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History and Origins of Foods

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Who ever thought of eating that? There is a history for everything and food is no exception. A big part of our daily lives, so come explore the culinary history of food and the wonderful facts and myths surrounding this fascinating subject.
They were super easy to make and you can put practically anythinginto them.
A butter tart is a type of small pastry tart highly regarded inCanadian cuisine. It contains a sort of sweet custard.
Chef have to know alot of stuff so there alot of basic food/I'm pretty sure
The North American rattle snakes were already here and the turkey is native to the Americas. When the English colonists came to North America they brought with them the descendants (that were also new varieties) of the Wild Turkeys that the Spanish explorers brought to Europe centuries before.
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Rice is better though
There are many types of root vegetable we might call "potato", from tiny wild potatoes found in the Great Plains of North America to sweet potatoes and the larger tuberous root crop originating in Peru. All of these different types are of American origin and were unknown throughout Europe until...
Greeks made their own variations of Greek salad, and people in  America and other countries have added their own twists to it.
In the 18th century, there were several types of crops crown. A few  of the crops were tobacco, okra, peanuts, and grapes.
Welsh rarebit (or rabbit) comes from 18th century Great  Britain. The word Welsh was likely used because during that  time in England, it often meant foreign or inferior. Others feel  like it was given the name Welsh because of the high cheese  content, which was common of Welsh dishes of the...
I'm so glad you asked that! you can use your microwave as a fire by putting things etc. copper and turning it on so they will blow up. you can also throw it at windows and smash them. Actually, microwaves are used around the world for many industrial heating processes as well as medical...
Caribe Chile is Carribean Pepper.
Vines on farms.
Most types of limes do have seeds. These can be saved and sprouted  to grow a lime tree. There are also a few types of seedless limes.
the butcher. Or the proccessing plant. Or from you! it simply deboned chicken parts .
The first fruit pie was made in the 1500s, but the first cherry pie was made for Queen Elizabeth 1.
Amish chicken refers to chickens that are raised in parts of the  country that have a large population of Amish people, but it  doesn't necessarily mean that the chicken is any better. Many of  the birds labeled as such are still confined to coops for their  entire lives, and are not free range....
A traditional Greek salad recipe (Horiatiki) will always (and only)include tomato, sliced ​​cucumber, green pepper, sliced red onion,Kalamata olives and of course feta cheese. It must be seasoned withdried oregano and salt and dressed with good quality extra virginolive oil and a splash of...
Classical cuisine originated in France. It was practiced in thegrand restaurants and hotels of Europe and elsewhere for much ofthe 20th century.
There is usually a clue in the name of the dish e.g.   Lancashire Hot Pot, from Lancashire   North Staffs Oatcakes, North Staffordshire   Cornish Pastie, Cornwall   Yorkshire Pudding, Yorkshire   Lincolnshire Sausage   Bury Balck Puddings   Eccles Cakes   Melton Mobury Pork...
  Australia dude or dudet
Pork and bacon are important export products of Denmark. Denmark is  a Scandinavian country that shares its southern border with  Germany.
Taste and smell are two of the best tests to determine the quality  of a product. These senses are well developed and can often give a  better understanding of the problem than a laboratory test.
Orville Clarence Redenbacher, the inventor of the brand of popcorn  that carries his name, was born in 1907. He died in 1995 when he  was 88 years old.
Many cuts of pork have historically been salted to preserve them,  but the part commonly called salt pork comes from the belly of the  pig. This is the same place that produces bacon.
passion fruit first came from the south of Brazil, paraguay and the northern areas of Argentina
Greeks eat yogurt (not the sugary, processed, pasturized, mineral-empty junk we eat in America), olives, capers and fish. Many seasonings come from Greece also. Hope I helped, I M 4 Him
The date and place is uncertain, resources say they have been around since the Greeks and Egyptians.
The year enchiladas were invented was the year of 1949. Back in  1949, enchiladas were simply tortilla stuffed with seasoning and  salsa.
The sausage got its name from Falun, the city from where it  originates, after being introduced by German immigrants who came to  work in the region's mines.
Jon Ritz Invented the cracker in the 1900.> John H. Wahl a German immigrant invented the ritz cracker at a bakery in Ohio in the 1900s John Henry Wahl later became an electrical engineer for Westinghouse corporation where he traveled the USA in the early 1900s, with his wife [ Clare Darlington...
Pax Cakes. In some English churches small buns or biscuits called pax cakes (from the Latin for 'peace', pax) are given to the congregation as they leave after a Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Good Friday)service. These cakes, bearing the image of a lamb and/or bearing the words 'peace and good...
You eat chocolate on Easter because there is so much candy around, it is almost impossible to not to eat it.
  Simply crack open the sea urchin, using a knife, and the roe or 'kina' are small yellow or brownish 'tongues' inside. Scoop them out.
Generally beansprouts are coming from Asian countries especially in  China.
who invented fruit loops?         The Kellogg's brothers invented the cereal the fruit loops. (John Harvey Kellogg and Keith Kellogg) When fruit loops were first put on the market, there were only the colors, red, yellow, and orange. Never until later on did green, purple and finally...
