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The Energy category covers the description, definition, and use of all types of energy. Questions of a general nature can be put in the general Energy category. Other sub-categories exist for Fossil fuels, Nuclear energy, and renewables such as Wind, Solar, Hydro, Tidal, and Wave power.
If you're talking about wind power, then yes.    Wind power is a renewable source of energy because wind is a  natural, re-usable source. Wind power is generated by wind  turbines. To put it simply, the wind turns the blades, which  spins a shaft, which connects to a generator, making...
Greenhouse gases, climate and temperature can all be effected by  energy conservation. The greenhouse gases could lessen the effects  on tenperature and climate.
The amount should be listed in the driver side door jam, or on the  engine cover.
One disadvantage for wind power is that it takes a lot of money to  build an actual wind turbine. You could also talk about the space  they take up which could be used for agriculture or housing.
Geothermal power can be used in our homes as air-conditioners andheaters. It is renewable as the Earth is constantly making heat.
The hydrocarbon molecules in petroleum contain a large amount of chemical energy. When they are burned, two things happen: they release a lot of that energy as heat, and they release gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor and sometimes nitrogen, depending on the fuel). The heat energy may be used...
There are some very deep sources of radiogenic heat with geothermal  power potential, like the Cooper Basin in Australia which lies 4.2  kilometres or over 2.5 miles underground. In other places in the  world heat is harvested very close to the surface like The Geysers,  a geothermal field in...
As the material body travels at the speed of light its relativistic  mass becomes infinite. Hence the kinetic energy too becomes  infinite which is not practically possible
I don't want to avoid the question, but it is something like asking  how big a lake is. Some are tiny and some enormous. Similarly, you  may be asking about a small windmill on an farm in Lancaster, PA  producing kilowatts or a large "wind farm" that connects to the  east coast power grid and...
 Clouds   Particles in the atmosphere  Oceans  Snow and ice      Part of the solar energy that comes to Earth is reflected back out  to space in the same, short wavelengths in which it came to Earth.
It depends on many factors, such as weather conditions (how much  sun there is in the specific time, which can also be affected by  which hemisphere you're in). Speaking generally, solar panels have  low energy density (many are needed for a significant amount of  energy.) But after the initial...
Heat is transferred in three ways - radiation, conduction and  convection. Radiation is caused by the movement of heat waves.  Conduction is when heat is transferred by direct contact between  two items. Convection is when there are differences in temperature  and density causing the movement of...
1. It is very 'clean' - there aren't by-products.   2. It is renewable    and as a special...   3. It is free
The Iron lung was essentially a pressure chamber in which thethe pressure could be increased quite a lot over atmosphericpressure as a means of forcing the absorbed coal gas back out. Itsother common use was in treating polio, and also divers with the'bends'. . +++ . Coal-gas is poisonous by being...
who invented conductors
Molecules that are in a solid are constantly moving around and  vibrating. All states of matter possess molecules in them.
1. High energy density - a lot of energy with not much fuel   2. Can be used directly in home   3. Cheap compared to other forms of energy   as an extra    4. Relatively easy to transport
Treatment of erythropoietin disease
  Many energy sources  commonly used by humans are forms of chemical energy. They are  usually labeled "fuels." The way to use the chemical energy in most  fuels is by burning them, as we do with wood, natural gas,  gasoline, coal, and others.   
 Advantages of Non-Renewable Energy   Because non-renewable energies seem abundant, like oil, gas and  coal, some experts believe if channeled correctly, our supplies  will be safe for future generations. Non-renewable energy sources  include oil and petroleum products, gasoline, diesel fuel...
Yes, it is. A typical toaster heats food by radiation from  electrical heating elements. Most of the energy is invisible  infrared radiation, although visible red light is also emitted.
Solar cells (also known as photovoltaic cells) are made of solar  cells. To be more specific, they are made of slices of a  semiconductor with a metal layer.
Holding a cup of boiled water the heat from the liquid will make the cup hot itself. An ice cube melting in your hand because the heat from your hand was conducted to the ice cube. Metal and electricity are very good conductors, wood is a horrible conductor. Hope that helped (:
    One thousand kilowatts per megawatt.
no one but birds . +++ . The question is "affect" without qualification - they may haveno physical effects but their aesthetic impact is considerable.
