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The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is one of Morocco's North African neighbors. The country's Berber population is descended from Algeria's first inhabitants, from around 10,000 B.C.E. Questions typically refer to the country's ancient Roman and medieval pirate past; extreme geography of fertile hills and hot steppes and desert; French and Islamic present; and modernizing appeal to overseas investors.
Algeria is a VERY rich country, with very large land and unbeleivable nature and ressources. Algeria is unique in its culture, music, cuisine. young people are very educated and creative but they just need to have more confidence and they need to learn how to do business. if you are thinking of...
It will take some time as upto 2018 is almost decided and Africa will not get a chance so soon.
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Algeria was inhabited in 200.000 BC.
Algeria has a total area of about 25.6 trillion  (25,636,976,600,000) square feet.
Algeria became a colony of France after a conquest that started in  1830 with the capture of Algiers by the French forces. It was  originally intended to boost public opinion of favor of the Bourbon  king Charles X and his prime minister Jules, Prince de Polignac.  Even as inner political...
919,595 square miles.
The country that conquered Algeria is France.
Majority oh houses in Algeria are build by the French during the colonial era
  Cheb Mami is a famous Algerian singer, probably best known in the Western world for his collaboration with Sting in the song "Desert Rose." Abdelkader Alloula, born in 1929 in Ghazaouet, was a famous Algerian playwright. He went to France to study drama and later joined the Algerian National...
The president of Algeria is Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The primeminister of Algeria is Abdelmalek Sellal.
Algeria's history is cool because they have won many battels against France etc
Algeria border with Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Mauritania,  Western Sahara and Morocco.
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Yes it has a stable government compared to U.S. Why because it has more stable government and is a stronger nation.
  The most important sources of government revenue have been oil and gas royalties. Algeria's tax system has been streamlined through the replacement of a number of different taxes by a value-added tax, a personal income tax, and a corporate profits tax. The corporation tax was 45% on...
No , general Clark i think secretly entered Algeria by an American submarine which embarked him on 20/10/1942 and pick him up on 22/10/1942 he came to Algeria to plan for the embarkation the Americana did not tell the French about the embarkation because the Americans feared that french may refuse...
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Modern Algerian literature split between Arabic, Tamazight and  French has been strongly influenced by the country's recent  history.
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The Chief of State of Algeria   is President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and the Head of State is Prime Minister Abdelaziz Belkhadem.
Algeria is NOT an island country. It is on the north western mainland of Africa.
The U.S. government intervened to ensure fair elections.
  The Algerian republic gained independence in 1962.
Algeria's traditional clothes are the doffery lunt
France couln't control Algeria and it's the reason why she left.
48 in the north and they just have one for the south. It is a very confusing topic. But I am Algerian. The reason they only have one in the south is because Algeria is a large country. 10th largest in the world.
like they are in any part of the world.
Algeria is a country itself. It is not in any other country. It isin the continent of Africa.
It is the 8th largest exporter of Natural Gasses. Im pretty sure that is true.
Milkshakes are minerals of Algeria and is the most important
Algeria is more powerfull than Morocco, because they spent the last years more than 6000.000.000 dollar in planes and weapons. They have also more experience in war.
Tunis is about 400 miles east of Algiers
Algeria has a variety of natural resources. Some of these include  crude oil, gas, iron, zinc, as well as silver.
Of course it does.
The name of the Algerian's soccer team is The Desert FoxesAnd in french it would be (Les Fennecs)
919595 mi2 (square miles) which can be converted to: 2.564 x 1013 ft2 (square feet)2.382 x 106 km2 (square kilometers)2.382 x 1012 m2 (square meters)
Well, i have been researching about the animal emblem of  Algeria and later found out that it is the Fennec Fox. 
Below is a list of wildlife living in Algeria. http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Barbary_Lionhttp://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Barbary_Sheephttp://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Boarhttp://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Fennechttp://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Golden_JackalLeopardhttp://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Marsh_MongooseRed...
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crude oil, durum wheat, mineral water
No, There is not many diseases- they are a lot. Poor Algerians they have to suffer it.I typed it in the Internet search and I clicked on BBC News something located to diseases and it said that Algerian people fear of a disease called Cholera- Its only inAlgeria- LUCKY WE DON'T LIVE THERE!!
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Ronaldo Lima played for Brazil and not algeria.
No, Algeria is 2.4 sq KM and Alaska is 1.6 sq Km
Oran from the west ,Constantine from the east ,Algiers from the north , Tamanrasset from the south
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France colonized both the countries of Algeria and Tunisia. Algeria  gained independence in 1962 while Tunisia became independent in  1956.
Algeria Is still a developing country....so its not rich that much
A:   Ahmed   Abdul.................   M: Mohammed
I Think this will be their second time, last time they beat Germany.
Typically violence and repression in those countries affect tourismas does the media perception that these countries are dangerous.
Algiers, Algeria
coffee and other types of food
Yes, Algerian learn French.
No, couscous is from Morocco.
The main religion practiced in Algeria is Islam. About 98 percent  of the population is Islam. There are also about 10,000 Christians  that reside in Algeria.
They colnized Algeria because they wanted to have the land of it so they colnized
of coures algeria is a rich contry like the pitrul, gas Iron ore, phosphates, uranium, south, lead and zinc. A modest stockpile of oil, 12 billion barrels. Eighth of its stockpile of gas reserves in the world, 80 billion cubic meters. Gold was discovered during the nineties, but still exploited...
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Algeria wants (1) to end the Moroccan Occupation of the country and  (2) to get revenge on Morocco for the Sands War of 1981-1982.    Morocco believes that Western Sahara is part and parcel of its  historic territory and is only contested because it was organized  as a separate colony.
The air distance from Algiers, Algeria, to Johannesburg, South Africa, is 4,627 miles. That equals 7,446 kilometers or 4,021 nautical miles.
Algeria is playing in the World Cup because they qualified for it, after beating Egypt in a play-off held in Sudan.
Thats my problem I have a friend at Algeria want to send me money here at Phlippines but he cannot send it? What will we do???
One answer is that Chad does not belong because it is further south than all the others. (there could be a common latitude for the others)
Algeria is its own country by itself. No other country controls it.
There is no such thing as "the pope of Algeria." The pope is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. The currentpope is Pope Francis. The president of Algeria is AbdelazizBouteflika.
The income per capita of Algeria is $7000