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Ice Hockey

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Developed mostly in Canada, ice hockey is a team sport using skates, sticks and a puck with the goal of getting the puck in the net. Ask questions about the hockey's rules, teams and records here.
Hockey wasn't invented by on specific person or group. However, it is generally accepted that Scottish settlers were the first to play it in Nova Scotia in the late 1700s. At this time there was mass migration to Canada of people from the Highlands of Scotland who imported many of their traditions, …
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A lot of players were signed at 18 and never played in the AHL. Usually It Happens To The Top 3 Picks. Connor Mcdavid Was Picked 1st Overall And Now Plays In The NHL With The Edmonton Oliers. 2nd Was Jack Eichel, It Was Drafted 2nd Overall By The Buffalo Sabres And Now Is In The NHL Already With Mor…
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In the 2004-2005 the NHL cancelled the season due to an unsettled labor dispute when the owners and players could not come together on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.
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Ice Hockey First a protective layer must be laid on the court; if the court is not smooth enough, this may also be dealt with. Next the cooling apparatus is put down, followed by the base and then the "ice". All up, this might be up to a week, given the complexity of the task and the need for it to …
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The trophy awarded to the World Series winner is called the Commissioner's Trophy and is small in stature compared to the Stanley Cup.Also unlike the the Stanley Cup, a new Commissioner's Trophy is awarded each season, where as the Stanley Cup is passed on to the next winner every season.
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No.The NBA championship trophy is called the Larry O'Brien Trophy.A new one is presented to the champions every year and it looks like a basketball about to go through a net.The Stanley Cup is massive, it has all of the winners names engraved on it, past and present, and the same Cup is passed aroun…
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You have to rescearch one online and get their phone number. Most likely you will have to pay to have them come or sign a contract with them.
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All answers/opinions should be directed to the discussion board.
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First NHL Teams Many cite an six original NHL hockey teams: Montreal Canadiens Toronto Maple Leafs Boston Bruins Detroit Red Wings Chicago Black Hawks New York Rangers Here is more of the story. In 1917, four teams -- the Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators and Quebec Bulld…
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Players bumping helmets after wins and with the goalies after a block have been traditions for as long as hockey has been around. It is their way for showing support and congratulating each other.
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If you are on the ice for a goal for it is rated as a +, and if you are on the ice for a goal against it is a -. Thus the higher the + the better. These stats are not kept for goalies and is very indicitive of a defenceman's performance. A player receives a �plus� if he is on the ice when his t…
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30 Jim Carey- Washington Capitals31 Guy Hebert- Mighty Ducks35 Mike Richter- New York Rangers
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hockey was invented in the 18hundreds. 1873. hockey is the best sport. 1873. hockey is the best sport.
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Games of hockey have been played around the world for thousands of years, all developed independently by peoples as far apart as the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese and Aztecs. The modern game of field hockey was created in London, England, while ice hockey began in Canada (the exact place is dis…
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The columns stand for: wins, losses, ties and overtime losses, which account for one point in the standings. L10 means their record during the past 10 games they've played. Teams have stats for wins, loses, and ties. The NHL plays an 82 game regular season schedule that runs for 9 months. Then there…
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A good place to start is: usajuniorhockey.com Some leagues have compiled lists, and others require you to look into team sites. EDIT: Go to the webpage of the league you want to play in and there should be a link somewhere that gives the date and place of the tryouts for each team. Do not go to a …
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This practise of wearing numbers only was started in the 1994/95 NHL season.
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Carole, I believe the half circle you are asking about is an area that when the referee is speaking to off-ice officials or where a goalie warms up
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Answer Some sources date the invention as early as 1872. James Creighton made a puck in 1875. Vulcanized rubber was invented by Goodyear in 1839, but was not used for puck construction until the 1880s.
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A Power Play occurs after a penalty. Normally, after a penalty, a player goes to the penalty box to serve time for an infraction. That leaves his team shorthanded. So instead of it being 5 on 5, it is 5 on 4, thus giving the full team a power play.   In addition, during a power play, the team…
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British solders stationed in Canada are attributed to creating the game of Ice Hockey by playing a version of field hockey. The story is that they were getting cold and needed something to do to alleviate boredom and keep them warm as well, so they started hitting rocks using sticks on the icy groun…
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Three (3) goals scored in one (1) game by the same player.
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Hockey was not "introduced to Canada", it was first invented, or played as a game, in Canada in the late 1800's. Several areas of Canada have laid claim to being the site of the first game but no one actually knows for certain. For the best information on the origins of the game,I would suggest you …
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Yes.Hockey pucks are frozen to reduce friction, thereby increasing its distance range.