 Food energy is  energy that animals (including  humans) derive from their  food, through the process of  cellular respiration, the process of joining  oxygen with the  molecules of food (aerobic respiration) or of reorganizing the   atoms within the molecules for  anaerobic...
when fossil fuels is combusted , it produces energy and rest of by  products are poisonous gases like carbon monoxide , sulphites,  nitrites , and solid residue which is non biodegradable
By production, 9.0%. By consumption, 6.2%.   According to the National Energy Renewable Laboratory 2013  Databook, renewable electricity grew to nearly 15% of total  installed capacity and 13% of total electricity generation in the  United Statesin 2013. See pages 8 and 9 for % coal, gas,...
People´s Republic of China
Some are studied and put in museums and the certain fossils are now oils and natural gases
Thermal pollution is usually associated with increases of water temperatures in a stream, lake, or ocean due to the discharge of heated water from industrial processes, such as the generation of electricity. Increases in ambient water temperature also occur in streams where shading vegetation along...
They can't. Fossil fuel is made from fossils millions of years ago. Renewable has to happen much sooner than that.
Wind like waves and sunlight are created by natural functions of the earth as a planet. They do not require time to form a fuel like coal and gas. As these functions are "naturally occurring" they are considered to be renewable. They will, as far as we are currently concern always going to occur....
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Pinwhel connected to a coil of wire that rotates within the  magnetic field of a (or 2) permanent magnets.
rubbing youre socks on the carpet, solar panels, lightening rods  thermal energy
Diamonds are Carbon; that's it. Coal is mostly Carbon with other elements in it.
Coal and oil are fairly cheap and abundant fuels, and deposits of  these range practically from pole to pole around the globe. Many  nations employ extraction technology, and those that don't purchase  oil (in particular) as fuel for transportation. So any place an  airplane flies or a car,...
Bituminous coal or black coal is a relatively soft coal containing a tarlike substance called bitumen. It is of higher quality than lignite coal but of poorer quality than anthracite. Formation is usually the result of high pressure being exerted on lignite.
One of the most major positive effects of the discovery of the atom  is that by splitting atoms of radium in a nuclear power plant, we  can gain a lot of energy. However, the waste produced in this  process is very toxic and can damage us badly.......... Also, the  nuclear bombs produced using...
Saudi Arabia   Proven oil reserves  (billion barrels):     267.91  Total oil supply in 2012  (thousand barrels per day): 11,545.7    Saudi Arabia has almost one-fifth of the world's proven oil  reserves and ranks as the largest producer and exporter of oil in  the world.
Biogas typically refers to a mixture of gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Biogas can be produced from regionally  available raw materials such as recycled waste. It is a renewable  energy source and in many cases exerts a very small carbon  footprint. 
Managing director, General Manger, Chief executive officer.
Hydroelectric power plants generate electricity by the action of  the "falling" water spinning a turbine which rotates a wire inside  a big magnet.
Major draw back for Solar energy especially in Photo Voltaic type is the cost. With progress efficiency, the cost per unit still keep rising. A solar thermal plant in alternative can be made at reasonably cost competitive but was limited to economy of scale to be in a large size. Both Photo Voltaic...
Yes, the denser the cloud of water vapor, the more solar energy is  blocked, or more accurately "reflected" back into space.
That would either be the North Pole or South Pole, depending on  what season/time of year it is.
Yes. Sound energy is a carrier of energy.
Different materials boil at different temperatures (generally and  very roughly speaking, for similar molecules the lighter they are  the lower the temperature at which they boil). By raising the  temperature enough to boil the lighter components of a mixture but  not enough to boil the heavier...
That's not QUITE what it does, or at least it's not ALL of what it  does.    For similar compounds, in general, lighter molecules boil - that  is, become a gas - at a lower temperature than heavier ones.    "Cracking" is the process of splitting large, heavy molecules into  smaller,...
Isomerisation causes straight chain alkanes to become branched alkanes which prevents the chains from moving to close proximities of each other. This reduces the van der Waal's intermolecular forces between chains so less energy is needed to overcome the forces and thus a lower boiling point.
