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About 8,240 species of reptiles in the world. They inhabit every continent except Antarctica. Cold-blooded or Ectothermic, these creatures became the first vertebrates to live on land seeking the warmth of the sun. Frightening to some, this category will fascinate you, so slither on in and ask your questions.
It feels threatened so it will make itself look bigger by doing that and when they make their throat black, that is to make them seem scary.
For one, you probably mean, Garter Snake. Some may have a checkered  blotched design on the length of it's back, and olive drab colored,  while some will have some stripes (ribbons) the length of it's  body. Ribbon snakes are related to Garters.   Two, they generally eat frogs, snails, slugs,...
  yes,   in the crocs body they need a palatel valve because the palatel valve stops the water from leaking from the water in the crocs throut. if you ever see a crocodiles mouth open, sometimes well most of the time you cant see down their throut this is because the palatel valve is closed!!...
If I were you I would want to call and ask the vet if you need to  do something different.   If not then I would just feed it a LITTLE more not a lot just a  little because you don't want it to get overweight, you just want  to make it bigger.   Also, look up your breed of turtle and find...
Over 100 pounds & it can get up to 16 feet long.
You can feed them:   Crickets (alive or dead)   Mealworms (alive or dead)   Turtle pellets   krill   shrimp   small fish (for bigger turtles)     All of these can be found at most pet stores like PetSmart or Petco.   These are just some of the things you can feed them...
Yes, it is recommended that you do so every 3-4 months
cabbage and tomatoes are said to be good, but im not 100% sure
Just one - the Eublepharis hardwickii - also known as the Eastern Indian Leopard Gecko.
A long time ago, snakes amd lizards were all one similar group ofcreatures, eventually some of their legs got really tired, as timecontinued, some of theizards evolved, so their children would haveno legs, hence,snakes became snakes
this is what a leopard gecko looks like.
Yes, but you want to check the sex of the geckos. If you put males and females together they will probably breed.
They have a clear coating around their eye making them beable to  see clearly under water. :D    Alligators and crocs have two sets of eyelids. One, the outer, is  similar to our own. The inner set is clear, and closes back to  front. This is the one that protects their eyes and provides...
It just want be moist. Let it happen. It will come for you.
What the hell are you doing with your free time?! You shouldn't be  butchering alligators!!
recovering a lost gecko is very hard. I'm sorry to say it but if the you haven't found the gecko in 3 days it's probably dead. to prevent this use a lizard leash.
Because the weather is not appropriate for them, there is not the  correct habitat, they could die there, there's not the type of food  It's supposed to be.   The primary reason is that alligators are cold blooded, like all  reptiles. In very cold conditions they cannot maintain a ...
Red Ear Sliders are not "bottom walkers" so it won't stay on the  bottom. They love swimming, and can get quite large so a lot of  swimming space is needed. They also absolutely NEED to bask to  prevent shell rot and other not so nice medical conditions,  including not digesting their food and...
You incubate the eggs for 6-12 weeks
its just natural, they just blend with their surroundings. i guess  its abit like us in the sun. we go red! but we dont feel it at the  time.
ANSWER Fish is the primary diet, but anything that can be eaten is fair game. Most enjoy different types of fish, veggies, and the like. snapping turtles are omnivores. they eat celery,baby chickens,lettuce,worms
No; they are semi aquatic. They need a floating log AND a land  area. If they don't have both, they can die. so the answer is no
The Round Island Day geckos are suited to a hot and forest  environment. This means that they have "sticky" feet for climbing  trees and leaves. Like most lizards, they have evolved a tongue  that can catch nearby insects. They also use their tongues for  learning about their surroundings and...
Japan and Chinese culture eat meal-worms
Woodlands plains and around North America
You can run it under hot water till it thaws completely. Just with  de-thawing a solidly frozen mouse under hot water, you have to make  sure its thawed completely. what I like to do, is keep the mouse in  its bag and then just hold it tightly for a few seconds, the  surface of the skin may feel...
The animals were the creators. They actually created the earth and saved the woman. the left-handed and right-handed brothers were God and Satan. one was evil and one was pure and good, angel-like.
The causes of diarrhea is if your little Beardie has eaten some bad  food, stress, or a sudden change in diet. But don't worry as it  shouldn't last long. But if this continues, it could be a sign of  parasites or worms, therefore, go to your local vet to get him/her  checked out.
If the wood is VERY rough, maybe, but usually no.
Red- head agamas eat a variety of crickets, mealworms,grasshoppers, and locusts.
Practicaly no, ofcourse they can kill a child and a very old person but theyre venom isnt that strong to kill Adult Human being. But in rare cases, when human has allergic reaction to venom they can die fairly quick. Over centuries Vipera Berus (common adder) has kill only a few people (they have...
Yes they can, just make sure not to overfeed it with leafy greens  such as parsley, cabbage, spinach, kale, etc.
Probably a leopard gecko or anole
As you have indicated, the tortoise moves 0.2mph, which is equal to  one fifth of a mile in one hour. One mile will be traveled by the  tortoise in five hours. Half a day is 12 hours, so 0.2 x 12 = 2.4  miles.    A tortoise, traveling at 0.2 mph would travel 2.4 miles in half a  day.
need water to drink and swim. lots of green plants and sometimes  sandy
     TurtleMass0.046                                     0.046 kg (Leatherback sea turtle, Newborn)                     0.095 - 0.16 kg (Homopus signatus, Adult)       ...
