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Questions regarding historical warfare objects, their identification and value.
  3 times longer than 1 meter.   1 meter is almost the same length of a Yard stick. 1 meter = ~37.5 inches 1 Yard = 36 inches
Would need more info on the rifle, caliber, model, condition and  images would be nice
Does anyone know where or even if I can get a DVD or Blu-ray of the  mock-documentary "The Great Martian War 1913-1917" Or even a  website where I can stream it? Thank you.
You need to talk to your superior. The one specifically in charge of you. It is in that person's best interest for you to at least be eligible for promotion. If you believe your superior is the problem, contact the one above him - still talking to the first one first, of course.
A waffenfabrik neuhausen bayonet serial number 108861 is worth  approximately 300 USD.
If you are talking about a Browning Hi Power, German designation  P-35 with original grips, stamps and magazine in the condition NRA  90% or better and the slide stamped Fabrique National D'armes  D'guerre Herstel Belgium (spelling may be wrong), $800.00 to  $2500.00.
a kind of gun, linked to the AK-47
During WW2, there were 2 types of Dog Tags with different info. One dog tag was worn while in the US and the other type had less info while serving overseas---for security reasons.During WW2, when the soldier went into combat, he was issued a dog tag that basically had his Name, Serial Number, Blood...
Because they are ordered to do so.    They don't actually get a hair shave. What happens is that the  clippers are used on the scalp. The original reason was to prevent  vermin from spreading throughout the company. Such vermin include  lice and nits. Since these vermin infest hair, it is...
West Point.   US Army Military Academy at West Point, NY
If you are in Jamaica, it's worth one penny. If you are in the US, it's worth what someone will pay you for it. Jamaica money used to be hard to find but as it increases in popularity as a tourist destination its rarity in the US. is quickly dwindling.
  serial # 31374 made 1913 serial# 533148 made 1918 If you sell one let me know your price...............
No, mainly german field artillery pieces
They generally aren't worth much at all, because as one might well  know, Hitler was an all-round madman. People generally aren't  interested in the belongings of or depictions of men like that.
try looking on your computer for: US medals and awards
this is usually to provide extra cover during the heat of battle, but most snipers that just wait for a target to come buy and wont be covering troops or anything wont use it and will simply sit farther into a building so no gun flash or even the barrel sticks out. i used to have a toy sniper rifle...
100-1000 or more depending on specifics
Check: gunboards.com (under buy/sell/trade)
Depends what kind of sword you want to wield. Samurai should with the cut to the opponents cut in the same movement as the wielding. Sometimes the oponent could block the wilding and survive the attack. In rare ocations both opponents are killed at once.
Pretty much a one in a billion shot.
G Shocks are actually very good watches. They are shock proof, water proof. Gonna cost you about $80 to $100 for some of them.
The Russian GP5 filters are not toxic. Don't worry. They just won't protect you from any NBC chemicals. You probably don't need to worry about that though because I doubt that you are going to be bathing in nuclear waste. The coffee can filters, on the other hand, have a much higher risk of...
check at: at the front.com
I believe the serial number is behind or to the rear of the rear sight. you should be able to see serial number without removing sight
North Carolina is the colony that was know for opening many naval  stores. This was especially true in the Eastern part of the colony.
Send an email with the photos to the email address listed on my bio page, and I will forward them to an expert in these things. Shell casings may be worth very little, or they may be worth a considerable amount, dependent on a number of things, including rarity.
value depends on overall condition and caliber............
$1 million dollarsthere is no set value on a WW1 tank. the value would be based on condition and how much a buyer would pay..
I believe that is a 458 cal. rifle. should bring a good $. Have to go to: Gunsamerica.com and look up that gun to see if any are being sold and the price.......
  the G43 has gone up in pricing. it is difficult to give a figure because if you ask for one price someone else is sure to offer more. you have to ask around. Go to:   Gunbroker.com a g43 sniper going for $3,000 A standard model,not matching, going for almost $2,000 check it out
  It might have changed, but I was REQUIRED to write home my first week in boot.
  ask your question at: mossberg.com (check your spelling)
well you can get airsoft claymore's witch you need to set off with a detenater or u can just dig a hole and cover it the someone falls in then u just light them up but i dont think there are and other, or you can stick one just around a doorway, on the wall, loop invisible wire(fishing string)...
value would depend on overall condition of the rifle.........if condition is reasonably good I would estimate $3,000 to $4,000. But you have to find someone with money.......
Kinetic warfare refers to the weapon systems that use velocity and mass, instead of explosives, to incapacitate the target.
Mission: Manifest Destiny; take Mexican territory, specifically California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada. Mission accomplished.
The US Army used insignia's to identify units. These were called Distinguishing Unit Insignia's. They were made of brass that was small enough to wear on the collar lapel and later on the Epaulet. These were almost always in the shape of a Shield as this insignia was the unit's Coat of Arms. The DUI...
  the battle of cape cherchell was around 1500's
Uhhh .........Kinda depends on your exact definition of "90mm" there.Is it a1) shell (aka: a round of ammo)?2) complete/partial field gun (howitzer)?The question needs some clarification ......
