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The use of words to evoke memories and emotions has long been an endeavor of the human race. The styles are wide and varied, some requiring rigid guidelines, rhyming couplets and specific syllable counts will others refuse to be constrained and thrive on free form and ignore rules of any type.
Your birthdays here,  A inch to grow,  A smile to show,  A candle to blow,  Make a wish slow,  So you and i can laugh it off later, 
Carol Ann Duffy was the first woman laureate of the US.
There is storm and shipwreck. He ends up on an island.
Because the pen is mightier than the sword...
tis - it isopeo'ergi'ne'erello - hellousmel - smellhahe
Silicon can be hard to make in to a acrostic poem and so far I can  only find words for the letters S,I,C,AND N. If you find a word for  the rest pleas tell thank you. By: Sierra
Simply put, one learns or gets empowered from his downs, his  mistake/s for instance.
Well in the story there is no "meat" hall but there is a mead hall which is kinda of like a bar. It was made of wood, iron, some gold, and ivory. It could only be destroyed by a fire.
Athena cursed him because he burned down one of her temples while  his army was invading Troy.   Poseidon cursed him because he poked out Polyphemus' eye.
In The Seed Shop by Muriel Stuart, the word dale is an older way of  saying valley, and hawthorn is a type of tree, or shrub. Because in  the rest of the poem it talks about trees, it probably means trees  in this case. So, it basically means a valley full of trees.
Anything that ends with "ike" should work
what is a i am poem about
Dickinson was not afraid of the idea of death so to her, he's a gentleman. We know she's comfortable with the idea of death because the grave is her "house."
It is in narrative form. However, if your question is otherwise, it  is an autobiographical and inspirational poem as well.
One archetype is the serpent sheds its skin, in which in Gilgamesh the serpent sheds its skin because of youth. The other is the serpent is sneaky and sly just like they are today. The last one is that the plant contains special features, in which today, herbs (plant) contain healing powers.
The definition of a monologue is where a character talks to themselves or directly to the audience on their own without any other character interventions.
until at length she was obliged by the gods to allow him to continue his journey homeward if you want to improve my answer ASK me first at MarrisaJazzie@yahoo.com got a problem with that asking me part to bad! if you do well that will hurt my feelings i am only 10 seriously i got this from Google
Themes of epic poems may change over time as different audiences  interpret them. However, it is clear that we remember some epics  only for their themes. For example, "Paradise Lost" is a critique  of religion and political society, considering the Fall of  humankind. Without these themes, the...
Analysis on On a Tree Fallen Across The Road? The poem by Robert Frost is about challenges in life. The fallen tree is symbolysed as challanges and the road represent life. As we encounter any obstacle along our journey, we should not think that it is the end of our life. we must think the way to...
  Tragically, worse, there are whole record albums ( if you figure an album as say, 8-l0 individual songs) worth of suicide oriented songs. some even have overtones of comedy and do not mention the word suicide- llike (Running Bear) others are more obvious and deal with deeeeep depression-like...
Definitely. Leonard Cohen's songs are poems. There's a whole genre  in Urdu music called ghazals which are poems that artists choose to  put to music.
it is very bad thath he can travel the whole brook it is very boring ok bye than catch u later
Hinilawod(from the Philippines with 28, 340- verse), Illiad and Odyssey(from the West) are the famous epics in the world.
Odysseus and his crew went into the cyclop's cave. They drank his wine and ate his food. Then, they finally discovered that the cyclops (or Polyphemus) lived here. The cyclops was first angry, but Odysseus offered him some wine to lull him to sleep. Soon after, Polyphemus asked Odysseus what his...
A four line stanza is called a "quatrain", and a 7 foot line  would be written in "heptameter", but this equals 14 syllables;  poetic syllables are almost always found in pairs, and so it would  be difficult to say if there was an exact name for this form of  poem.    More on the metres - ...
The most significant thing about Satan is how he has a voice in the  epic. This was the first time that evil was characterised in such a  way; this is what has influenced depictions of evil now seen in  "The Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter". Interestingly, this  voice is a contrast to God,...
ol' higue refers to a vampire in the poem by mark mcwatt and by wordsworth mcandrew
Been a while since I read it...but remember at the gates of Hell it said "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" ... so, would assume..the whole damned place is the place of no hope.
I wondered if I should go to the meeting or not.
  William Cullen Bryant
Dreaming Black Boy is a poem written by James Berry, discussing racism, which leads to isolation and the effects it has taken on a boy.
A quatrain is a poem or stanza with consisting of four lines, but  there is not a specific number of syllables. In case the question  was about the number of syllables in the word "quatrain", the  answer is two.
The narrator of Poe's poem by that name gives no other indication than that she was a child.
"CHRISTIAN WITCHES" is an example of an oxymoron. This is to say that there were women who were so-called christians that gossiped about Le Brun changing into a werewolf. An oxymoron as a figurative expression is used to contrast two completely different things or opposite. egs. silent sounds,...