They have sex.
The North American rattle snakes were already here and the turkey is native to the Americas. When the English colonists came to North America they brought with them the descendants (that were also new varieties) of the Wild Turkeys that the Spanish explorers brought to Europe centuries before.
little hadatat little reptile big habbatat big reptile
Miniature turtle? That doesn't really tell us anything about the  species...there is no such type of turtle as a "miniature turtle".  Turtle species all have very unique needs. My advice is to find a  reptile forum and ask your questions there, and perhaps include  photos so that you may...
so the prey doesnt find it and it can sneek up on the prey
The simplest type is a coiled spring steel cable with one end slightly bigger. Feed the big end into the drain twisting it as you put it in. At some point, you will come up against the clog. Screw the cable into the clog and pull it back out of the drain. The majority of clogs are hair related. You...
no even a bigger croc cannot even destroy an elephant but a gustave i gonna say yes because he killed over 300 people in year .....
if red touches black your a lucky jack if red touches yellow your a  lucky fellow look and the stripes and remember that riddle
They will go to sleep at night by themselves, if you make it dark enough. You just turn the aquarium's UV lamp off, and dim the lights in the room, and in a little while the turtles will go to sleep.
there is no reason to eat that it dose the body no good
Yes they normally like other tortoises company
whatkind of turtle? 
no they dont give milk for their babies
Feed ,water, and play but be carful
 Claws and Jaws   The giant tortoise boasts five front claws and four claws on the  back. They help the tortoise navigate through sometimes rugged  terrain. When walking, the front limbs and claws usually appear to  be turned inward facing one another. Complementing his primarily ...
Lizards close one eye because they have to watch out for preditors  so they can escape fast enough.
It has a red ruby in its mouth, It symbolizes Elizabeth's heart.
Geckos are among one of the fastest lizard breeds, the fastest  being the Common Basilisk. Geckos can reach speeds of 27 mph for  short distances.
Rainbow lizards can occupy urban, suburban and wild areas that  supply enough vegetation for reproduction and insects for food.
the average life span is 15-20 years
Spiny softshells primarly live in rivers, but they have been seen  in large lakes. They typically prefer river bottoms with sand/mud  bottoms with lots of gravel because they spend much of their time  hiding in the gravel, stalking prey or staying out of sight of  other predators. You also might...
They see heat levels.
1) Adishesha:      In Hindu (Vedic) tradition, Shesha (शेष) is the king of all nagas,  one of the primal beings of creation, and according to the  Bhagavata Purana, an avatar of the Supreme God known as Sankarshan.      In the Puranas, Shesha is said to hold all the planets...
Crocodiles do not have shells, it is just super tough skin. Many  people skin the reptiles and use their skins for many things due to  its toughness and stability.No, it in the vertebrates phylum.
Box turtles, land tortoises, and any aquatic turtles have the  ability to put their legs, arms, and head in side of their shell.  The shell is the turtles protector/house if someone threw a turtle  it would go into its shell and the shell would hopefully protect it  from the hard ground. Most...
A chameleon can see in two directions, their eyes can go in two  different directions, vs the human eye, when they see in the same  direction.
soup and many other things
This depends on what type of sea turtle you're talking about. Green  sea turtles reach about 78 to 112 cm (31-44 in.) and 68 to 186 kg  (150-410 lb.), while leatherbacks reach about 1.2 to 1.9 m (3.9-6.2  ft.) and 200 to 506 kg (441-1,116 lb.).    Green Sea Turtles have green flesh. The...
So that they can camouflage. When they camouflage, other animals won't see it, then when another animal is near by, it can move quickly and kill it, then eat it.
This is something that needs pictures and more information. Do you  have a basking spot for your turtle? Why species of turtle is it?  How much water does it live in? Does your water have a lot  chlorine? How old is it? Is it an albino turtle? Is your turtle  wheezing or have mucus coming out of...
Females will grow up to 8-10 feet in proper captivity sometimes reaching up to 12 while males are most likely to stay 6-8 ft with occasional reports of growth of up to 9-10 ft with proper care.
If you mean mealworms then yes.
In the 1900s the boa had gotten really rare. Close to the 20th  century there was said to be signs things are getting better. But  for the most part the Puerto Rican boas are endangered. And yes  they are protected from poachers and such.
No, the turtle can injure the cat (think biting through small  bones). The cat can kill the turtle. Turtles also can carry  salmonella. You can have both as pets, but you will have to keep  them separated.
  Durine the spring and summer.
No. Snakes have no "breastbone".For the large part, snakes comprise a vertebral skeleton, from which a long rib cage 'springs', but it not culminated by any sternum or similar.
Yes they see with their tongue to scents heat waves!
  Lizards have  external ears (ear holes) and eyelids. Snakes no not  have external ears and they do not have  eyelids, instead they have a special clear scale that  protects their eyes.   
Most chameleons are 17-25 cm (7-10 inches) long
Myth: Chameleons change color to match their environment.  Chameleons don't change color to match their environment.  Rather, they change color as a response to mood, temperature,  health, communication, and light. 
  "Asp" is the modern  Anglicisation of the word "aspis," which in antiquity referred to  any one of several venomous snake species found in the Nile region.  It is believed that the aspis referred to in Egyptian mythology is  the modern Egyptian cobra.   
It depends on what type of gecko.