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Traditionally they are/were referred to as sweaters, due to originally being made from a thicker sweater material, such as wool, though both terms are acceptable.Hockey jerseys today are typically made out of tough synthetic materials like polyester that help in keeping moisture off the players.
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It is quite rare that you will see forwards wearing numbers 1-8 or defenseman who wear numbers 9-28. Goalies traditionally wear the number 1 or numbers in the 30's, but there are exceptions, as it is not a written rule. In minor hockey and junior hockey teams players are restricted to only a few j…
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1. Granular rubber is mixed with special bonding material by hand.2. The mixture is put in a two part (male-female) mold.3. The mold is cold compressed. (This procedure actually takes place at room temperature.) Sources: http://www.answers.com/topic/hockey-puck-1http://www.madehow.com/Volume-6/Hocke…
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From:When Imperial Oil joined Hockey Night in Canada as its principal sponsor in 1936-37, one of the traditions it established on the program was the post-game ritual of choosing the three stars of the game.After the featured game ended, the three stars would be announced and each player would skate…
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The "A" stands for both Alternate and/or Assistant captain, depending on the governing league.
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Anything can happen to you when playing hockey like breaking a leg or an arm. you need to wash your gear about once a month because all of the germs and bacteria on your pads will build up and you can get "staph" Answer Health issues include staph infections, fungus, mold and minor to life threaten…
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Hockey For Dummies. If you are a new fan or just want to be more familiar with hockey history, I suggest Mr. Stan Fischler's book, Hockey Chronicles.
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A hockey stick is made of 4 layers of fibreglass and sometimes a wooden base.
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Sometimes the coach makes the decision as to when and who changes lines. Most of the time the players will change on the fly(which means they change while play is going on). That is when the coach decides the line that goes on but not when. The coach chooses when only during a stoppage in play.
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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word "puck" is derived from the Scottish Gaelic "puc" or the Irish "poc" which mean to poke, punch or deliver a blow.These words were used in the game of hurling. Scottish and Irish settlers to Canada played hurling and probably used these terms in con…
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Clint Benedict of the Montreal Maroons wore one for the one game in the 1920s, but it impeded his vision so he never wore it again. Jacques Plante of the Montreal Canadiens is generally credited as the first to wear the mask regularly. More info: collectionscanada   The first goalie ever …
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The NHL All Star game record is 170.4 km/h (105.9 mph) by Zdeno Chara. The KHL All Star game record is 177.58 km/h (110.3 mph) by Denis Kulyash. The world record is 191.5 km/h (119 mph) by Bobby Hull.I think the speed of Chara's slapshot went up to 108 mph during the last ALL Star Game's skill's c…
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Wayne Gretzky - 894 regular season goals and 122 playoff goals for a total of 1016.
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there really wasn't a first Canadian hockey player.there is no way of knowing.however, hockey was invented by a Canadian and there are many in the NHL today.Sidney Crosby is arguable the best Canadian hockey player ever along with Wayne Gretzky.
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When people refer to "Wayne" in connection with hockey, they are invariably talking about "Wayne Gretzky" aka "The Great One". Gretzky holds just about every scoring record in the NHL which he earned playing for the Edmonton Oilers (there is a statue of him in front of the arena in Edmonton), LA Kin…
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Canadian ice hockey became the benchmark for international ice hockey after the 1924 and 1928 Winter Olympics when the Canadian men's teams absolutely trounced their opponents by running up scores like 20 to 0 against the opposition. The othernations worked hard to bring their game up to the Canadia…
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Yes.Altough in some cases the NHLPA may ask certain players to change their jersey after each period, signing them to to be auctioned off for charity.
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Yes and no, depending on what models you are using of each. If shopping at a local hockey pro shop, bring the helmet with you for comparison. Otherwise contact ITech and/or Bauer for further information. it probably should since Itech is a subdivision of Bauer
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Artificial ice is used to describe a few completely different forms of "ice": One type is a special plastic compound, called SHDPE, or Super High Density Polyethylene that supports the wear and tear of ice skates and performs similarly to 'natural' ice. Although there are a few rinks here and there…
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The Shootout: The NHL has adopted the shootout for regular season games only. During the Stanley Cup Playoffs, teams play overtime until a tie-breaking goal is scored. In the Olympics, tied playoff games are followed by ten minutes of sudden death overtime. If the game remains tied, it is decide…
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No.The Stanley Cup was created to be a trophy, not a serving bowl.