OSHA, NFPA and EPA regulations specify what safety precautions must be taken at power plants. Also various state and local regulations must be considered as well.
The width of lightning is determined by the voltage.
costs less than gas or oil. doesnt pollute the air and its naturall
Coal and all types of fossil fuels.conventional sources mean that was traditionally known to people.
by a generator that converts the wind power to electricity
Energy is typically stored as fat in an animal, however it is present in muscle and many other tissues. But fat is the main "storage" form of energy in an animal.
It doesn't occur in nature. It occurs as a long chain hydrocarbon,  such as crude oil. Crude oil is then split up into different  fractions in a fractioning column (via distillation). One of the  shorter chains that has practical uses is petrol.   Fractions include: Fuel oil, Diesel,...
If you mean energy produced by nuclear reactors, then "heat" and  "light" would be the answers (Just think of the sun)
for example an expanding gas that pushes a flask. that's basicallywhat's happening inside your car all the time
Solar (Light), Wind and Hydro (Water)
Crude oil is the oil in tankers or pipelines going to refineries. It is a complex mixture of compounds. Now, all plants need to breath. A plant that is covered in oil and that cover is maintained, will likely die. This can happens when a oil storage tank leaks. The environmental damage can be quite...
Coal is abundant and easy to convert into electricity.
Birds have a proportionally greater surface area within the lungs  for oxygen intake during flight. Birds that are frequent  high-fliers also have hemoglobin with a higher oxygen affinity,  allowing for better oxygen transfer. The capillaries of birds are  also more efficient, keeping oxygen...
- Geothermal   - Hydroelectric   - Wind Power   - Coal   Alternate answers   Solar energy evaporates ocean water that forms clouds resulting in  rain that become streams and rivers to create water flow to power  hydroelectric generators.   Solar energy heats air causing...
This can happen in many sports. One common example is anything that  involves a ball - of the type that can bounce when they fall. In  such a ball, when it falls down, gravitational potential energy is  converted into kinetic energy; later, when it touches the ground,  the kinetic energy is...
Today in our day to day life we depend on Electricity to run all  over electronic product which makes our life more easier and  faster. But we soon forget that this generated electricity that we  are using is produced from non renewable substances like burning of  coal. which again causes...
What makes it a useful source? It's free, abundant and reliable. It  can be converted to a number of energy sources. 1) Photovoltaic  panels can convert sunlight to electricity. 2) you can use sunlight  to heat water for things like bathing and energy storage in  something like a water tank that...
There are a lot of manufacturers. The biggest in the world is  Vestas, based in Denmark.    Here are some wind turbine manufacturers in the US:    Clipper Windpower  General Electric  Nordic Windpower  Northern Power Systems  PacWind  Urban Green Energy  
a lot of many areas in mexico produce petroleum but the biggest  petroleum (oil) reserve is in the town of Tuxpan on the Gulf coast  of Mexico.
New paper! If you see a paper advertised as 100% post consumers  recycled paper, you know it has been made from paper others have  recycled. There are also toilet papers, wrapping papers, paper  towels, books, coffee cups, newspapers, magazines, tissues, and  other things that are now made using...
That doesn't quite make sense. Watt, and therefore megawatt, is a unit of power, not a unit of energy. Therefore, the total megawatts are more or less the same in a day as they are in a month or in a year.
It is used for heating, generating electricity, and as a fuel for cars and trucks.
Coal is abundant and easy to harvest from the earth to produce  electricity relative to nuclear energy. Solar energy is abundant  but difficult to harvest compared to coal.
Darlington power station refers to a series of two coal-fired powerstations situated in Darlington in County Durham , North East England .
Crude oil is distilled, producing different fractions at different temperatures.
There are no hazards from nuclear power stations. However, thesestations need careful design, good quality during installation,skillful operators, good maintenance, and application of goodsafety rules during operation and when dealing with nuclear waste.
Renewable energy sources are better for the environment and produce  electricity.
No, it can't be said that tidal energy pollute the world.
in waves through an object (like air and water). that is why you can't hear in space, there is nothing that the sound can "wave" against.