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A cloud is a visible body of very fine water droplets or ice particles suspended in the atmosphere at altitudes up to several miles above sea level. They are generally produced by the condensation of water vapor. Other clouds, less commonly seen, are composed of smokes or dusts.
It is a cirrus cloud.
low clouds = stratus middle clouds = altostratus high clouds = cirrus vertical development clouds = cumulus
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Condensation of water vapour.
Upslope fog forms when air moves gently up in elevation enough for  the layer to reach saturation.
Clouds are just condensed water vapor or ice crystals. Cloud droplets also require cloud condensation nuclei, however, which often consist of sulfate aerosols. In short, the moisture the cloud collects from condensation compresses, making it appear to be dark or dense in appearance.
During condensation, the water vapor in the air condenses  into a cloud.
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A cold front would likely be a front that would produce hail and tornadoes in an area because cold fronts are different than warm fronts. Cold fronts are usually fronts that cause storms and if they have the right recipe it could produce damaging winds, hail and sometimes if it's very strong,...
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The advantages of cloud seeding are the possibility of creating  rain in areas of need (drought), enabling food crops and the  economic improvement of developing countries. The disadvantages are  the concern of chemicals on plants and animals, the amount of money  it would take to deliver...
lightning forms when negative charges drop to the lower parts of a cloud and positive charges build up on the ground below.
== Answer ==   Yes. The rain prevents the Pollen from from being air-borne.     Answer   Generally, yes. The pollen grains are "washed out" of the atmosphere.
Your breath forms a cloud on a cold day because your breath is warmer than the air, so it creates fog.
Sleet is where a snowflake falls into a warmer surface layer below a cloud and melts, its starts to freeze again in the subfreezig surface layer of air, the partially melted snowflake or cold rain drop refreezes back into tiny translucent ice pellets known as sleet.   Freezing rain however, may...
On the onw website I fond and after a little research I have found that the worlds largest hailstone was found in Aurora, Nebraska and it measured over 10 inches in width but that was only about half of it because some of it broke off when it hit the ground and some melted before it could be...
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Vapor pressure is the pressure exerted by a liquid's vapor. As the temperature rises, the kinetic energy of molecules are moving more and more rapidly. Thus, the pressure of the vapor phase increases.
Iridium is a solid, a metal at normal temperatures. It melts at 2466 0C
Cumulonimbus, or thunderstorm, clouds form from rising moist air.
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http://www.allstar.fiu.edu/aerojava/fltenv3.htm :Except at temperatures well below freezing, clouds are composed of very small droplets of water which collect on microscopic water absorbent particles of solid matter in the air (such as salt from evaporating sea spray, dust, and smoke particles). The...
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Water in three of its forms is solid which is ice, liquid which is just water, and gas which is water vapor.
GREEN BAY with 56% sunshinesee data here: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/online/ccd/pctposrank.txt
What kinds of severe weather can occur in Massachusetts. It all depends on the season. In spring nor'easters(mostly rain but snow sometimes occurs) cause moderate to severe damage to trees and houses. This also brings flood. In summer severe thunderstorms are the biggest threat. These thunderstorms...
A cloud that is known for being low and widespread is a  nimbostratus cloud. They are large and wide precipitate clouds that  reside at low and medium altitudes.
  The base altitude of a cumulus cloud depends on the humidity of the lower level of the atmosphere. The more moisture in the atmosphere, the lower the cloudbase. Meteorologists measure the temperature and dew point of the air (the dew point is the temperature at which water will start to...
The black clouds in the sky are called cumulonimbus clouds.
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Condensed water vapour in the air
Mercury turns to a liquid at 25 degrees Celsius.
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well drizzle and mist are not as heavy as rain is and do not produce as much moister as rain does.
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The change of state from a liquid to a gas is a physical change called vaporization.
we have evaporation . condensation and rain first. evaporation the sea evaporate and it produce water vapor then it condensate after that it rain definition :evaporation: liquid to gascondensation : gas to liquidso , it's the opposite
It is a reversible process, as ice can be melted back into water.
Water to vapor and vapor to water are the results of evaporation and condensation, respectively.
When a parcel of air is saturated with water vapor the relative humidity of that parcel of air is 100%.
convection is the warming of atmospheric air, the warm air rises,water vapor in the air condenses, and clouds form
Altitude. Fog is a cloud that is at surface level. This means that the dew point and temperature are almost the same. You can get a good idea of how high clouds are by knowing the dew point and current temperature. Clouds will be about one thousand feet high for every two degrees of difference.
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No it is more dense than hot air
clouds all have different shapes, however if you are talking abouta cumulonimbus cloud, they tend to be tall and often are the onethat cause storms
It is based as salt water but then turned into pure water. 1. The ocean water evaporates into water vapor leaving all the salt and other chemicals behind 2.The water vapor turns into clouds 3.The clouds build up in water so much they rain. So yes rain water is pure
Yes hail moves around within a cloud. As hail falls within a cloud it will gather moisture on its outside. The winds and updrafts within a storm cloud constantly swirl. As a piece of hail that has gotten wet swirls up higher in the cloud it refreezes with a new layer of ice and continues to do it...
It brings very fair weather.
    The molecule itself doesn't change, just its reaction to other water molecules. As a solid, the hydrogen bonds between the delta-negative oxygens and delta-positive hydrogens are fixed. In a liquid the hydrogen bonds are constantly forming and breaking. In steam there are very few...
They usually produce......fair weather.They also usually form on sunny days.They are as tall as they are wide.
the relative humidity is how humid it is in a given place at agiven time
droplets of water vapor suspended in the air near the groundan atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substanceobscure: make less visible or unclear; "The stars are obscured by the clouds"; "the big elm tree obscures our view of the valley"daze: confusion characterized...
Altitude is a measure of the height of something above sea level, or above some point on Earth's surface.