Tall, Beautiful, Titan, Bossy, Clever, Smart
emotion, image, music
William Carlos Williams   Ogden Nash
Beowulf fights Grendel for glory. Tales of a beast terrorizing thepeople of Herot (the Danes), bring Beowulf and his warriors tohelp, however, motives are heavily guided by a thirst for fame andglory.
the word gender means that it represents somthing !
"The girl fears by learning to speak English and be bilingual she will lose her identity and what things around her will lose their identity and what they mean to her."-I think the theme of Bilingual Sestina is the connotations her native tongue has; connotations the english language will never...
Humans at play somtimes reflect the beauty of nature.
5 sylobles for 1 line and 7 sylibles for second line and the third line has 5 sylibles
A good acrostic poem for the family is FamiliesAreMagnificentIn Loving You Forever
...To the average person life is very real & physical , a dream implies something pleasant , but in this phrase the poet laments that life is not only an illusion , an image that we experience , but adds that it is unfulfilled .Without any real gratifying rewards.
It is by Robert Burns
it is about an Acadian girl named Evangeline and her search for her lost love Gabriel. It was published in 1847 and was one of Longfellow's more popular poems
The main difference is that Fixed has a rhyme scheme and Free does not.
Odysseus dose not see Paris because he knows that Paris has went against the oath to stay away from her.
I believe it to be about an opportunist. The poems is in many ways self explanatory, and mirrors the plight of today's black women. She too can not find a man who is equally yoked. She can find a man to sleep with her, bed her a night, but not "share" her bed. "Big daddy" implies his sexual perilous...
In the first ring of the seventh circle in Dante's Inferno there is a river of blood named Phelgethon. This river is a result of all of the violence on earth and serves as an allegorical punishment for those who were violent against people. Each person is immersed in the boiling blood according to...
It was a society that gave much thought to issues of hospitality There was a great emphasis on gaining fame and glory.
Sir Gawain makes a deal with the Lord that during the time of his stay at the Lords manor, every night, Sir Gawain would give the Lord whatever he had received that day.
In poetry, "gloomy" means: sad, dark, or lack of happiness.
idk if i am fully right but i think it is metaphysical conceit because he is comparing death to a person i hope that helps
A person vs. person conflict is when two or more people oppose one another over something/someone. However, it is not one person vs. like a planet or something like that, for that is person vs. society
The Greek epic poems 'The Iliad' and 'The Odyssey' .
show her that she deserves you...spoil her...have sex with  her...show her that you care
He feels that being a hero is hard to do. Everyone looks up to you therefore you can never mess up.
Iago offers the handkerchief as the supposed proof of Desdemona's  infidelity.
canada we will standand we do not stand noncencenever disbelifa country we will standdee we wina disbilife
James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916) wrote the poem in 1882 or 1883,  and it was first published in 1883 in the collection "The Old  Swimmin'-Hole and 'Leven More Poems."
who are the main character for heartbeat
is a type of poetry that uses characteristics and verse to tell a story or elaborate on an event 
What are girls made out of now-a days sugar and sillicone and man-made eyeliner that's only the beginning boy leaves girl girl finds new boy same stuff different fantasy too boring what are big boys made of trucks and cheap pucks and fast cars and mean guitars that's what they're all...
Section 27 in the poem In Memoriam says that Alfred does not envy those people who doesn't experience hardships in life, people who have their life according to their plans and needs, who always feels comfortable in life and never felt pain, etc because for him it has always been better to felt pain...
Anglo-Saxon poetry often incorporated the use of kennings (compact metaphors) for easier memorization, as rhyming was not used.An example of a kenning: "My soul roams in the sea, the whale's home..."
It really doesn't have any. It does have alliteration and rhyme.
There was a young boy who was curious,if his feelings for his girl were quite serious,But when push came to shove,He knew it was love,And knew that she made him delirious.
I'm in love with mud, It's sad, I know, but true. I just can't help but splash in it, Or stomp a path right through. It's sticky and it's dirty, And it covers all my clothes. But when I see it lying there, A voice inside me grows... ...You can't resist, you know I'm right, It's fun to play...
Eternity is capitalized because it is a place, it is the location that she is traveling to.
its better not being included in all this oscene situations that is occurring than to be excluded from a social life!
== Answer ==   An Iambic tetrameter has 8 syllables per line where every other syllable is stressed. For example: I write, I draw, I sing, I dance or di-dah di-dah di-dah di-dah   The first syllable is usually unstressed. You put more emphasis on the 2nd syllable, and the 4th, etc.   "I...
In the epic Beowulf is victorious against Grendel and his mother. In the movie he is not.
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While Eliot's poetry most certainly has concurrent themes and imagery, there is no 'right answer' to this question. Perhaps it is Eliot's own consideration of Love, hence the title, and the imagery throughout of an inability to say anything coherent ("That is not what I meant at all./That is not it,...