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Yes it does last longer. It is more expensive though in the end it save money because it uses less energy.
by the time of Edison's 1879 lamp invention, gas lighting was a  mature, well-established industry.
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Yes because the more watts a light bulb means it lets out stronger  light, but with more light it creates more heat, so the more watts  in a light bulb = more heat and stronger light
Modern light bulb filaments are usually Tungsten not Carbon.  However early bulbs used things like silk coated with Carbon.  Filament means thin thread. The bulbs are filled with inert gas  like Argon to stop the filament from burning up with oxygen. Arc  lamps use Carbon rods though.
In 1802, Humphry Davy invented the first electric light. He'dexperimented with electricity and developed an electric battery.When he connected wires to his battery and a piece of carbon, thecarbon glowed, producing light. This he named Electric Arc lamp.Sadly the lamp did not produce enough lumens...
Before 1879. 1879 was when it was invented
you can make a light bulb by holding alt + 20.
what do you mean?   a circuit breaker is a device usually used in domestic fuseboxes  and appliances, that when a circuit current (amount of amps) is  higher than the current set to the breaker as the trip current, the  breaker will trip, preventing the wire from overheating and  possibly...
A rather strange question, as most transformers are installed by trained individuals who wouldn't be using this forum for help. However, it will be necessary to refer to the manufacturer's specifications for that specific transformer in order to determine how to achieve the desired output.
A three-phase separator is used in the oil industry to separate  oil, water and gas from a mixture.
you would wire a float switch into the control circuit i.e, the  contactor coil (which is relatively low current but rated at least  for the control voltage,, in most cases 120VAC). also in the same  circuit would be the overload contacts. if the overload trips  and/or the float switch opens...
you would need a motor starter/contactor with the contactor coil  rated at your control voltage. the motor is wired through the  contactor main contacts and the control circuit wired into the  contact coil
float switches are not rated for motor currents, therefore you  would need a motor starter/contactor to handle to motor current and  the float switch would be wired into the coil circuit, i.e.,  control voltage source.. I'm guessing 120VAC wired through the  float switch to the contactor coil...
Answer for UK and European electrical system.    Guide to connecting a new socket outlet to the power cables of a  ring main, and fixing it to the back box or pattress in the wall.  Depending upon where in the circuit you are fitting the socket you  may have one, two or three sets of...
Energy-saving lamps, such as normal and compact fluorescents, use more of the energy they consume to produce light rather than heat. An incandescent light converts electricity to heat and light is simply a by-product of the heat. Fluorescent bulbs still have incandescent filaments, but they are...
No, the bulbs are wired in parallel and the bad bulb could only  affect others if it were short circuited, which occurs very rarely.
On 9 December 1868,[8] the first, non-electric, gas-lit trafficlights were installed outside the Houses of Parliament in London tocontrol the traffic in Bridge Street, Great George Street andParliament Street. They were proposed by the railway engineer J. P.Knight of Nottingham, who had adapted this...
In cfl's their is small amount of mercury. Which is dangerous to  inhale.
Glass is the insulator in a light bulb. The base has a heavy pieceof glass to separate the ring from the center, and there is a glasssupport inside the bulb to hold up the filament and separate thewires going to the filament.
light bulbs technically heat up a filament and if heated to a  certain degree it will produce light because of the excess in  energy it has
About 1.5 lb per linear foot. A Circular Mil is the area of a circle with a diameter of 1/1000 of an inch. The first "M" actually stands for 1000, and "MCM" is interchangeable with "kCM." 500 MCM has an cross-sectional area of 253.4 sq mm (2.534 sqcm, a density of 8.96 g/cc. 1 foot is 30 cm. 2.534*8...
For safety a circuit should not be operated at over 80 percent of  capacity. In this case that would be 12 amps. At 120 vac that would  allow about 1450 watts. So although a 15 amp breaker could  theoretically power 18 100 watt lamps, in practice you should limit  the number to 14 or fewer. I...
comparing to the traditional light bulbs energy efficient  fluorescent light bulbs uses 25% to 75% energy and saves money also  and it lasts up to 3 to 25 times long so there is no need to  replace energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs often.
Incandescente light bulbs waste quite a bit more energy than most alternatives.     
A resister limits the amount of current passing through a circuit.
