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Questions regarding historical warfare objects, their identification and value.
The Cavaliers were soilders for King Charles the 1st who foight in the English civil war in mid 1600. A cavalier would have long curly hair like King Charles and they would have big hat with a large feather in it. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were named after the Cavaliers because of their long cu…
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Identifying WW2 German badges is fairly easy with the many books and webpages on the subject. The difficult part is determining if they are Originals or Reproducitons. Nazi militaria has gotten so expensive, the it is easy to replicate to a high degree of accuracy.As an example, there are companies …
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Janes Publications The leading authority on all things military is "Janes Publications" a British publishing company. Search the web for them using GOOGLE's search engine.
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There is always people that will buy German WW II armbands, badges,etc. Try eBay, or go to a local collectors show.E-Bay WILL NOT allow any armbands, etc. with swastikas, SS , or Nazi representation of any kind. GunBroker.com and Auctionarms.com will allow these items. There may be more by trying a …
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Value of WWI Trench Knife An earlier D knuckle guard style spike is currently bid at $160 as of 07 April 2005 on EBAY.  M1917 1917 is the model designation. That knife was accepted by the Army in 1917. The M1917 Bayonet was made as late as the Vietnam era.  Beware of Imitations A lot …
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There was a US base in Milford Haven, Whales. The US was stationed in the United Kingdom and Australia and had many bases throughout the world.
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I have a very old brass cup showing the battfields of europe in World War II made by 'granger' and would be interested in knowing more about granger. Shall appreciate if anyone can share information on granger.
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Answer Try ebay, or a local military collectors show. Try Lonesentry.com and check out his sponsers.
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That is difficult to answer without knowning what kind of items you have. Is it letters and documents? Is it all khaki uniforms? Or could it be field equipment and even guns??During our last Military Collectors Club, we had a Show & Tell and a guy said a wife of a Veteran still had her husbands …
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This is a very subjective question, leaving people bound to claim their own country a having the best army in the world. In reality it comes down to what you define as best. If you define best as "which individual Army is most likely to win a war against a foreign power?", then the answer is undoub…
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5.7mm = .224(in inches).... So a 30 cal. wont work because a .30 cal is .076 in. larger than what you need. Answer You CANNOT fire the .30 Carbine round in that gun. You need to obtain 5.7mm Johnson (Spitfire) ammunition. Answer If you subtract 5.7mm from 30mm, you find that the 30 …
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You can sell it to me. the best place I know of would be www.gunbroker.com. They are an online auction sibling to eBay. You may also try eBay but I don't know if they sell knives there or not.
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check with: trapdoorcollectors.comFrom Braveheart1954....also check GunBroker.com
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Call your local law enforcement office and ask them to run it through NCIC for you. They will need the serial number, manufacturer, model, and caliber. This is important, since the same number may have been used by different manufacturers. In some cases you will be required to take the gun to the la…
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Answer The British Army, during WW2, had a number of uniforms, for different uses. The most common type was called "Battledress" and was worn in action. Made of wool with a colour that varied from soft brown to a darker shade of brown/green, which was suppossed to blend in with ground colours an…
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Most likely a inventory or unit marking.
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when was the Deutsche werk werk erfurt 22 single made and what is the worth?I was told by a gunsmith that they were made sometime after WW1 for export to improve the trade balance for germany. They were mass produced and sold cheaply. They mostly have sentimental value. It was the first gun I ever f…
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I believe soldiers are not judged for what they have to do in war. They are judged by what they have done their entire lives before the war. The people who will be judged for war are the leaders who send their troops into battle. The leaders who are evil and seek to dominate or destroy the innocent …
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Hello, If in fact your trench knife is authentic and in pretty good condition it could be worth around 200 to 275. Bill Bill....this answer is a little late......but....are you kidding?? You know that a collectible is only worth what someone will pay.......and as far as that goes...people love these…
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Answer Take it to a collectors show. They are more than happy to show you if they think you were scammed. Answer to start with, look for "LF & C" stamped on the knife. Repros say some other company. Replicas worth $25 are marked US 1918 on the brass handle.
