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Located in western South America, Peru is a country that is bordered by Brazil on the east, by Chile on the south, by Ecuador and Colombia on the north, and by the Pacific Ocean on the west.
Lima, Tarapoto, chiclayo, Piura, Pucallpa, Cusco
Peru's currency is the Sol. One Sol is worth 37 dollar-cents at this moment.
Ecuador is one of the countries
Peru trades many things, some of theses are oil
Much like in the United States, Peru only has one serving president  at a time. The current president of Peru is Ollanta Humala.
The country is Peru. Cuzco is the province within which the archeological complex ofMachu Picchu is.
The tree meansThe llama represents all the animals in PeruThe cornocopia means
the beaches in januarythe mountains and jungles may-september
No. Peru is in south America
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The Nazca lines were built approximately two thousand years ago, by the ancient Nazca people, who ruled much of Peru until the Mayans came and conquered.
Peru is a Spanish-speaking South American nation, located on the  western side of the continent and just below the equator. It has a  tropical climate and a very diverse ecology.
1. The president name for Peru is Alan Garcia Perz. 2. The prime minister is Juan Carlos Hurtado Miller.3. If you are seaching for the 1st prime women minster of her name Peru her name is Beatriz Merino. She was the head of the tax department, belonged to the congress and was associated with...
machu picchu is made out of a kind of marble an sandstone
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yes i belive you can but it is very high up in the Andes so good luck climbing ;)
People in Peru are called Peruvians.
  constitutional republic
Lima is located in Peru.
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  Yes you do. Puerto Rico is a "Estado Libre Asociado" from the United States of America. A visa will be required in the same fashion you would need one to go to Miami.
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many people have said they have sighted werewolves in places like Peru and Transylvania, but no "scientific evidence" has proved the existence of the creatures so far. personally, i don't want to know if there are werewolves or vampires out there.
Life in Peru is very different. Coming from the exotic foods, to the metropolitan area. In Peru you have many cities which are classified by "class" people with money usually live in either la Molina, San isidro, miraflores, and chaclacayo. These are Also one of the safest places. You can find many...
In 2010, about 1.28 million people live in Peru.
Cesar Vallejo Atahualpa
just to the south of the equator
South America
In Peru, about 50 miles (80 kilometres) northwest of Cuzco on a mountain ridge above the Vicalamba Valley.
there are no dessert in Peru
Concise History of Peru 1200s-1500s The Incan Indians built a great empire in Peru 1520s The Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro led an expedition into Peru 1530s Pizarro conquered the Inca and made Peru a Spanish colony 1535 Pizarro founded Lima 1780 The Mestizos, led by Tupac Amaru,...
I believe the status of Peru is well.! they are doing well in money.. and the features are amazing! i stayed there for 2 months and loved it! the atmosqere was gr8! i lreally loved it!
Peru was not in ww2
one is the Chavin de Huantar a temple built in about 850 A.D. It is one of the oldest ruins in Peru.
lima is in Peru, so people from Peru are called peruvians
no one knows I have been to a bunch of different sites and it's not what im looking for. I asked the same question. :(
La Paz, Bolivia The lake titica is in Puno, Peru, if you need more information about hotels, guides, tourist information an travel about tiahuanaco puno or cusco Peru and Machu Picchu visit www.cuscocityperu.com
Yes. Peru is a country located in South America.
Machu Picchu is an ancient Inca city located in the Urubamba Valley  in the Department of Cuzco in Peru . It was the capital of the Inca  Empire. So it has no capital.
They named Peru after the local ruler from Panama named Biru.Francisco Pizarro, the conqueror of Peru, was the first Spaniard to explore south in "the new world". In 1522 upon entering the area named it,Birú after a local ruler who lived off the coast of Panama
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Ok well firstly Peru has many great features and sights. that most people actually don't even know about! so i will name all of my favourites.. 1. the muchu piccu- a beautiful ancient ruined village.. with mountains as the view this is one of the seven wonders. 2. Lima- yay! this is the capital of...
arroun 7,650,000 people
It is not. it is the national flower of Bolivia because it has  the same colors as the Bolivian flag. 
Take a plane, the quickest way of travel, to Peru. When reaching peruvian airspace, or upon landingon peruvian soil, speak the words "very beautiful". Perhaps you wanted "How do you say ""very beautiful" in spanish, the language of Peru, or quechua, an indigenous language of the Andes mountains?
  it varies from s./12 to s./18 ($4 to $6)
Lima is not a biblical city, however it is home to St. Rose of Lima, the first person from the Americas to be granted Sainthood. She was born in the year 1586, died in the year 1617 and canonized in 1671. She prophesied her own death, cured a leper and performed other miracles, all while willfully...
Peru's capital, Lima, is on the Pacific Ocean.
well, its 4hrs and 30 minutes if its direct but there is no direct flight to Peru....:( Also it depends on the airline you take. I've found that copa airlines is the best airlines to travel to Peru from Puerto Rico. Total hrs and minutes is :6hrs and 30minutes. It's also ok to say the total being...
Fisheries: Fresh/frosen, Anchovies flour (main industry), canned fish.Textiles: Cotton (pima), alpaca wool, vicuña wool.Mines: gold, silver, nad many moreTourismAgrobusiness: asparragous, mangos, bananas, coffee, adn many more.
well ... Nazca lines are unexplainable set of lines in the south America. They are named so due to the tribes who supposedly drew them ( Nazca Indians). These lines make wonderful shapes like that of a humming bird. Most of these lines are so complex that many scientists are baffled on how could...
Alan Gabriel Ludwig García Pérez was the President of Perú in 2008. García served in this office from 2006 July 28 to 2011 July 28 and also previously from 1985 to 1990. Alan García became the first Alianza Popular Revolucionaria Americana [American Popular Revolutionary Party] candidate to...
José de San Martín designed the Peru flag.
I don't know all of them (21 I think), but I can mention the Rimac in Lima, Urubamba in Cuzco and of course the Amazon river in the rainforest formed by the Marañon river and the Ucayali river.
"en que pais esta machu picchu " is Spanish for "in what country is Machu Picchu."
no it doesn't have enough water, lots of people die every day from not having any water
Peru is the third of the largest counties in South America.
In Peru, they have a tri-level government. They have a federal level that is headed by the president. Then they have a state level with has the equivalent of a governor. Then they have also have a local level that has a mayor (alcalde). Large cities like Lima also have districts that also have an...
Mexico is one of the allies
One allie is Mexico
The real name of Machu Picchu is Machado Pichachu (Mach-a-do Pickachew)! But the king of the Machu Picchu thought that Machado Pichachu, was too long. So he shortned it!I'm sorry, this is simply mental speculation
I think so.
  The Atacama Desert. Part of this desert in northern Chile has rainfall only two to four times a century.
Nothing happened to it... it still exists. You can go visit it in Peru right now if you want to
yeah, it's just off the city of Cusco in South America
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in Peru they speak spanish, quechua and aymara. in spanish lamb is cordero core-dare-oh. i don't speak the other 2 languages.
Yes! I have been to them twice! They are very hard to see when you are on the ground but from a tower or even better from a small airplane they can be seen very well. No one knows why they were made but since it never rains on the desert where they are located they have remained for hundreds of...