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Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering is a profession of designing and executing structural works that serve the general public, like houses, buildings, roads, etc. A Civil Engineer is an engineer trained in the design and construction of public works, such as bridges or dams, and other large facilities.


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As a prefix, it modifies an adjective to give the sense ofextremeness: Absolute Zero is hyper-cold. As slang, it's a short form of "hyperactive"; i.e. wound up andmoving a lot, usually due to some medical condition.
If you are talking about the balsa wood then you just need to justthe wood into necessary parts of the suspension bridge.Downloadpictures of suspension bridge and then carve out the lower partwith roads and put holes on the sides of the flat wood for lowerpart.Then make the towers to which the...
Land Surveyors use markers as reference points for topographic mapping. Companies such as NRG Surveys will install a series of markers and using specialist measuring equipment will measure the precise 3 dimensional cartesian coordinates of each marker with reference to a network. The network may be...
A good topic for environmental and transportation engineering iscomparing the affects of transportation engineering on theenvironment. You can then discuss how environmental engineering canmitigate those problems.
The maximum bending moment is located at the point where shear iszero. This occurs because shear is the mathematical derivative of bending moment , and the maximum bending moment occurs when its derivative (i.e. Shear)is zero.
pH stands for "potential Hydrogen". In thefield of civil engineering, pH is a factor that is considered incorrosion control, coagulation and water softening. All the pHrelated processes are controlled by civil engineers. pH test isbeneficial to check the A controlled value of pH is desired inwater...
in western pa the frost level is 3 ft. In New wilmington pa. just out side sharron
With wood glue!! I'm serious you can buy it at Home Depot or any other hardware store.
The vadose / unsaturated zone and the phreatic / saturated zone have the water table / phreatic surface as their boundaries.
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Yes. The lifting points by the poles are reverse suspended by rope (is a shaped frame structure) which the pegs add the stability to set the structure. This structure could be duplicated on an roof with the tent frame built up side down, the "tent frame structure" would still exist, of course...
A hybrid bridge is a device with four branchesthat are systematically arranged in a way that input signal isequally divided between the adjacent branches. These are also knownas hybrid junction or hybrid tee.
105 m = 114.829 yrd
There are many advantages to using tachometry as a method of detailsurveying. They include that a tachometer is easier to use inlocations where chaining is difficult, and it is an easier way tomeasure when accuracy is not particularly important, saving timeand money.
Shear strength is concerned mostly with strain whereas tensile strength with stress
The skirting is the strip of wood that sit in the corner made by the floor and the wall. They are there to protect the bottom of the wall against being damaged by brooms vacs and mops
Supplementary cementitious materials are the mineral admixtures consisting of powdered or pulverized materials which are added to concrete before or during mixing to improve or change some of the plastic or hardened properties of Portland cement concrete.
The standard dead load of an elevator is about 450 pounds. Thistranslates to a kN value of around 0.75.
steel is one of the most important engineering materials on earth
Sydney harbor bridge is not for sale yet. neither is the Opera house
Functions of fly ash in cement, . It is used as a replacement material. . Low heat of hydration . Gains strength more than that of the ordinary cement.
importance of surveying in engineering development
invert refers to the elevation of the inside bottom of a pipe. Specifically, the elevation at which flow occurs
It can be calculated as 57000 * Sqrt (fc')
- MRT and Railway tracks if a continuous track of metal is used, it will expand in hot weather and bent. trains running on bent tracks may be derailed. to prevent this, railway tracks are laid in sections with expansion gaps between them. A sliding joint between adjoining rails allows them to...
How else would a buyer know whether or not there was a lien against the property?
The portal and cantilever methods are two approximate methods for analysing tall buildings for lateral (wind or siesmic) loads - nowadays used for preliminary design purposes. The portal method is suitable for buildings likely to deform in shear mode. It is based on the distribution of base...
it is built in macau
Most bolts are made from varying steels of different tensile strengths. It will be cast into the hexagonal head of the bolt.
the part of beam which has maximum section modulus should take moreload for more strength.
groynes are a fence or wall going into the sea to trap sand
The longest bridges in the world are viaducts or trestle bridges. It is easier to design a high, elevated roadway by directly supporting it with many towers or piers (as in a viaduct or trestle bridges). It is more difficult to design an elevated roadway with a large unobstructed span (as in a...
Beam Central Vacuum Systems, make beam vacuums. There is nothing particularly special about Beam vacuums. They are central systems which can be installed in any home. Typical central vacuums consist of a motor, waste filter, and several tubes running throughout the walls of the home where you attach...
\nTokyo gets most of its water from the Arakawa and Tonegawa river watersheds.\nhttp://www.toshiseibi.metro.tokyo.jp/plan/pdf/pdf-112.pdf#zoom=100
Crushed marble stone has a low absorption rate hence less water is required which means better strength. Also the marble typically has a denser specific gravity.
1 bar = 14.50377438972831 PSI
i am not sure it might be 250 ml
A simply supported beam requires less work to install. However, itsdesign may not be as sturdy as a fixed beam.
The grading of aggregate influences the mix proportions for a specified workability and water-cement ratio. Coarser the grading leaner will be mix which can be used. Very lean mix is not desirable since it does not contain enough finer material to make the concrete cohesive. The type of aggregate...
I believe it is a hydroelectric power station built on the Shannon River in 1927.