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Answer Remington did not make a carbine in .44 Magnum caliber. They did chamber the Model 788 rifle in that caliber. Do you have a Ruger carbine in .44 Remington Magnum, or perhaps a Marlin in that caliber? sales@countrygunsmith.net
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The U.S.military is described "a way of life" because there is really no other way to describe it unless you join for yourself and expierience it. I joined the U. S. Marine Corps right out of high school in 1990. Boot camp on "legendary" Parris Island, SC was difficult, but far from impossable. Twor…
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If the Rhodesian military badges are 20 years old, they're reproductions. The government of Ian Smith effectively yielded authority to the British, during which time the country was known as Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. When Mugabe was elected into power, Rhodesia ceased to be, and it became known simply as Z…
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I've got a listing for a Luger Krieghoff 1936-1945Same specifications as Luger Krieghoff 36, except 1936-45 dated chamber, bbl. proofs. Est. 8600 production.$1950.00    WWII CollectiblesTry to find the latest edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values updated each year. Try your local librar…
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You will have to specify what the weight of the projectile is and muzzle velocity at a minimum to get an answer.
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Go to your nearest bass pro shops and see there pro, up in there specialized gun room. They are very knowledgable and have computerized resources at there finger tips. Get it a try, I did and they were right on. If you look on top of the luger where the barrel is affixed to the receiver you will not…
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dress daggers of WW2 German military forces has risen in the last few years. Depending on condition and if with scabbard & tassel, it could range from $250 to several hundred dollars. Again, depending on condition.
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The value of the Mauser 2000 in 308 Cal. in excellent condition is about $425.00 to $475.00 I have seen this gun sell for about up to $550.00, but that is overboard. When it first came out in 1969 it was sold for $139.00. The market for the model 2000 is not at all high, although it is a very well m…
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Hi. Your dagger is from WWII Germany & is a firemans dagger, also known as Faschinenmesser. See the link below.
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as with all items price depends on condition. what condition is the finish, grips, bore. any rust/pitts. who made it. what is the date. is it matching ?A mint condition German Luger pistol, dated 1936 or later, is worth anywhere from $1,500-$3,000 (USD).
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Answer That is a pretty big question. Over the centuries, that ability to create a sword has been an art form often with secrets to the process. In general it starts with obtaining steel, though in early days bronze was often used, as it was easier to make and work. Steel itself was a difficult …
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Just bought one from a guy for 5 bucks... Mark
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It depends on the condition of the pistol, if there is any history attached, if there is any variations from a factory standard, what are the markings on the pistol,etc. At least $500 if they are functional , have all their parts and look OK . Also... You you can visit SimpsonLTD and view shootin…
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The Luftwaffe was the namr given to the German Air Force during the second world war. The name for the German Air Force. no one cares
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1st.PL.A or china 2nd U.S.A OR RUSSIA 3rd India or u.s.a
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Answer BETSY ROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Answer Yes, right now militant Islamic leaders want to take over the world, forcing us all to convert to Islam or die. They don't really care which. The conflict in the Middle East is far more complex than the media is reporting and some people believe that WW3 started even before Desert Storm. …
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i would guess around 300-450, cuz' i saw a m1 garand from the same time that was 450. so who knows? Usually the M1 garand goes for about a grand, nowhere near 450$; maybe if it was torn up from an explosion. The enfield .303 is a decent reliable weapon, price depends on condition anywhere from 500-…
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Depends on a few things. What kind of condition is it in? Which version of Gew 88 is it? Is it an unmodified, original German configuration, or is it a turked 88/05 or maybe even the rarer 88/14.Which arsenal is it from, what's the date & more importantly, is it all matching numbers?Gew 88 are n…
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Tank, airplane, machine gun, poison gas, submarine were all new weapons in WW 1. At the end of that war, soldiers were asked to name what they thought was the most devastating weapon of that war, and they almost unanimously said: The machine gun.
