Venezuela, or the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a country in northern South America. It lies on the coast and borders Guyana, Brazil, and Colombia. Its capital city is Caracas.


The highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls located in Venezuela.
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The lake is Lake Maracaibo, actually a brackish bay off the Gulf ofVenezuela.
Most of the wars in Venezuela are between street gangs and drugdealing networks. The Venezuelan authorities spend a great part oftheir resources trying to break down the drug dealing syndicates.
It is Caracas (1.836.000) followed by Maracaibo (1.609.000).
The currency used in Venezuela is the Venezuelan bolivar. Venezuelais located in northern South America. The capital is Caracas.
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It borders Colombia to the west.
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I believe they are called Venezolanos.
The Orinoco River, which forms a delta in eastern Venezuela.
Venezuela and Colombia been more successful in replacing theplantation economy.
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When his native Venezuela was hit with devastating floods, Cleveland Indians shortstop, Omar Vizquel , raised more than $400,000 in relief funds for flood victims in his country.
The Bolivar (plural:bolivares) is Venezuela's currency.
Yes, the current president is Hugo Chavez.
Electric power, water shortages, and insecurity.
The Caribbean World Series was won by Leones del Escogido. It was held in Estadio Nueva Esparta in Porlamar, Margarita Island, Venezuela.
, you asked what sports are played in Venezuela, I am here to answer that question for you.
petroleum nearly 96% of their exports
Venezuela is greatly used for grazing (whatever that means) and grows VERY few crops. it only has 2.85% arable land and 0.88% permanent crops.
Angel Falls is the world's tallest waterfall.
They use to rely on coffee, cacao or crops, but petroleum changed their economy in the1920s.
Bolivar was not as successful in the role of government as he was in the role of general leading a revolution. He insisted on a vision of a "grand Colombia", trying to unite the countries he had liberated from the Spanish rule: Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela ; but only four years...
Caracas is the capital of Venezuela.
Baseball is one of the most popular games played in Venezuela. Venezuela is known to produce some of the most skilled baseball players in the world for instance Luis Aparicio. The national Venezuelan Baseball team is one of the most competent teams that plays world-class baseball. Many of the...
Lake Maracaibo acts as a major shipping route to the ports of Maracaibo and Cabimas, plus it supports over 20,000 fishermen who depend on fishing in the lake for their livelyhood. many rare species of octopuses.
No! It is in South America.
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Goods imported to Venezuela are tobacco, livestock, andelectronics. They also get certain foods and drinks imported fromAmerica, China, and other South American countries.
According to Google Maps, Caracas is further east, but only slightly.
Venezuela is in the north of South America near the Caribbean.
Venezuela has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Ithas the Andes Mountains, the Orinoco River, Angel Falls, thellanos, great baseball, excellent music and food!
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Specializing in Hand Made Treasures from Around the World Andes Mountains Featured Artists . Beatriz Buceta is a very talented ceramics artist living in the Andes mountains. She originally came to Venezuela from Argentina, when Venezuela was the land of promise due to their oil fields....
How does petroleum (oil products) become a pollutant in the coastal and marine environment? Accidental or deliberate, operational discharges and spills of oil from ships, especially tankers, offshore platforms and pipelines, is the most obvious and visible cause of oil pollution of the marine...
Oil has helped Venezuela develop.
Venezuela is having problems with oil production in 2017.
Venezuela is located at the north-east area of South America. This country limits with: North: Caribbean Sea West: Colombia South: Brazil and part of Colombia East: Guyana Essequibo and the Atlantic Ocean
the litrish rate is about 14 to 1,438 from animals to people in venezuula
caracas-its capital. maracaibo. maracay. valencia
The people in Venezuela wear clothes that are similar to the restof America. Men mostly wear light suits, trousers and shirts. Whilewomen wear all sorts of trending outfits from dresses to skirt andtrouser suits.
Angel Falls Guiana Highlands Amazon Jungle Andes Mountains Lake Maracaibo Orinoco River Cojedes River Lake Guri
Immunizations The following are the recommended vaccinations for Venezuela. Measles vaccine is recommended for any traveler born after 1956 who does not have either a history of two documented measles immunizations or a blood test showing immunity (see "Recent outbreaks"). Many adults who had...
North of South America. To the right of Colombia; north of Brazil; and south of Cuba.
According to Democracy Index, it's classified a fairly weak democracy. This is because while Hugo Chavez is genuinely popular and elections are now legitimate, he has a relatively strong influence.
Venezuela is it's own country meaning that it is not in any country in particular.
Yes, there is oil related pollution in Venezuela. It is there because of all of the oil dumped into the oceans and that oil goes into the water cycle with the water.
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well Venezuela has many religions but mostly Catholic.
Geographical Features . There are many variations in the Venezuela landscape. The northeast regions feature the Andes Mountains that go all the way to the northwest and along the Caribbean coast. The highest point among these mountains is Pico Bolivar that stands at 16,341 feet.. The central regions...
Its located in South America, at the very top of the content south of Colombia.
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