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A cloud is a visible body of very fine water droplets or ice particles suspended in the atmosphere at altitudes up to several miles above sea level. They are generally produced by the condensation of water vapor. Other clouds, less commonly seen, are composed of smokes or dusts.
It is a cirrus cloud.
low clouds = stratus middle clouds = altostratus high clouds = cirrus vertical development clouds = cumulus
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Condensation of water vapour.
Kinetic energy is energy produced by motion/activity. Molecules become more active as they heat up. Therefore, molecules in a gaseous state would have the greatest kinetic energy.
A "Blue Moon" hence the phrase: "once in a blue moon" meaning very seldom.
Barometer: A gauge measure air pressure. Hygrometer: Any of various instruments for measuring the absolute or relative amount of moisture in the air Anemoeter: a gauge for determining the force or speed of the wind, and sometimes its direction; wind gauge. There is also the stormglass, a...
Upslope fog forms when air moves gently up in elevation enough forthe layer to reach saturation.
Evaporation is the process and the gas formed by liquid in heated condition is called vapours
Clouds are just condensed water vapor or ice crystals. Cloud droplets also require cloud condensation nuclei, however, which often consist of sulfate aerosols. In short, the moisture the cloud collects from condensation compresses, making it appear to be dark or dense in appearance. .
During condensation , the water vapor in the air condensesinto a cloud.
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A cold front would likely be a front that would produce hail and tornadoes in an area because cold fronts are different than warm fronts. Cold fronts are usually fronts that cause storms and if they have the right recipe it could produce damaging winds, hail and sometimes if it's very strong,...
Temperature and amount of moisture in the air (you can call this humidity, vapor pressure....depends what your purpose is)
In general, steam is water so you're adding water to the air and raising the humidity. The small caveat is that steam is also going to heat the air, so it can hold more moisture. By adding moisture you increase the numerator of the relative humidity term, and by raising the heat you increase the...
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Cumulonimbus clouds form hail I think
The advantages of cloud seeding are the possibility of creatingrain in areas of need (drought), enabling food crops and theeconomic improvement of developing countries. The disadvantages arethe concern of chemicals on plants and animals, the amount of moneyit would take to deliver chemicals into the...
lightning forms when negative charges drop to the lower parts of a cloud and positive charges build up on the ground below.
Answer . Yes. The rain prevents the Pollen from from being air-borne.. Answer . Generally, yes. The pollen grains are "washed out" of the atmosphere.
Your breath forms a cloud on a cold day because your breath is warmer than the air, so it creates fog.
Sleet is where a snowflake falls into a warmer surface layer below a cloud and melts, its starts to freeze again in the subfreezig surface layer of air, the partially melted snowflake or cold rain drop refreezes back into tiny translucent ice pellets known as sleet. \n. Freezing rain however, may...
Clouds with the prefix of 'alto' are middle level clouds between6500 and 23,000 feet. The two alto clouds are altocumulus andaltostratus and these types of clouds usually bring precipitationfrom rain.
High pressure brings clear weather and low pressure brings precipitous weather. (rain, snow, hail, sleet, etc.)
Water is changed from a solid (ice) to liquid water by heat, which also changes liquid water to a gas (steam).
volume is not equal to mass. a gas will expand or contract depending on the temperature and pressure of its surroundings. the same amount of water is there it's just more spread out.
This is called a nebula and is formed from the remenants of a supernova (a star exploding). This cloud later goes on to form stars, planets and a galaxy.
the continental tropical is made up of the warm, dry air from Mexico
really hot and humid The temperatures at Central Park range from an average low of 63.6 to an average high of 79.3 in June, 68.8 to 84.1 in July, 67.8 to 82.6 in August and 60.8 to 75.2 in September. The record high was 106 on July 9, 1936. All temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit.
On the onw website I fond and after a little research I have found that the worlds largest hailstone was found in Aurora, Nebraska and it measured over 10 inches in width but that was only about half of it because some of it broke off when it hit the ground and some melted before it could be...
Answer . The specifications are rather exact, so meaurements can be correlated. The box is painted white, facing to the north so no sunlight is in contact with the thermosensor. 4 ft. off the ground.. Answer. The "box" is known technically as a Stevenson Screen, and it is double louvred (to allow...
solids liquids and gas only one of them has no mass solids are hard liquids are wet can you guess which one has mass gas !!
the water droplets are condensation but the process is called condensing.
Water vapor turning to frost is an example ofDEPOSITION
Vapor pressure is the pressure exerted by a liquid's vapor. As the temperature rises, the kinetic energy of molecules are moving more and more rapidly. Thus, the pressure of the vapor phase increases.
Iridium is a solid, a metal at normal temperatures. It melts at 2466 0 C
Cumulonimbus, or thunderstorm, clouds form from rising moist air.
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It depends on what matter you're talking about. Different pressures and temperatures change them into gas or liquid and each atom/molecule has a different set point.
No, the other way around. Condensing is the conversion of a gas to a liquid.
http://www.allstar.fiu.edu/aerojava/fltenv3.htm : Except at temperatures well below freezing, clouds are composed of very small droplets of water which collect on microscopic water absorbent particles of solid matter in the air (such as salt from evaporating sea spray, dust, and smoke particles)...
The formation of precipitation may occur at temperatures above or below freezing. Precipitation that is formed in temperatures entirely above freezing is called warm precipitation; cold precipitation involves ice at some stage of the process.
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The Arctic air is more dense, and therefore does not rise as easily.
The question is incomplete. Therefore there are multiple answers: If the water is held in a container with a very high pressure, the water could be present in the solid state. If the water is held in a closed container, at 10 degrees celsius and a standard pressure of 1 atm., it is present in...
Sinking motion in high-pressure air masses makes it difficult for air to rise and clouds to form. That's why high pressure usually means good weather.
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The dew point is the temperature below which, water vapor (at a constant pressure) will condense into liquid water.
Water in three of its forms is solid which is ice, liquid which is just water, and gas which is water vapor..
GREEN BAY with 56% sunshine see data here: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/online/ccd/pctposrank.txt
What kinds of severe weather can occur in Massachusetts. It all depends on the season. In spring nor'easters(mostly rain but snow sometimes occurs) cause moderate to severe damage to trees and houses. This also brings flood. In summer severe thunderstorms are the biggest threat. These thunderstorms...
A cloud that is known for being low and widespread is animbostratus cloud. They are large and wide precipitate clouds thatreside at low and medium altitudes.
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The base altitude of a cumulus cloud depends on the humidity of the lower level of the atmosphere. The more moisture in the atmosphere, the lower the cloudbase. Meteorologists measure the temperature and dew point of the air (the dew point is the temperature at which water will start to condense...
The black clouds in the sky are called cumulonimbus clouds .
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low pressure is a rainy windy weather
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they become rain when it crates water vapor .
The concentration of gas in a liquid is directly proportional to its partial pressure in the gas phaseabove the liquid is known as?
Condensed water vapour in the air
Mercury turns to a liquid at 25 degrees Celsius.
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