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field marshal hermann goring
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This was used to describe and mean the German Air Force.
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mp-40, thompson sub-machinegun, bar, marine, m1 grand, m1 carbine, there were flamethowers but i forgot there names, springfield '03 sniper rifle, colt .45, luger, sturmgunfar, pps, mouser, and thats it
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Peaked or visor caps usually have a loose-fitting strap that sits on top of the bill. This strap is attached at each side with a button. For officers, this strap can be a gold or silver "rope" and usually doubled. The visor cap evolved from earlier forms of military hats. All hats had a chin strap …
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The US flag has 13 stripes to represent the original 13 colonies.
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when it became a dominion in 1867.
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Any letter requesting monetary donations must be respectful. A patronizing or 'salesy' tone can make it seem deceptive, even if that it is not the writer's intent.
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The best trained soldiers in the world are either the Israelites or the Canadians(?).
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Answer No they are not. The best way to tell if the shell is WWII or post-war is the band that runs around the bottome of the helmet. There should be a split in the band, and the location of the split is what determines when the helmet was made. The helmets made prior to November of 1944 have th…
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Generals and Admirals have equal ranks. Generals serve in the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. Admiral is the equivalent rank in the Navy and Coast Guard. There are different ranks for Generals and Admirals with different designations. Here are the current ranks, the number of stars and the servi…
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You probably already know that the cloth patches for the Airborne Infantry Regiments are very rare. They were only worn on the leather jackets, so this was not a common practise.The Distinguishing Unit Insignia (DUI or DI) pin was worn by enlistedmen and officers on their dress uniform and these a…
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Yes, they fire the same .30 Carbine cartridge, the M1 was to be capable of selective fire control, but this was dropped. Because a demand arose for an automatic capability, the M2 was developed, with a selective-fire switch added to the left side of the receiver, operating on the sear mechanism. B…
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The book was written by Eric Summers, a member of 150 Squadron RAF during World War II, and documents the history of the squadron up to and including 1942-1943 when it was stationed in Blida, North Africa. The book was published on a very limited run and a copy was given to each squadron member. The…
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Russia and Germany, but England had the most warships
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field marshal Herman Goring...........................German WW1 ace.........
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To gain air supremacy. Because Hitler wanted to do the Operation Sealion Invasion of Britain
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"Oh flower of Scotland, when will we see your like again, who fought and died for your wee bit hill and glen." The " flower of" means " the best or the best part of" and refers to the best of Scotland's chivalry who fought and died for their country in the wars of independence against England, only…
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what is the scope mount for savage 325 c
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It could very likely be chrome plate instead of nickel. Chrome was a new invention and for some reason a lot of returning GIs had their souveniers plated. This reduces the value to collectors by at least 50%.
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Concerning Carbon First off all swords contain carbon, the differing amounts of carbon, control many aspects of the steel's elasticity and hardness. The best swords are made up of a balance of high and low carbon metals such as the ancient Katanas used by the Samurai. The sword smiths combine a h…
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The M1840 has a flat back.The M1860 has a rounded back.That's the best way to tell. TK
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The value of a War Ration Book 3 is usually somewhere between $1 and $10 depending on condition. Specialized private collectors may pay a little more for unused books in mint condition.
