The Republic of Indonesia is a country in Oceania and Southeast Asia. It comprises 17,508 islands and has a land area of 735,355 sq mi. It is the fourth most populous country in the world with about 238 million people.
It occurred on Boxing Day, 26 th December 2004.
Indonesian birth rates may be attributed to the high quantity of rice comsumed by the populace, while German birth rates are affected by beer and spirit comsumption. Death rates in both areas are the result of totalitarian regimes, including nazism, buddhism, and chauvinism.
about 6 - 7 hours flight journey
Komodo Island has 5,700 giant lizards living on the island. Theyare not found any where else in the world.
The Komodo Dragon is the national animal of Indonesia.
There are some ways to say 'you' in Indonesian. . Kamu - Is the most common way to say you . Kau - Is only used to refer to people as old as you and younger than you . Anda - Is a very polite way to say 'you'
yes, Kabul, Indonesia is a very wet land it's precipitation is about 654 mm per year. it is near the ocean... Indonesia is described as a peninsula
golden brown is the hair colour of an Indonesian people.
The flight distance from Belgium to Indonesia is: 7,608 miles / 12,244 km
Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world. It consists of 17,508 islands, about 6,000 of which are inhabited, scattered over both side of the equator. Indonesia is the site of numerous volcanoes. Forest cover about 60% of the country, but a number of Indonesian cities is experiencing rapid...
Indonesia has a larger Muslim population than any other country in world, with approximately 202.9 million identifying themselves as Muslim.
Indonesia's currency does not have a dollar sign.
Sumatra's population is approximately 45 million
Yes. There are many places to get one. Amazon, who has a widevariety. Or, you can contact a fellow indonesian and get one fromthere. Or, you can make one.
The phrase 'aku cinta kamu' when translated to English is: I love you . The form is a very formal way to say I love you in Indonesian :)
Every1 in Indo knows at least 2 languages... Indonesian and their local dialect.. !
usually there is no tip for the waiter, if you want to give them anyway, Rp. 10.000 - 25.000,- (USD 1 - 3) would be enough
1. Ion-ion dapat bergerak dari sel yang satu ke sel lainnya 2. Mengganti ion-ion positif dan ion-ion negatif yang kekurangan dalam masing-masing sel 3. Untuk menetralkan
The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta
Dengue fever,typhoid fever,hepatitis A and E,bacterial diarrhea, malaria are common.
The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta.
The temperature can be 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level. On a mountain the temperature is 79 degrees Fahrenheit.
Jakarta is in Indonesia. Do you mean Jakarta via Japan to Oregon.
Bali was first inhabited about 2,000 BC by the Austronesian people who migrated south from Taiwan.
The word 'handsome' when translated to Indonesian is gagah or tampan .
peran biokimia dalam keperawatan
The word 'listening' when translated to Indonesian is mendengarkan .
The word 'number' when translated to Indonesia is nomor .
It is all men because traditionally only men perform in a Gamelan orchestra and the Monkey Chant is all part of Gamelan music.
Indonesia was named 'Nederlands Indië' when they were ruled by the Dutch. 'Nederlands Indië' is in English 'Dutch India'.
There are a wide variety of landforms found in Indonesia. Theseinclude mountains, volcanoes, coastline, islands, as well asrainforest.
Megawati Sukarnoputri .................. A+
Because of the group of islandsÕ strategic position in the ocean,the islands of Indonesia have always been a major naval and tradingcenter, especially with India. In the seventh century, the islandswere home to the powerful Srivijaya kingdom and were influenced byboth Buddhism and Hinduism. From...
Mother's day Celebrations in Indonesia, Mother's Day is celebrated on 22nd of December. People of Indonesia celebrate Mother's Day in its true spirit by acknowledging the importance of mothers in their lives and thanking them profusely for all their love and care. People also gift flowers and cards...
Two island, Borneo with Malaysia. Papua with PNG
Java is an island that is a part of Indonesia. It is home to Indonesia's capital, Jakarta.
They celebrate Indonesian Independence day which is on the 17 of august.
Indonesians are the people of Indonesia.
Indonesian (the Laura language). Indonesian (the Laura religion)
August 1945, end of world war II
The phrase 'where do you work' when translated to Indonesian is: dimanakah Anda bekerja?
working,take care of their child,etc
138,000,000 people live in java (2012)
by the canot a balancier
apa yang dimaksud dengan rumus elektron
No the Netherlands were along with Britain.
The phrase 'did you have lunch' when translated to Indonesia can be phrased: . Apakah Anda sudah makan siang? . Apakah Anda telah makan siang? . Sudahkah Anda makan siang? You can substitute the 'Anda' with 'Kamu'. Anda is the formal way to say 'you'.
August 17th is when Indonesia proclaim it's independence from all foreign occupation, being Japanese or Dutch or quite possibly, the Allies that just won the war and is on Philippines at that very moment. But international communities only acknowledged Indonesia's Independence somewhere around 1949,...
It's called transmigrasi in Bahasa Indonesia, the rough translation in English would be Transmigration.
No. Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are two separate countries.
Kalimantan/Borneo is the biggest island in Indonesia..
kualitas penduduk adalah tingkat kemampuan penduduk dalam usahanya untuk memenuhi kebutuhan hidup.kuantitas penduduk adalah jumlah penduduk disuatu dareah/negara.
Pak is usually used an informal term used to refer/gesture/greet a man who is older than you (e.g: a good friend of your father) and whom you know quite well.