Ecuador, officially known as the Republic of Ecuador, is a representative democratic republic in South America. The country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, Peru on the east and south, and Colombia on the north. It has an estimated population of 14,790,608 as of 2010.
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Some good places are Volcan Cotopaxi, the Galapagos Islands, Plaza de Indepencia in Quito, the Andes mountains, and Guayaquil.
galapagos islands its called the Galapagos islands. Ecuador owns it.
tropical along coast, becoming cooler inland at higher elevations; tropical in amazonian jungle lowlands.
No it does not. Actually, it does in the Amazon jungle tribes, quite a bit. And I have not been able to find anywhere that states it is illegal, just not common.
Ecuador has a large assortment of patents on lots of products, one is for the invention of chain metal.
Hostal Kundalini is pretty cheap
The abbreviation for Ecuador is 'ec'. The four letter abbreviationfor Ecuador is 'ecua'. However, 'ec' is the most common.
Abbreviation for Ecuador: EC
The 10 largest cities, and their respective populations, of Ecuadorare listed below. Guayaquil (2,351,000), Quito (2,239,000), Cuenca(506,000), Santo Domingo (368,000), Machala (242,000), Durán(234,000), Portovejo (223,000), Manta (221,000), Loja (181,000),and Ambato (179,000). Guayaquil, the...
Ecuador is on South America. The Republic of Equador is in South America.
You are asking about a one Sucre coin from Ecuador dated 1986. It is worth perhaps US$0.50 in Uncirculated condition, and very little in circulated condition.
He won presidential elections in 2006 and was re-elected in elections 2009.
On very rare occasions it can snow.
Republic of Ecuador
I believe this in the correct answer: EC090150 This should be double checked. In Ecuador Postal Codes are not used very much; just city name.
Between the months of October and February..
Ecuador is on the border of the Amazon rainforest, which is shown in the image below. . Image courtesy of
People usually say Cotopaxi, but I reckon Chimborazo may erupt again.
Now is a fleeting moment that is changing all the time; it isimpossible to give the time in Ecuador without a referencedate/time. However: Ecuador is in a time zone that is 5 hours behind UTC. Find out how many hours difference your time zone is relative toUTC, then take the difference between that...
Latitude : S 0° 40' 50.9999", Longitude : W 78° 26'17.9999"
Ecuador's coastline is fertile tropical plains.
well you could just google map it like I did but its Peru.
Yes of course it is! Ecuador is a country in South America.
Peru and Colombia.
I read somewhere that carnival right before lent was extremely popular. This takes place sometime in February. Dia de los muertos (day of the saints) on November 2nd is pretty popular, too.
yes ecuador is a nation-state
Yes,Equador should get Earthquakes in time to time.
The capital of Ecuador is called Quito. This is spelled the same way in English and in Spanish.
The islands are a province of Ecuador .
From the fact that it is on the equator.
The longest river in Ecuador is the Napo River, which spans 530 miles. The eastern portion of Ecuador is also the starting point of the Amazon river. .
Earthquake measured 4.7, 295 miles southwest of Quito.
There are many animals that can only be found in Ecuador. Some ofthese animals include lightning roaches, warbler-finches, andfish-eating rats.
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The telephone area code for Tena, Ecuador, is 06, or +593 6 in international format. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00 ,...
mammals , reptiles and some more
Its a foreign name of a line. The word for "equator" is Ecuador, and the equator runs through the country.
Yes, Ecuador is divided into 3 parts: the coast, the rainforest, and the mountains. The coast is on the Pacific Ocean.
the weather in Ecuador in January is warm
Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado was the President of Ecuador in 2010. He assumed office on 2007 January 15 and was re-elected in 2009. In 2008, he managed to get Ecuador's foreign debt heavily reduced by declaring the previous debt illegitimate due to having been contracted by corrupt and despotic...
not macy's... but you can find other department stores. like De Prati, Casa Tosi, Tia, etc... ;)
The primary religion of Ecuador is Catholicism (95%) and the second would be the Native American religions followed by small minorities of non-Catholic Christians and cults.
Llapingachi - its potato , cheese and achiote oil mixedtogether.Fritada - very well prepared meat. In sierra - locro depapa - cream soup made of big quantity of potatos, served with apiece of avocado
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Much the same as Christians elsewhere. Ecuador is largely Roman Catholic.
Runa Thushuy is the sort of South American band which can be found on street corners and outdoor festivals in most major U.S. cities, piping away on flutes and strumming on various string instruments in the guitar family; this band is based in Chicago. This is beautiful, lively, celebratory music...
a good one, kinda raffael correa is the president
Manta is the city right there on the west coast and it's pretty big.
Spain conquered Ecuador back in the 1500s. But I don't think Ecuadorians view SPain as their "mother country".
Ecuador was inhabited by the Inca people many years ago. Afterbeing conquered by the Spanish the main religion has been RomanCatholic.
Cotopaxi Alcedo Corazón Pichincha Tungurahua
It's pretty hard to narrow it down to just two. I'd say Otavalo, which has the biggest indigenous market in all of South America. And Banos which has many thermal pools heated by the Tungarahua volcano. Nearby Banos is the Pailon del Diablo waterfall, which is very beautiful. Again it's hard to...
hydropower, fish,timber,petroleum
oil, hydropower, fish and timber Petroleum to be exact, natural gas sometimes used instead of petroleum, fish, shrimp, gold, copper, timber, and hydropower.
The leader of Ecuador is its president who serves as both head of government and head of state. The president of Ecuador is currently Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado .
Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado is the President of Ecuador. He assumed office on 2007 January 15 , he managed to get Ecuador's foreign debt heavily reduced by declaring the previous debt illegitimate due to having been contracted by corrupt and despotic previous regimes. The President of Ecuador...
Peru Peru The country south of Equador is Peru.
Ecuador means equator in Spanish. The equator pass right through the middle of the country.
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Ecuador Table of Contents A variety of temperature and rainfall patterns resulted in a diversity of tropical and temperate crops. Moderate or cool temperatures in highland areas allowed the cultivation of products usually associated with more northern latitudes. In the Costa, a warm climate, fertile...
It is unique because it is a tourist attraction and holds many different ethnicity in the people who live there.It has landscape like no other hosting four regions(mountains,the coasts,rain forests and the islands of Ecuador)
People all over the country do this, not just in Guayaquil. This is part of the chocolate making process. When the cacao pod is opened all the inner seed are covered in sweet jelly like stuff. This is usually sucked off because of it's sweet taste. Or in more sanitary instances rinsed off. Then the...
Peru and Columbia can be found!
South America. The limits are: N: Colombia S: Peru E: Peru W: Pacific Ocean