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New Zealand

The Land of the Long White Cloud: people, places, and everything that makes New Zealand unique.
No but there are forrests and native bush.
The flight time from Wellington New Zealand To Las Vegas Nevada is  approximately 14 hours and 22 minutes.
15hrs 52m with one stop off from Phoenix, Arizone to Auckland, New  Zealand
The North Island of New Zealand is smaller than the UK but all of  New Zealand is larger than the United Kingdom
New Zealand is by far the most beautiful country on the planet, and  one of the safest too, the only terrorist attack ever was when the  French Government bombed the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior vessel.  Most jobs pay far better than in other countries such as the US,  its just an incredible...
Yes you most certainly can but you will need a Visa to work and  live in New Zealand but you will get a citizenship within a few  years.
There is a long and very interesting history behind Mt. Cook. It is  said to be a very long time ago prior to the mountain was formed  that what we know now as New Zealand was once one flat plain like  land formation with only water and then was broke into two at the  fault line of the Pacific...
It is 8,006 miles from Tampa to Aukland.
Flight time from Auckland to Orlando is 17 hours 32 minutes.
You need to put +64 in front of the phone number of the person you  are looking to call in New Zealand, so for example it would be put  like: 64 123 4567
  about 3.5 hours through Christchurch.  There don't seem to be any direct flights    
The Australian and New Zealand Sixpences converted to 5 cents on their respective changeovers to decimal currency.   The British Sixpence converted to 2.5 New Pence on their changeover to decimal currency.   In Australia during the early 1960's, a sixpence could by a kid enough lollies to...
  i te pa o te aroha , riro katoa te rohi pehe 
its in the north island
Wellington is famous for its windiness. It is indeed, but it is not often called "the Windy City". Every time I've been there it has been called "Windy Wellington". For most people "the Windy City" is Chicago USA.
No, from what I know, Milford Sound does with about 68% more rain than Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.
The population of Nelson, New Zealand is 46, 437 (2015 status)
No it is not poor
The first person to discover is unsure, because we only know of the  Maori who came here on 'Wakas' (canoes) but the first European we  know of to set foot on New Zealand is Abel Tasman, however his ship  isnt very commonly known, and i do not know it either, but he left  very soon assuming that...
Captain James Cook's ship was called the 'Endeavour' when he first  landed in New Zealand
James Cook did not discover New Zealand. However, the ship he was in when he circumnavigated and charted the islands was the HMS Bark Endeavour.
The Tasman Sea separates New Zealand with Australia and was named  after the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman
The land in New Zealand is green pastures and very rugged mountains
original copies are now held in the Caritas Office Wellington
Most commonly the Inter-Islander ferry goes from Wellington to  Picton
No. The possum is a native of Australia.
yes i think he is DANCING COWS
in average i do not know, the biggest in Norway is deeper than the biggest in NZ, which is obvious since Norway's biggest fjord is Sognefjord which is the 3 longest in the world and the second deepest.
6 February, it's called Waitangi Day
The Maori were the first people to inhabit New Zealand.
Products of the agricultural and pastoral industries, ranging from animal meats and skins, through fruits and wines, to cut flowers.
New Zealand has cyclones rather than hurricanes. They do not generally occur very frequently. The term used for a storm with very strong winds varies depending on where it occurs.    Hurricanes only occur in the Northern Hemisphere, but in the  Southern Hemisphere it is known as Cyclones,...
travel to Singapore and queue and the bank to deposit it.
Tourist sites in New Zealand include Fiordland National Park andMilford Sound, South Island; Bay of Islands; Central Otago tosee the sites from the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies; Tongariro National Park; Wai-O-Tapu to see the geysers, Westland Tai Poutini National Park to see the glaciers; Abel...
Yes. They are travelling between two different countries, and are individual people under the law, so must have their own passport.
The nine Treaty sheets displayed in the Constitution Room at Archives New Zealand in Wellington are all in Māori, except the Waikato sheet, which is in English
151 years old or more
new zealand is 20 hours ahead of arizona
Polynesia. New Zealand, Hawaii and Easter Island are the three corners of the Polynesian triangle, a large area of the pacific Ocean.
2769 cats are put a year most for raping other cats and 4708 dogs are put down for humping someones leg
    In the last 10 years there has been 70,161 people who have legally immigrated to New Zealand by getting a New Zealand Citizenship. There were 39,017 people who have applied for residency and got given it between 1st of July 2003 to the 30th of June 2004.  
Call NZ Immigration from USA at 64-9-914-4100 and ask them about  current requirements. As of now, they claim it could be an issue  under the "Character" section of the application. However, that  tends to be more focused on wehther or not you have committed  crimes and have spent time in jail....