Sterling WWII Infantry Replacement Training Center Pin. Follow link http://www.militarymemorabiliaonline.com/united-states-wwii-memorabilia/us-infantry-wwii-memorabilia?page=2#prods
  Counting Paramilitary Forces Vietnam has the largest standing army with 9.5 million troops in uniform. Counting only active regular armed forces the Chinese army is the largest with 2.3 Million troops under arms.
WW1  The "Buffalo Soldiers", a black cavalry unit, fought in Cuba, in the Spanish American War, 1898 era.
not unusual to have a different /wrong holster with a pistol. in wartime things do get mixed up. Or, someoen bought the pistol then later bought th holster for it. The reason for the non match....................
You will have to contact the company to find out.
Answer . Bearing is a direction. The bearings are typically based upon the ship's navigational gyroscope, though if the gyros are not working, the magnetic compass can be used.. The ship's course is given as a bearing that is to be steered.. Contact information is based on a bearing from the ship...
call them and ask.............................
The value of a German made 22 caliber revolver would actually be  dependent upon a number of factors. Some of those factors would  include the age and condition of the revolver.
Cotton and other crops such as tobacco were significant in theSouth maintaining wealth through trade.
  If you are talking about Basic Training for the military then the answer is no. You cannot have anything with you that wasn't issued to you other than your spit kit (toiletries). You couldn't have personal items when I went through 31 years ago and you couldn't when my son went through one...
You can expect the price to be in the price range of $600-1200.
The book was written by Eric Summers, a member of 150 Squadron RAF during World War II, and documents the history of the squadron up to and including 1942-1943 when it was stationed in Blida, North Africa. The book was published on a very limited run and a copy was given to each squadron member....
No, you can retemper a blade to help reset a bend but the hamon is a the unique product of a proper clay forging. You can wirebrush yourself one though, not much point to it. Look into the kaze katana. One of the most practical 'legit' hamon katanas on the market.EDIT:Actually, the hamon is a result...
That depends on what your asking in the military its the commander
when weapons went from flintlock to percussion, chances of mis-fire due to wet powder ceased. with the flint lock the powder was exposed to some degree thus allowing it to get wet in rain and would not ignite..........
There are several different types of 9mm cartridge. When Snoop Dogg or some other rapper talks about his "nine", they're referring to a weapon firing the 9x19 cartridge, also known as the 9mm Parabellum or 9mm Luger. Other 9mm cartridges in common use include the 9x17, which is also known as the ...
there are several top auction houses. a few attached hereto: jcdevine.com cherrys.com amoskeag.com Rockislandauction.com Armsbid.com Also: www.Louis J Dianni.com hosts an annual Military and Naval History Auction on the grounds of the West Point Military Academy at the Hotel Thayer. Also, you can...
To enlist one must be at least 17 and have a parent sign for you.
go to: Gunboards.com scroll down to JAPANESE section. you can offer your jap rifle for sale there..........
  Tan or khaki is cooler than darker colors in tropical climates.
if so it would not be published to anyone..........................
  a samuari is a person, not a thing, and they do not exist anymore.
== "Before the lottery was implemented in the latter part of the Vietnam conflict, Local Boards called men classified 1-A, 18 1/2 through 25 years old, oldest first." ==   == http://www.army.com/articles/item/2544 ==   == (NOTE: this is not an Official Army site) ==   == ==
Only when the man is fat then its like a feather but if your skinny its like a elephant.
Answer. That is hard to Identify without more description. Is it an American pin? If so, then it is probably a DUI--Distinguishing Unit Insignia. These DUI's were issued to individual units and they had a motto under the shield. This was the motto adopted by the unit and was usually in Latin.. "...
Just use cardboard and paper towel rolls and glue. That's how I made mine. But if you want to make a cool one, use Legos. My friend did that and it turned out awesome!!!
The Army, The Air Force and the United States Navy all fall under the Department of Defense. The US Marice Corps falls under the Department of the Navy and the US Coast Guard has it's jurisdiction falling under the Department of Transporatation.
Blue,red,and yellow will give you olive drab.
  Surrender of Germany...Go to pen island.com for more details
They are used as a very accurate spirit level for tool makers also setting aircraft up for jigging
it's barbed wire __If you are talking about WW1, the barbed wire is there to slow down enemy troops from advancing.
  a General's driver MIGHT make it in a short time, but in general it could take 12 to 20 years.
  == Ross Rifles not Encampments ==   What on earth is an "encampment"? A 1916 Ross MkIII rifle in original  condition, still showing both the Regimental markings and the  Ross-applied serial on the buttstock, with some original finish on the  steel parts should sell for around $900-$1000...
Dozens of models of Lee-Enfields were made from the late 1800's up to the mid 1970's. Without more definition of what model you have, it is impossible to answer your question.
better check Italian history...........no record of any war in 15421546 unless that is a code date ???? 15421546 means 1542-1546, as in a time line of when the war started and when it ended:)
People from China.