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The countries that show such pride are typically the stronger teams, and often those with long histories in the sport. Canada and the northern European countries are normally quite fierce in competition ice hockey, where the central European, south/middle Asian and Australasian countries are very su…
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The league's income varies every year depending on on the teams involved, fan base, television contracts, league sponsorship, etc.
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The Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Detroit Red Wings.I'm not sure that these six were the "original" NHL teams.During the 1920's and 30's, the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Maroons were a part of the league that had more than …
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The ice in most NHL arenas is about 1" thick, some may do 3/4" but that is rare. The Ice Technician's goal is to create the best playing surface possible for the conditions in which they are given. Since most NHL arenas are multi-use facilities a thicker surface is desired. Also, many rinks use an R…
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A standard ice hockey puck weighs between five and one half (5.5) and six (6) ounces.(156-170 g).
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6. The famed "Original six" teams:Montreal Canadiens Detroit Red Wings Toronto Maple Leafs Boston Bruins New York Rangers Chicago Blackhawks
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Usually body checks that made an opposing player lose control of the puck  At the end of the 2002 season hits were no longer kept track of because it was too hard to judge exactly what one was. Unlike shot and saves, it is hard to train a stat keeper on what one is.  I don't know where t…
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The NHL stands for "National Hockey League" and it is the association of professional ice hockey teams, there are 30 franchised member clubs. 24 of them located in the USA and 6 located in Canada.
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Field Hockey There are several penalties available; they usually fall under either team or personal penalties:Free hit: For any minor offense outside the circle, or any serious one between the 23 metre lines.10 metre march: For misconduct after the award of a penalty by the original offenders, betw…
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See a doctor, dermatologist and/or a pharmacist immediately.
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The Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup 24 times. They won it in the 1914-15, 1923-24, 1929-30, 1930-31, 1943-44, 1945-46, 1952-53, 1955-56, 1956-57, 1957-58, 1958-59, 1959-60, 1964-65, 1965-66, 1967-68, 1968-69, 1970-71, 1972-73, 1975-76, 1976-77, 1977-78, 1978-79, 1985-86, and the 1992-9…
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Hmmm, I have never thought of that one, I'd say it brings good luck to your team.
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The averages shots on goal per NHL game is around 15-20. It all depends on the defense and how much the forwards back check. The overall skill on the team also determines how many shots on net. If its a worst team, there is more shots on net, the the team is a really good team, their is less shots o…
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Denis Potvin was the first Defenseman to reach 1000 points.
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Ice Hockey Ice hockey uses six players on ice at a time. These are usually the goalkeeper, two defensemen (normally left and right), a centreforward (or similar position) and two wing forwards. Field Hockey Field hockey has 11 players on the field at a time. These are usually the goalkeeper, two ful…
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On December19,1917,the NHL began it's 22 game schedule.The Montreal Wanders vs. The Toronto Arenas.
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The Bruins first season was 1924-1925.
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NHL clubs don't have a curfew any more, BUT if a player misses a practice, or the team's charter plane, they will be fined a set amount, which is NOT disclosed by the team .
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Answer whatever they want usually spend time with famillies or start traveling with their team Answer They go into the locker room, change, shower and get ready for a press conforence. After they do that, they might go to the trainer, cool down with some stretches. Then after they finish the …
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Answer it hold the side of a goalie's face mask close to the helmet to reduce the movement of the mask. it is also used for players helmets too to keep the cage from coming up and breaking ur jaw
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You can curve the blade of your hockey stick by using a small propane torch and gently heat the blade (without burning it) and using gloves so as not to burn your hands. The fiberglass coating will melt a little allowing you to bend a curve in the blade. After you have the desired curve, put the bla…
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Most recently, Darryl Sittler scored 6 goals for Toronto on Feb. 7, 1976, against the visiting Boston Bruins (including one when he was trying to pass from behind the net). He added four assists for an NHL record 10-point game. Previous 6-goal games were posted by Red Berenson in 1968; Syd Howe in 1…
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The greatest hockey team to ever hit the ice was that of the 1981 Canada cup soviet union team. With Vladislav Tretiak, Slava Fetisov, Alexie Kasatanov, Sergei Makarov, Igor Larionov, Vladimir Krutov and many other terrific players, the Soviets downed the gretzky led Canadians 8-1, holding Gretzky s…
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He, she, or another available player will have to serve the time designated for the offense in either the penalty box or the locker room, depending on the seriousness of the infraction.
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No. It was actually a tennis ball. The first "puck" was a ball with the top and bottom chopped off.
