unionist parties who want to stay with Britain but the...
You are referring to the Irish Republican Army, commonly known as the IRA.
That is a very complex question. It would take an explanation of 800 years of Irish history to answer it. It would also depend on your interpretation of this history. Different people have different perspectives of it. So there is no simple answer.
In October 1779, the Irish parliament got it's way by being able to pass free trade between Ireland and Britain. Before this law, there was a charge on Irish goods going into Britain which made Irish goods costly in Britain. free trade was better for the Irish because people in Britain would be...
Well I don't know the most important industry in Ireland but Agriculture like potatoes and apples are important. Also Ireland Was Very Good At the shipbuilding industry.
The first wave of immigration back in the 18th. century was due to poverty and hunger, the potato famine was a big factor also. Later immigrations were due to the Irish looking for better paying jobs as the Irish economy was, until it joined the EU, very bad. Now Ireland is booming and immigrants...
The English came over and took all of Ireland and the Irish fought for it but only got back 26 out of 32 counties - which leaves Northern Ireland separate. Northern Ireland remained part of britain because most of the people who lived in northern ireland wanted to be ruled by the british because...
Tá úll aige" means "He has an apple"
There really is no better. It's up to you and your tastes. . Ireland is a lot smaller than the USA, . There isn't a lot of violence (There's a lot inAmerica), so it is much safer. . Guns are hard to get a hold of, though people don't want tohave them, as there is no gun culture. (The Irish...
Ó Gormaile / Ó Gormghaile
Despite many claims by different people through history, Shaun Aisbitt is the tallest medically verified living person standing at a little over 7'3" (2m 24cm). He was measured in 1985 at being 6' 11" by the Late Late show and won the title of the tallest man in Ireland at that time. His waxwork can...
Northern Ireland has a history of conflict between unionists, whowanted to remain a part of United Kingdom, and republicans, whowanted all of Ireland to be free of British rule. The 1960s throughthe 1990s were a period of violence between the two groups, andsome tensions still persist.
That saying means "Don't look for problems in advance; if there are going to be any, they will become obvious soon enough, and you can deal with them when they arise." Another saying with a similar meaning is "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof" (from the Bible, St Matthew's Gospel)....
Maewyn Succat AKA St. Patrick of Ireland, was 16 years old when he was kidnapped and enslaved by an Irish pagan warlord named, Niall of the Nine Hostages. Slave traders. They sold the poor fellow in Ireland.
I'm Irish and my answer is tat all us Irish people have known what hardship is, whether it's proverty or shootings or famine but I think the difference with us is to other countries is our beliefs. To truly believe we can get through anything anywhere in our hearts and minds we're strong. If...
Blarney Castle in County Cork.
It followed the migration of the Irish to the Americas following the potatoe famine. It was however a truly US commercial invention.
A young St. Patrick was known as Maewyn Succat, which is his birthname. He is best known for the holiday that bears his name, whichis celebrated each year in March. St. Patrick a.k.a. Maewyn Succat Succat-The real name of St. Patrick was Maewyn Succat. He was originally an aristocrat from Britain...
Two groups of Celts - the Gaels and Brythons - also invaded the British Isles.
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The male symbol is a circle with an arrow coming out of it to the right.
Shillelagh , as you have it spelled, is the most common spelling. Another acceptable spelling is shillala. Thanks for the memories of my time living in Ireland!
Because, according to Irish heritage, it is said to give you the "gift of the gab", meaning you will talk a lot.
The Irish flag features green, white and orange. These colors runin three consecutive vertical lines which are evenly balanced.
In the same way as in other countries: By sea and air.
McGiffert/McGifford is a family lineage apparently beginning in Scotland to Strangford Lough in Ireland and then to America. It appears all caucasian McGifferts in America are related to this one family though there was probably more than one emigration from the old country. The earliest McGiffert...
You can donate food to worthy causes that send food and supplies all around the world. JUst like Salvation Army .
The king was Niall Noígíallach, known as Niall of the Nine Hostages.
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Irish people wear all sorts of different colours, including green. As being Irish myself i would like to tell others out there that: Irish people are the same as you! We live in the same houses as you! We do not all have ginger hair! The way we look at talk on the simpsons is not intirely...
From Wikipedia: The Great Famine was a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration in Ireland between 1845 and 1852.
The simple answer is: England conquered Ireland by force and kept it. ~~~ Monarchs of Ireland Ruaidri Ua Conchobair, inaugurated at Dublin, spring 1166. Died 1198. He was the last native to be widely recognised as monarch of Ireland. Henry VIII of England (1542--1547); Lord of Ireland, (1509-...
The Great Sugar Loaf, Mount Leinster, Three Rock Mountain, Lugnaquila, Kippure.
castles, improved weapons and armour, farming techniques - better animal breeds, crop growing etc
The siege of Derry started because King James II was kicked out of Parliament because the people in Parliament thought he was going to turn England Catholic again and would give more and better jobs to Catholics. And when James II fled England he went to France in search of help from Louis XVI and...
It was a potato famine in Ireland during the time America was newly made into a country. inconviniently potatos was one of irelands most popular foods
'Royal County Down' in Northern Ireland, is the best in the BritishIsles. However if you only meant the Republic of Ireland it is'Ballybunion'.
1921 from most of the republic, but 1938 from 3 naval bases in cork and donegal
Denominations. Protestants and Catholics. Same religion (Christianity) different DENOMINATION.
There are 32 counties in Ireland 26 are free called the Republic of Ireland and the 6 in the north are collectively called Northern Ireland. These 6 are still in control of Britain, although the Good Friday Agreement was signed in 1998 (the peace process) this allows Unionists and Nationalists to...
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The Great Famine began in Ireland in 1845 and ended in the late 1850s ( 1852 , I think.)
that st. Patrick wasn't really from Ireland he was from England and was enslaved in Ireland for 6 years then when he was free went back to England with his parents and is now the reason that Ireland is a christian country 1. the country is pollution free and it is 100% safe to drink from the...
Answer . i dont think its possible to represent ogham letters on any font type that i have. ogham is a series of vertical and horizontal lines and bears no resemblance to any modern alphabet.
Countries are not born, but are created. The Republic of Ireland asit is known now first arose during the Easter Rising of 1916.Though the British surpessed this initial movement, it broughtIrish Republicanism to the forefront of the social thought. Itculminated in Sinn Fien taking a majority of...
Queen Elizabeth the first organised the Munster plantation. Shewanted to strengthen England's control in Ireland. So in the 1580sthe Munster Plantation happened, putting many English settlers intothe province.