You need the dimensions of the column to calculate the volume. The formula would need to include the three dimensions in some form.
This depends on their popularity and relative skill level.
ceramics was made from talck, its atoms are uncompressed
Bar sizes are available from #2 to #11 while #14 and #18 are specially manufactured. Mian Yaqoob
Your best bet is to get a master's degree in petroleum engineering. Other than that, the only way you'll get a reservoir engineering job is through making connections in the industry.
Coefficient of consolidation (Cv) is a measure of time it takes for a soil to consolidate during the lab test.
i don't know help me please so i can get a good grade maybe you should look in the TEXTBOOK! that's what I did. it should be on page 341 of your text book. read the defention. its really simple, genetic engineering is messing with the DNA to improve it. so the benefits of engineering plants...
A lot of people now days say the Romans weren't civilised because they are comparing the Roman ways to now a days! If you compared the Romans ways to the Tudors for example you would say they were civilised because the Romans have a way of keeping hygienic and the Tudors didn't, the Romans have a...
Least count refers to the highest level of accuracy that can beachieved in measurement. The general formula is: LC = (Value of 1Main Scale Division) / (Total number of Vernier scale divisions).
Answer. The term building engineer refers to a custodian of a building. For large skyscrapers, he may be a professional with a degree---not sure.. A civil engineer is one who designs buildings, bridges, roads, etc.
176 kilometers = 109.36133 miles. 1 kilometer = 0.62137119 miles. 1 mile = 1.609344 kilometers. Kilometers to Miles, quick conversion trick: times 6 & throw away the last digit.... example+ 176 X 6 = 1056 = 105... close enough for driving to avoid a speeding ticket ;-)
because the bridge will fall any time and some times theres to much wait
the golden gate bridge
From the ancient days itself, the column has been used as a re-enforcement for many of the infrastructures and has also been recognized as a work of art representing a sense of style and grandeur. If you are looking to build one, here are the tips on to get started : Required Tools : Masonry...
yes they were they played a very important role in destroying German trenches. the English had an elite group of tunnelers that worked in total silence. they dug tunnels under German lines then planted tnt and blow up the Germans trenches
This question is its own answer. The flow patterns in laminar flow are laminar.
Intact Limestone can have a Young's modulus ( E ) ranging from: 9 GPa - 80 GPa . A,B Poisson's ratio ( v ) for intact specimens varies from between: 0.2 - 0.3. B Bulk modulus ( K ) derived from the above values using the following relation: K = E / (3(1-(2 v ...
To demonstrate your professionalism by becoming chartered and aiming to contribute as much as you can to better the living environment for the human race.
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Railway tracks have gaps to allow for expansion when the tracksheat up. As the tracks get hotter, they expand and get slightlylarger. Without the gaps, the tracks would buckle from the force ofthe expansion. They have fishplates located between the joins toforce the rails back into lateral alignment...
Under reinforced is that in which provided steel ratio is less than balanced steel ratio. Concrete beams are designed as under reinforced beams. The reason is that the failure start by yielding of steel instead of crushing of concrete. Mian Yaqoob
bridges ata. kasi nilagyan lang ng s para dumami
The distance between the supports, weather it be columns or walls.
The main advantage to reinforced concrete is that it has a"inherent structural strength. The disadvantage would be in certainclimates where it is cold as the heat is able to leave thestructure.
If you mean the use of large piles sunk into mud or sand, then the two most famous cities that come to mind are Amsterdam, built on wooden piles, and more recently Shanghai built on deep concrete piles.
The frost line refers to the depth to which the groundwater in soilis expected to freeze. In New Jersey, it is between 36 and 42inches.
Optimum for grading of aggregates and for surface texture of constructions.
Method of providing semi-conductivity of Fired Kaolin.
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The longest railway bridge in the country of India is the Vembanadrail bridge. It is located in the state of Kerala.
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Cement mortar, also referred to as cement grout, weighs 2.162 gramper (cubic centimeter) or 1.25 ounce per (cubic inch).
Factors Affecting the Selection of Construction Equipment 1. Standard type of Equipment. There is no such definition of standard type of equipment. An equipment maybe standard to one contractor but may not be to another. It depends on the operations of a contractor/company. 2. Special...
JCB stands for the founder of the company Joseph Cyril Bamford
1.Higher spans can be obtained by reducing no.of column supports. 2.Concrete sections can be reduced. 3.Rebar and concrete can be economized. 4.Used for precast concrete members particularly for bridges. Pandu R Reddy.Bijjam M.Tech(structures)
One famous truss bridge was the Tacoma Bridge.
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Circles are the strongest natural shape, this bridge is not affected by the strains of tension, and the shape naturally distributes weight to the ground. Unfortunatly, arch bridges cannot span large distances (no more that 800 feet), otherwise they are overcome by the weight, because the angle of...
A strip foundation is best known as the lowest part of yourstructure. The strip foundation is the first piece of supportinglayer that is used with a foundation.
A safety factor is a number designers use when designing structures. a Higher safety factor is used if the structure undergoes frequent loading. A safety precaution is an act implemented by a human that does not jeoperdize his or her safety
There is an old joke: "What's the difference between civil and mechanical engineers? Mechanical engineers build weapons -- civil engineers build targets." Yuck yuck.. In reality civil engineering involves the design and construction of buildings, roadways, bridges, railroads, water supply, drainage,...