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Answer Shoeless Joe Jackson's at around 50,000 bucks. But don't get your hopes up for buying it. There is only about 10 in the world and are owned by private collectors so the auto is very hard to find. Also, don't let people fool you. People would send him letters to get him to sign and …
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Possibly the Italian Equivalent of the KGB or elite counter-intelligence service. the motto means, literlaly above all others! Super Omnes "Above All" is the patch/badge for the 505th AAA Msl Bn (AntiAirArtillary Missile Battalion, U.S. Army (it was a unit in the 52nd AAA Brigade). The 505th was s…
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Here is a list of companies that dealt with parts for M1 carbines after WWII. (Source: Wikipedia)Alpine of Azusa, Calif.[73]AMAC or Jacksonville, Ark. (acquired Iver Johnson Arms)[74]AMPCO of Miami, Fla.[75]Bullseye Gun Works of Miami, Fla.[76]Crosman Air Rifle; produced an M1 Carbine look-a-like [7…
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Ok...here we go. you should have a brass buckle, one hook, two smaller brass "keepers" and one 2" white belt. For starters the buckle goes on your right side. This will be obvious when You pick up Corporal, but its good to get in the habit now. 1:With the buckle face down, and slide the white bel…
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They dropped to earth--I know now where. Also, after the war, many ex-pilots and aircraft mechanics were searching for something to tinker with and looking for excitement. In California, they began to build small race cars from discarded Drop Tanks(surplus ones, not dropped). They installed two a…
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The Springfield 1903 was the standard weapon of the US servicemen in WW1. However, since it was only produced at Springfield Arsenal ( Rock Island didn't come on line until 1917) only the US Marine Brigade used them. All other US troops were armed with the "U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, Model of 1917", …
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I'd say there was no winner. The USSR did collapse later on mainly because it did not have funds coming into its nuclear program like the US did. But let's just consider the Cold War just as it is. Reagan getting credit for the end of the Cold War is just incorrect because the final end of the Co…
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Are you talking about a modern reproduction for re-enactment purposes, or an original antique? If the former, the maker's name and date of manufacture would assist. original antique in 70 % condition
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Metal slotted handguards were used on the fully automatic M2 for better cooling. Some people now put them on M1 carbines simply because they like the look. They were never used on M1s in the military.
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The mintmarks are S or no mintmark.
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About $68,600 BUT that is of course if it weighs a few tons.
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It depends, as long as it isn't your CAC card, your fine.
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my mate Jon boy just sold 2 on eBay for £190. check there. :) The value of medals would vary greatly. It may depend on which Country and what type of medal. I recently bought a medal issued by NATO, which were unofficial medals but were allowed to be worn on the uniform. There medals had blue/whit…
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It really all depends on the sword, even in rough condition authentic Katanas are pretty rare and are very expensive depending on the maker and the age of the sword. During 1939-1942 Japan issued military katanas and went into a frenzy and started mass producing them, these swords now are not all th…
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Any time you meet one when in garrison. In the field, you typically wouldn't salute, as that would allow enemy snipers to identify officers. First thing in the morning when working in near proximity. There are ceremonial times to do it, such as when making reports. You also have to be in a cover whe…
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they are ribbons hooked together indicating awards, decorations and areas of service. they are usually 3 across, but sometimes 4 across...................
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Very slowly, with medieval (hand) tools.
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The vintage razors are valued at a price close to $120 each. The price will vary depending upon the condition of the razor.
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check with: ebay.com
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Many of the manuals are worth a price close to $35 each. The price of the manuals will vary depending upon the condition that they are in.
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On the receiver. left side, just below the bolt.
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i just bought on for $199 a good deal. There are two versions of the 22LR. One is the earlier all steel and the other a much lighter alluminum frame. The first version is a sought after pistol and worth more. Typically between $400 - $500. Actually you are turned around with this weapon. Stoeger …
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the moment the medieval era began, really. shields have existed for milennia before the medieval age, from Ancient Egypt, to Bronze age Celts, to Roman regions, to Dark Age Saxons, Vikings, through the medieval era, the renaissance buckler and jacobite targe, and on to a modern police officer's rio…
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Danger! This means the shell still contains unstable explosives! You should not have this in a house! You should call a bomb squad! Danger! I must agree with the previous answer. No sensible person would keep an unexploded artillery shell anywhere near them. Unexploded munitions from WW1 ki…
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Dog tags are two plates measure about two inches long containing the service member name, soc sec number, blood type and religion. They are used to identify the service member when he is not able to identify himself. In combat, one is hanged by the neck and the other one is placed in the boot ties.
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