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The study of human social behavior, especially the study of the origins, organization, institutions, and development of human society.
 Sociology deals with large groups of people, their behavior as a  group. Social Psych deals with interactions among small groups of  people.       
The good is that you tried something new.
In cultural anthropology and cultural geography, cultural  diffusion, as first conceptualized by Leo Frobeniusin his  1897/98 publication Der Westafrikanische Kulturkreis, is the spread  of cultural items -such as ideas, styles, religions, technologies,  languages, etc.
1) Reciprocal Relations:  The members of a group are inter-related to each other. Simply,  a gathering of persons cannot form a group. Mutual relations are  considered essential for the formation of a social group.  2) Sense of Unity:  A sense of unity is essential for every group. Group...
Quite a difficult  question. It depends on the educational institution and which  modules they have in their program. But most of the time you have  modules about Culture, Social Movements, and so on.    Here is an example:      · Life of Media: Past, Present and Future - (A)   ...
Social interactionist theory attempts to explain the emphasis  language development provides to the role of interaction between a  developing child and a knowledged adult. Largely based on theories  of Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky, Social Interactionist views of  language development focuses...
For Marx (and Lenin) the "haves" were those who controlled thesocietal mode of material production, and also the societal modesof symbolic production. The "have-not's" were those who weredependent upon those controlling, particularly, the material modeof production. This is all very simply...
organic solidarity social bonds, based on specialization and interdependence, that are strong among members of industrial societies
The moral thing is that which promotes the most happiness. You provide the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people
no. its wrong. because foreign cultures are only used to improve our knowledge not for destroying our culture. it is based upon our mind set.
Hey there, friends our goal is to be a venue for users to post and  share content without the worry   of being censored or suspended for doing so /seudos com/ is your  place
Answer 1: No cameras or television. Possibly computers, though it would have been a harder leap, and answers would have to display on something besides glass or clear plastic. Mass destruction in war would have been slowed down, as it would have been harder for planes to exist. Planes that did...
There would be a dramatic increase in single pregnancy moms, for one thing.
your option to this question are : A: imitate the behavior of clients or customers B: observe how other employees perform in the same situation C: read books or articles about courtesy and etiquette D: apply the same standard which you would use in your own home the correct answer is B.
Floridas so called regions are all type's of terrain but i think it is mostly grass and wetlands but heek it could mainly be big buisness areas but according to my research most of it is wetlands and plains like the Everglades National park
  By being true to who you are in Christ and sweet, but not a doormat. You have to have your own original style (me, I wear the chokers, the gloves, like to wear alot of black and red, and am constantly looking for ways to improve on my unique look). Also, being into rock music helps. Hope this...
'how and why people change across the life span.'development here means the change,  and human means the whole life span rather then just fetal or child development.  
It can mean an electric stove. It can mean a tract of land, such as a mountain range. It can be a scale of distance, such as, "Pick a number ranging from 1 to 10." It can also be an area where shooting guns takes place, such as a shooting range, or a weapons range.
because the men are at work all day and the men were inferior tothe women and considered cooking as hard work.
The human condition deals with all the concerns of being human. It  deals with concerns such as the meaning of life, the sense of  curiosity and the search for gratification.
If someone has mobility issues then things lick stairs and non-adapted bathroom facilities could be physical barriers.
Tourists are in general, less caring about their impact on the environment of foreign areas. They tend to litter more, smoke more, drive more, clog up traffic (since they don't know where they're going), and crowd restaurants and theatres.
Me personally, I like to fight. But I do avoid them whenever  possible. Some ways I avoid fights is turn it into a joke like when  someone screams at you,"YOU WANNA GO!?" My favorite go-to joke is  "Yes, lets go to walmart, I ran out of milk this morning." Another  way of avoiding a fight is to...
Culture: Traditions, KEA- Knowledge, Entertainment, Arts, Economy, Government, Polictics, History, and Physical Features.
because some people just don't care and there is nothing the can do anymore
Both growth and development require a change in the state of affairs and they both involve efficiency in output and existing structures.
Because each and everyone one of us is part of the society, that simple.
As Hippies we were free spirited and were protesting against the morals and values of the older generation. We were against consumerism and therefore our clothing was recycled: found in thrift stores, rummage sales, antique shops, etc. We also got things from Army Surplus (bell bottoms and p-coats)....
yes i think
Hippies emerged from the peaced and antiwar protest movements of youth groups during the late 1960's.
the atomic bomb was the means by which we entered the nuclear age. the atomic bomb is a tool, the nuclear age is a period of time.
The unit of analysis is exactly that: it is the unit that you have chosen to analyze in your study.
In 1912, Girl Scouts liked to do many things and were able to go hiking, biking, camping, and played basketball. They also learned first aid and provided community service.
There are hundreds but they can be divided into some broad categories - such as biology, zoology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, archeology.  There are many different answers to this question, all of which someone would consider correct.
  == woman are because f there hormons but men could be like that sometimes too. ==
Cheer up emo. Stop being so depressed looking, smile more, make friends. Be more social (not on the internet, but in realife). Wear more appropriate clothing and be more casual.
RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOCIOLOGY AND EDUCATION Dr.N.K.ARJUNANPrincipal, Hill Valley College of Education for WomenThrikkakara, Kochi, Kerala, India. PIN: 682 033E-Mail: arjunamendall@gmail.com The relation between sociology and education has always been a subject of debate. Education and sociology...
Lesbians have relationships too. I don't understand why people hate them and think they're inferior to heterosexuals because they are not. ALLL HUMAN BEINGS HAVE RELATIONSHIPS AND SEXUAL INTERCOURSE
Aboriginal person who has lived in a regional tribal setting all his life, deciding to move to a city area. Where he may used to have hunt or gather his food, he assimilates by getting a job to earn money to buy food from shops now.
People would ride bicycles in great numbers. People and products would travel great distances by train. Eventually, electric vehicles might become possible for some people. The pace of life would be slower and people would need to work closer to home. There would be fewer obese people. Electric...
Some scenarios, yes. Such as when someone really needs to get some  sense knocked into him/her like a bully. Otherwise, try to avoid  fighting.
The world's highest mountain peaks, the Himalayas, are just north  of India. Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is  located in the Himalayas.
Shulamit Reinharz Atleast, that's the corrct answer for that question in the chapter to test for Soc, using the soc textbook SOC 2010 by John Witt.
To do something on purpose, is to do something with the intention of doing the action.
well..you know, i'd just be racist back, but, if you want to be logical and more...nice, you should probably tell someone about it. Hope I helped! :D
There is probably nothing you can do about it. We must ask ourselves what is wrong with each culture being separate from other cultures and putting their own people first. Is it really immoral, or is that just being politically correct? We must ask ourselves if people who cannot be loyal to their...
Social support is most important during times of personal crisis.    Good social support means having a lot of people to help you.   Social support (and a lack of it) affects your health.    Good communication is essential for strong social support.
No it is not. Louis XV of France is the king of the social sciences. After him it is economics, only then sociology.
Xenocentrism is a preference for another culture rather than your  own. An example of this would be Americans who think that France  has the best wine.
The social issues that effect New Jersey include a lack of funding  for federal programs, gay marriage, social security, and improving  public education and health care. There are also high taxes paid to  live in New Jersey, even though many social programs have been cut.
  what is the scope of sociology
Venus, in terms of size. Mars is closer, in terms of climate, though we still could not breath there and there is no appreciable surface water.
Yes, there are Shanty Towns in most countries. There are even some in the US.
Crowding in urbanization refers to urban centers being  overpopulated. People usually come to seek employment and do  business in urbanized areas which results into crowding.
A society can be matrilineal (tracing ancestry from the females onthe mother's side) or patriarchial (tracing ancestry from the maleson the father's side), or some societies trace both sides. Thelargest matrilineal society in the world is in West Sumatra,Indonesia, with a population of about eight...
by being a pocket emo to yourself
Karl marx emile durkheim herbert Spencer max weber
Ascribed statuses are received at birth, later you gain achieved satuses. For instance suzy is born female (ascribed status) and she has a child and becomes a MOTHER (achieved status).
high risk of maternal mobility and mortality:the vulnerability of adolescent female heightens due to biological and social reasons and they are more prone not only to pregnancy and childbearing but also to disease and conditions specially STD, substance abuse and accidents.
inequality among people in a classroom
  It is theory based on social communication, therefore the name given to the theory itself. It links to the sociological views of the German theorist http://www.answers.com/topic/max-weber. It promotes the idea that nothing in society is determined, and that people can break free of a label as...
To support their families As a result to this response, children had to work to maintain there family for food and clothing however each penny they made go straight to their family contributions.
Racism is likely triggered by social upbringing, experiences, and perhaps partly instinctual. Social upbringing is usually the most popular amongst racists they are normally taught racism at a young age. Some people who were not previously racist have bad experiences with a certain race and become...
They're unrelated. A concept is a general idea. Scientifically, a theory is an explanation of phenomena with significant evidence behind it. In casual speech, though, it is common for people to say "theory" when they mean "hypothesis", which is an explanation of phenomena which has little or no...
An effective president's leadership qualities include integrity,  communication skills, crisis management skills and the ability to  work with adversaries. Charisma may also be needed to win  elections, maintain popularity and sell one's ideas to the public.
NATURE OF SOCIOLOGY Sociology as a branch of knowledge, has its own unique characteristics It is different from other sciences in certain respects. An analysis of internal logical characteristics helps one to understand what kind of science it is. The following are the main characteristics of...
Hairspray is sticky because it is meant to hold hair in place. If  hairspray wasn't sticky, hair would fall out of place.
Any conflict comes from within the individual who starts it. Theycould be feeling the stress of no support, out of their depth orlack the confidence and self belief in themselves
  refraction occurs and and the light will spit into its original colours Joanna Kelling (Masters degree in Pysics) (PHd in light)
A good Question could be:What are some of the causes of poverty?
Congratulations! You have Master's Degree in Sociology   ...Er Now What?   Speaking from this side of the career-decision hurdle, I can say that being a sociologist has opened many doors for me. It gave me the credentials to conduct research, teach at the city college level and to become a...
a decision-making style that is characterized by excessive efforts to reach agreement