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Probably the actual inventor of the mask will remain unknown. Masks were worn by some goalies after injuries even way back in the early days of hockey. However, goalie Jacques Plante of the Montreal Canadiens is credited with making the mask a permanent part of the goalie's equipment back in the fi…
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The strike was eventually settled and a salary cap was introduced, limiting how much money any one (1) team could spend in a fiscal year.
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Patrick Kane is perhaps the next big US Hockey star. Mike Modano, Chris Chelios and Jeremy Roenick are just a few, but this list will continue to grow every year. The list of the greatest American hockey players of all time would include Mike Modano, Chris Chelios, and Jeremy Roenick for sure but d…
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One would have to know the amounts paid to every player who ever played in the NHL since it was founded in 1917/18. I suppose the NHL records ( accounting office???) might have this available in their archives or something. Otherwise this is an impossible question to answer!!!
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Normally on one-peice sticks, the higher the number of the flex the harder it is to bend a stick so the 140 would be a stiffer stick, a stick with a 140 or 120 flex would be extremly hard to bend and is not recamended for anyone who takes many slap shots.
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The first female hockey player to play in a NHL game was Manon Rhéaume.She played for the Tampa Bay Lightning in pre-season games against the St. Louis Blues and the Boston Bruins.
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A short handed goal means that the team that scored the goal was down a man, i.e., they had at least one person in the penalty box. In other words, they didn't have five skaters on the ice. If you are the other team (without the penalty) then you are considered to be on the power play and your goal …
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Answer The NHL is the major professional league for Canada and the U.S. Then there's minor pro, also considered to be a farm system, which includes the AHL, ECHL and a couple of others I don't really know. In Canada, the next step down is Junior hockey, under the umbrella of the CHL. That's divid…
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A piece of wood is split. Then it is sanded. They then take the blade and glue it on and let it dry. After that, they paint it the desired color. In some cases, the name of a player is put on it.
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AS the fastest team sport in the world, Hockey does have a FEW set plays but in general it is a game of chances and improvised moves that are constantly changing as the game goes along. With 10 skaters on the ice, shots and passes are quick and break outs are all ways a possibility. Un-like soc…
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Hockey was originally played with as many people as you could find, and every body simply ranged across the field doing what they could. Obviously they would stratify into groups that were better at defending and better at attacking, but this was not formalised. This might not be the answer you wer…
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Hockey has been able to change with the advent of new technology, such as fiber material sticks and skates, and modernizing rule changes, such as the video replay and two referees. The speed and skills of the players have improved and even the size of the players have gotten taller and heavier …
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It wasn't until the 60's and that was only because of televised games. The networks didn't want to wait until a goalie got stiched back up and returned to the game.
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A group called "Atlanta Spirit" bought the Atlanta Thrashers, Atlanta Hawks, and the rights to Philips Arena in 2003 and the deal was finalized in 2004.AOL Time Warner was the previous owner, but sold the teams and arena to reduce its large debt. Of course, since the above was written, the Atlanta T…
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yes, the Boston bruins were an expansion team of 1924-25.Charles w. Adams paid $15,000 to acquire an NHL franchise. they have never been any thing other than the Boston Bruins.
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I don't know if players would willingly give out their home mailing addresses. I would suggest you write to the players in care of the team at the team's mailing address which can usually be found at the team's website.
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No.Depends how far you go back and what statistics you are comparing.Surreyfan
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Answer Maple Leafs sports and entertainment Inc, who also own the Air Canada Centre, where the Leafs and The Raptors play. Answer Which the maElementjority owner is now the Ontario Teachers Penion Plan. Teachers? owns 58% of MLSE. BellGlobeMedia (15%), TD Capital (14%) and Kilmer Investments …
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%REPLIES% Answer He's living in British Columbia and is the goaltending coach for the WHL team the Kamloops Blazers. Answer He's the goalie coach for the Kamloops Blazers, doing some TV analyst on Canucks PPV and is a part owner of the BCHL, Coquitlam Express.
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To date: 29.
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The Atlanta Flames.
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Answer In the original period around the beginning of the 20th century, a few manufacturers began to make gloves and leg pads for players. The gloves had some padding on the figers and the back of the hand, with horsehair as the stuffing. The leg pads had narrow stiched vertical pads and agains t…
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Pro Hockey leauges have an official stats person who produces the plus minus numbers, which are released to the sports media, who publish them for the public to read. Plus minus numbers are based on a simple fact, was a player on the ice when his team scored a goal? If yes , he gets a plus poin…
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Mitchell Robinson with 69 goals in one game
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