Canada is not a state, it is a Country north of the United States that is a sovereign nation.
Meat pie is from Australia. It is very yummy! Australians LOVE theses!
Answer . James Caleb Jackson produced the first ready bto eat cereal, named, "Granula." It was invented in the mid 1860's.. Will Keith Kellogg, however, was the first to really mass produce ready to eat cereal in Battle Creek, Michigan. This was around 1910. More infor of W.K. Kellogg can be...
Côte d'Ivoire, also known as The Ivory Coast
The headquarters for the H.J. Heinz Company is located in Pittsburgh, PA.
where we can toast breads...
Milk cost $0.62 a gallon in 1945. The minimum wage in 1945 was 40  cents per hour and a new home could be purchased for $10,000.
Vanilla is derived from orchids (making it the only fruit bearing member of the orchid family) of the genus Vanilla which was originally native to Mexico. Vanilla planifola, Vanilla tahensis, and Vanilla pompona are the three major variants and are grown around the world in Madagascar, Reunion, etc...
A totilla de patatas uses those ingrediants.
Mexico: what a GREAT way to recycle/ reuse beans!
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It is impossible to know who the first farmer to grow organic potatoes was. While more farmers grow inorganically now, before the development of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, all farmers grew organically.
poutine,fries, smors, possims tails and potatoes
A lot of countries grow cocoa beans but the main ones are: • West Africa - Ghana which grows some of the best quality cocoa in the world, Nigeria and Cote D'Ivoire • South America - Brazil and Ecuador • Asia - Malaysia and Indonesia, where cocoa is a relatively new crop, are becoming...
with a fork.   with a fork.
Sheep milk from Manchega sheep in the province of La Mancha, Spain.
Kebab doesn't come from a country, it is made by ingredients from all over the world for example meat, dhaal, chili, ginger. With some of these ingredients (depending on what kind of kebab it is), Pakistan makes quiet a lot of kebabs.
In the city, there mostly apartments, because they hav many people, but not enough land. It's very nice, and the floors r mostly wooden and clean. But if u go deep deep into the country, they do hav town homes.
I'm from England, UK and Shepherd's Pie is eaten here. --------------------- Indeed, Wikipedia states that is started out in England, called "Cottage pie" & the term "Shepherd's pie" was unknown prior to the 1870's. --------------------- I am in America & I was raised on it, but I am not...
Fufu is most often associated with Ghana and other northern and western African countries. _________________________________________________________________Fufu comes from Ghana. It is its national dish :) - CrAziiChiiCk
  I think it's germany. Not sure though.
The Staple food of southern Africa is Maize (corn). Although many cultures along the coast of South Africa depend primarily on marine food, the majority of Southern African cultures survive primarily on maize products and foods, the most popular of which seems to be "Pap". Maize also forms a basic...
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Australia does not have a "national dish", but it does have a few favourites. meat piesroast lamb and vegesbarbequed steak and sausagespavlova for dessertlamingtons for morning tea
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Foods were being fried in oil as long as 5,000 BC. No way to know who did it first.
  Depends what they are coloured with. Were you intending to eat the shells?
We have crops to grow our food. If you want some other kinds of foods too, farm animal industries are also located here. Meat: Only 0,1% or so contain salmonella. It's safe to eat almost anything here. But a fair warning: Mämmi is as ugly as it is tasty... Some might like it and some...
Reese's pieces were first introduced in 1978 and become verypopular with the 1982 release of E.T-Extra Terrestrial.
  is another name for lamb meat
While riding a train in New York City in 1896, Henry Heinz saw a sign advertising 21 styles of shoes, which he thought was clever. Although Heinz was manufacturing more than 60 products at the time, Henry thought 57 was a lucky number. So, he began using the slogan "57 Varieties" in all his...
The Panamanians discovered the empanada.
Introduced to the world in 1982 by an Italian chocolatier, they are probably made in Italy. The related link(s) below do NOT reveal which of their 18 factories produce this particular delight. It must be a trade secret...
see: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_serve_lemon_with_fish
they come from France
An appropriate menu for a Hindu child would be a vegetarian one. Easy vegetarian foods popular among three- and four-year olds include grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly.
It's unknown exactly when powdered eggs were invented. They were a  staple in camp cooking as early as 1912, and they were used in the  UK during World War II and they were rationed.
  you would be allergic to anything with nuts in it
Alfredo is an Italian Sauce best used on Fettuccine
when the man put the tomato sauce on the round piece of bread and put the cheese on top for the first time
Unless you have a steady supply of food all year round, you have to  store food when you can get it to have something to eat when the  food isn't growing.
Although known as a nut, the fruit of the pistachio is botanically a drupe, the edible portion of which is the seed.
Money. Its always the reason. I loved H57 when I was a kid, when they added the sugar and toned down the vinegar and curry taste I gave it up. Not sure how they benefited financially by changing the new recipe, but you can bet it was for money. It was Either to gain more customers with taste for...
fish, turkey,crop,vegetable
Kiev is in the Ukraine, but i say Chicken Kiev is a French/ American dish
No, a tenderloin is thinner and tougher, and filet mignon is thicker and more tender.