James busby translated the treaty into Maori so they could sign the treaty and read it properly.
The lowest temperature ever recorded in Christchurch, NZ was -10.4°c on May 31st 1950. The lowest temperature recently was -9°c on 14 May 2003. Temperatures regularly drop to around -5°c each winter in Christchurch.
How many tribes are there in the north island of nz?
The answer is >>>Pomare E <<<.......
Marlborough is in the South Island of New Zealand. It consists of Picton, Blenheim, and Kai Koura along with smaller towns. It is located around the top of the south island.
New Zealand switched it's currency from Pounds to Dollars in 1967. There have been four regular issues since then, the last being polymer. All notes have a currency value regardless of quality ($1 NZD = $0.70 USD - as at 5-Feb-2010). Values for uncirculated examples are; 1967-1981 : $25 - $60. ...
  == Answer ==   he helps coach with wellington basketball association teams, and also coaches the new zealand junior tall blacks as well as helping coach the wellington saints
Children get to school just like any other children either by bus,bike,car or they walk!
Next to Australia and the Tasman sea
On the 6th of feb, 1840
The Sky Tower is 328 meters high, Mount Everest is 8,848 meters  high. The difference is that Mount Everest is 8,520 meters higher  than the Sky Tower.
What part of New Zealand has the best snow for skiing in May?
Yes, New Zealand teenagers are allowed BB guns that are not very high velocity (e.g gas or electric). Most leading brands will have an age limit for their BB guns and that will still be a factor if you are trying to buy one.
Melayo Polynesian is a racial stock i.e the brown race and they are islandic people. They Malayo Ploynesians are the original people of Madagascar (in the West) to Taiwan ( North) up to Hawaii ( East) and New Zealand (South).
Wayne 'Buck' Shelford, who captained the side from 1987 to 1990.  During these years, the All Blacks never lost a match. He was aged  33 in 1990, born in New Zealand. Hope this helped! ;)
From its internal economy. Manufacturing, agriculture, services etc.
In Turkey the best places are in Istanbul which everybody almost knows about. It is a very pretty place. Lots of restaurant, nightlife, cafes, big hotels, and more. I cant explain it, you have to live it. :) The Bosphorus Bridge is beautiful and it is one of the important part of Istanbul and it is...
Doctor who started on the first Sunday of May 2010 on Prime. The new doctor is played by Matt Smith. The show starts at 7:30 and goes to 8:30.
Everybody goes up north and see the stars and celebrate the 3 bags of knowledge that tane had to rescue for the lord
New Zealand was founded by the Treaty of Waitangi which was a treaty between Maori, as represented by many, but by no means all, Maori tribal leaders, and Pakeha (non-Maori) as represented by British government officials. The Treaty's official signing date was 6th of February, 1840 which is why 6th...
The English version is different from the Maori version.Over 500 chiefs gave their agreement on one ofthe nine Treaty copies that have survived.Most chiefs signed the Maori copy of the Treaty,except for 39 chiefs who signed the English version.New Zealand's foundingdocument, the Treaty ofWaitangi,...
He was called up for the National Team in 2003, at age 21 (Born 5  March, 1982).
I'm not quite sure what you mean by "stand for", but here is the etymology of 'New Zealand': "The name New Zealand originated with Dutch cartographers, who called the islands Nova Zeelandia, after the Dutch province of Zeeland. No one is certain exactly who first coined the term, but it first...
  The FIRST celebration was the dedication o the Treaty House, 6 Feb 1934.   ANNUAL commemoration began in 1947.   LOCAL option to substitute Waitangiaday for another public holiday - 1960.   NEW ZEALAND DAY ACT passed in 1973   FIRST official national holiday 1974.
Auckland in 21 hours ahead of Los Angeles
New Zealand does not have a president as the country is not a republic, we have a monarchy. King George V was king of New Zealand until his death in 1935, then his son Edward VIII was the King until he abdicated at the end of 1936, then his brother became King George VI until he died in 1953, since...
  The shortest flying trip would be around 15 hours with Qantas Airlines if you connect in Sydney .
His Excellency The Honourable Sir Anand Satyanand
New Zealand is 18 hours ahead of New York, NY, USA
Head South on State Highway 1 for approximately 2 hours.
The largest city by area and population in New Zealand is Auckland.  It has an area of 425.8 square miles and a population of 1,418,000  residents.
  Legend has it that Kupe's first New Zealand landing point was the Hokianaga Harbour, Northland.
yes there is dolphins in the New Zealand
They both have zealand land in the name
Driving -- allow about 8-9 hours, flying is not too expensive and takes about an hour, or there's also a train that runs daily (takes about 12 hours)