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Portugal, or the Portuguese Republic, is a country located in southwestern Europe. Its capital city is Lisbon.
Manuel I was king at that time.
no they grow it
Port is Portugal's most famous wine.   Port is exported from Oporto in Portugal
Portugal and Spain are two European countries.
about this long _________
Portugal IS a country.
North and east: Spain West and South: the Altantic ocean
There are a variety of landforms found in the United States. These  include mountains, coastline, rivers, lakes, farmland, as well as  rolling hills.
There is quite a large variety including: Beaches Forests Caves Headlands Islands Lagoons Lakes Mountains Rivers Springs Volcanoes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Landforms_of_Portugal
FafeFaroFátimaFelgueirasFigueira da FozFiãesFreamundeFunchalFundão
Yes, wheat is growing in Portugal.
With the Treaty of Zamora in 1143, Portugal was recognized as the Kingdom of Portugal
Cataplana is a Portuguese dish. It is specially popular in Algarve (south of Portugal).
Its called Tejo in Portuguese and Tagus in English. The source of the river is, however, in Spain
The landscape in Portugal has mountains and rivers and plains. The  plains consist of cork trees, wheat fields, almond trees, fig trees  and citrus trees.
Portugal is in the continent of Europe.
That plane trip would take 2 hours.
Spain and Portugal share the Iberian Peninsula.
  Portugal is part of the European continent, and therefore not an island.
It is 4,907 nautical miles from Lisbon, Portugal to Calcutta (also  spelled Kolkata), West Bengal, India. That is the equivalent of  9089 kilometers or 5647 miles.
Portugal on the west of Spain. Poland is located in Central Europeon the east of Germany. Both are European countries.
It is actually in WET (Western European Timezone)
both Spain and Portugal established colonial empires during the fifteenth century
because it is a gentle land
it gets beetween 25-35 degrees celsius
The population of Portugal was estimated to be 10.6 million people  in 2008. The current population density in Portugal is 303 people  per square mile.
1) lack of people 2) lack of money 3) lack of size 4) conquered by Spain
In 1192, but at the time, Spain did not existed. It was called "Castela", and was much smaller, it was one of several states of the iberian peninsula.
In 2008, the estimated population of Portugal was 10.6 million  inhabitants. The population estimate for Portugal as of 2014 is  10.7 million people.
The first capital of Portugal was Guimarães. Lisbon is capital since 1255.
Portugal has great fishing seosons. They grow amazing grapes which make great wine!
They are related, they belong to the Latin language family.
Portugal always has been part of Europe even though the Moorish occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, 711-1492, may be said to have placed Portugal and Spain under Muslim control and influences from Islam dominated Africa and Asia.
Like a hero. It was entitled as great-admiral of the Indian seas, titles of nobility, two villages and a wage for him and for his family.
A flight from Lisbon, Portugal's Portela Airport to London Heathrow  Airport would take 2 hours and 40 minutes. The distance covered is  1,570 km.
If you meant Lisbon then it is the capital.
Hang on let me get my crystal ball out!
No, they are not. Portuguese people are European, therefore White/Mediterranean in terms of race, like other southern Europeans. From a linguistics perspective, Portuguese is a Latin-based language just like Spanish, French, Italian, and Romanian, but Latin in these cases DOES NOT define race. ...
Vasco da Gama. He'd discovered the sea route to India.
TAP (Transportes Aéreos Portugueses)
Google it you noob. I agree with this noob
No. Until 1910 it had kings.
The Iberian peninsula. In the times of the Roman Empire the entire region was called Iberia.
Lisbon is the capital City of Portugal.
King Filipe II of Spain (but in Portugal was Filipe I)
The health system in Portugal has undergone great changes.   Recently a great ammount of medical facilities were shut down due to low turn-out, focusing the technology and resources in greater city centers in an attempt to muster better economic-efficient results.   Civil servants are offered...
Elective procedures (e.g. plastic surgery, breast implants, etc.) are paid for by the patient or their insurer. Necessary procedures (e.g. a broken leg) are paid for by the state.
Roman Catholic
Check here http://www.flickr.com/groups/ilportugal/
Brazil became independent from its colonial "owner" Portugal, in 1822. Brazil is the largest country in South America
Portugal is neighbored only by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean.
Yes, there is a democracy in Portugal. The current president is Anibal Antonio Cavaco Silva, who was elected in 2006.
balcau is portugals national dish!Hope this helped! from sticky! :D
what is the smmallest city in portugal 
The air distance from New York City, New York, to Lisbon, Portugal, is 3,379 miles. That equals 5,437 kilometers or 2,936 nautical miles.
  Both were formed over a hot spot in the oceanic crust.
Spain and Portugal share the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal is mainly in the western part of the Peninsula. Portugal is bordered to the north and east by Spain and to the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean. Also located on the Iberian Peninsula are the Principality of Andorra, the British colony of...
Portugal makes frontier with Spain in the North and east and its border by the Atlantic Ocean to the West and South. Al thought Portugal does not geographically stands on the Mediterranean Sea (South of Portugal is in the Atlantic Ocean near the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea) its culture and...
  * Torre dos Clérigos  * Torre de Belém  * Castelo de Óbidos  * Mosteiro dos Jerónimos  * Castelo da Feira - Santa Maria da Feira  * Castelo do Marvão  * Castelo de Palmela  * Palácio Nacional de Queluz - Queluz  * Ruínas de Conímbriga  * Seteais  * Castelo de Guimarães  *...
No the Netherlands were along with Britain.
The head of state in Portugal is represented by the President (Presidente da República in Portuguese) currently is Anibal Cavaco Silva.The head of government, however, is represented by the Prime Minister (Primeiro Ministro in Portuguese) that is currently José Socrates.
Portugal is represented by 1 athlete at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. That is cross country skier Danny Silva who is entered in the men's 15 km race.
No. On average, Portugal is the worst country in Eurovision.However, on a different point, Portugal's entries are often within the top half of people's tops on Youtube. They just don't have support from other countries and don't receive many votes.
Around the mid fifteenth century the Portuguese supplied African slaves to a very small market as domestic workers to Europe, and to the sugar plantations of the Mediterranean. However, the Portuguese found they could make more profit simply transporting slaves from one trading post to another along...
The National Anthem is called 'A Portuguesa'
Yes she is... She's coming to Portugal on Rock In Rio
A figure of 4.8 inches [121.8 millimeters] is the average rainfall in Lisbon in December, which is the month with the highest rainfall in Portugal. The month with the lowest average rainfall is July at 0.24 inches [6.1 millimeters]. The average yearly rainfall for Lisbon [Lisboa], Portugal is 28...
  Suggest you Google Earth that one.
I assume you mean the left of Spain. Upon its formation, yes, Portugal has always been Portugal. However, before there was a Portugal, there were other Kingdoms and Empires in its place. For example, the Roman Empire. Spain used to also occupy all of the Iberian Peninsula, in which the two countries...
The islands of Azores are amazingly beautiful and have much more than 4 sites.
It depends on the route you take but the approximate driving distance (using major roadways) is 175 miles / 282 km.