I do not deal with classical/Old cars, but if you can, take the  headlights out (Backlights) Carefully, and trace the wires back to  the problem or if you can be more specific, i can help you. And if  you are talking about putting in some new wires, i advise you to  seek auto help, because they...
other kinds of bulbs are incandescent,fluorescent,high-intensity  discharge,LED
Alternating current of gradually decreasing amplitude which, under  certain conditions, flows through a circuit containing inductance,  capacitance, and resistance when a voltage is applied is known as  Oscillatory discharge.
ohms voltage Ac Dc power i think thats all i know sorry guys
Argon is an inert gas that will not support burning when the bulbs filament becomes white hot because of the current running through it. When a light bulb consists of tungsten, when electricity is passed through it, tungsten offers a very high resistance and it becomes hot and produces white light....
Australia uses 240V, while North America uses 110V, so in order for  your appliances to work you will need to get an adapter.
It works normally. Well actually there are 380 volts across two  lines of a 3 phase AC source, so it should work normally.
The lights are independent of each other so if both (or 3 if you  have a center one) are out then it is likely the brake switch or  it's wiring. Check the connections to the switch as well.
The equation you are looking for is, amperage when kilowatts are shown. This is for three phase systems. . To change watts to kilowatts divide watts by 1000. . Amps = kW x 1000/1.73 x Volts x pf. . Use .8 for pf on large motors..
There should be an LA, LB, LC, and N. LA is a single phase live  connection (of 3)
A house light circuit first needs a voltage supply. This isobtained from the distribution panel. A breaker in the distributionpanel supplies this need and supplies the voltage to the circuitalong with overload protection for this circuit. A two wire cableis taken to the light fixture. This will have...
A short straight to ground. Unplug and disconnect everything from  the circuit and then reconnect things one at a time until the  breaker trips. That is your problem. (Also could be a bad breaker)
Total resistance decreases:1/R(total) = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3Assuming each lightbulb has the same resistance: R1 = R2 = R31/R(total) = 1/R = 1/R + 1/R = 3/RR(total) = R/3Before the bulb was added:1/R(total) = 1/R + 1/R = 2/RR(total) = R/2R/3 < R/2
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Modern CFL and led bulbs will not be appreciably effected by the  number of on-off cycles. Older tubular florescent lamps have a  filament for start up, and lifespan can be reduced by number of  cycles. If operated outside rated environmental temperatures,  however, some lamps can be stressed by...
I'm not 100% sure, I came on this post seeking an answer to the same question... But, I do have a general idea of how it works. Basically AC current flows from the wall socket through a cord until it gets to the weird box that is in all computer chargers. This box I assume to be a rectifier. This...
Compact fluorescents, like their tubular fluorescent precursors,  contain a small amount of mercury-typically around five milligrams.  Mercury is essential to a fluorescent bulb's ability to emit light;  no other element has proved as efficient.    As effective as it is at enabling white...
some very old tvs use small incandescent bulbs to light up power or  button indicators, but most only contain the picture tube, which is  technically a more advance type of light bulb. I wouldnt mess with  it though, as it operates at very high voltage and can store the  charge for years.
Most 3ph Motors are rated for both voltages. High Voltage Wiring  (440-480) Connections goes as follows L1=>T1,12 L2=>T2,10  L3=>T3,11 4=>7 5=>8 6=>9. Low Voltage (220-240) goes as  follows L1=>T1,6,7,12 L2=>T2,4,8,10 L3=>T3,5,9,11. "L"  Denotes Line Side Voltage ...
by dividing the peak voltage by the square root of 2, or about  1.414.
The watt was named after James Watt. The term watt in electric  appliances refers the rate at which energy is generated or consumed  and therefore is measured in units (e.g. watts) that represent  energy per unit time. An example; when a light bulb with a power  rating of 100W is turned on for...
it depends up on the usage of the bulbs
They are known to be the most reliable transistors.
Bad ballast can cause this, if you are using T12 tubes , upgradethe ballast to a newer T8 ballast and use T8 tubes.
An electrical motor is such an electromechanical device whichconverts electrical energy into a mechanical energy. In case ofthree phase AC operation, most widely used motor is Three phase induction motor as this type of motor does notrequire any starting device or we can say they are self...
Use a phone app like light meter which uses the camera to give a  luminosity level.
Either all these lights are fed from one live (+ve) wire and that  has broken or you have a bad earth wire (-ve) for all these lights;  unless many wires have been damaged. Take a length of wire that can  take 30A and connect to the -ve side of battery and connect  directly to the -ve side of...
  The current I = 0.18257 amperes.   Scroll down to related links and look at "Electrical voltage V, amperage I, resistivity R, impedance Z, wattage P".
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You have to follow the lines. Could be blown fuse or any number of  other things. Follow it back to the service.
No, no damage is done to a TV when left on all night. There is adraw back though when the TV is left on all night. You areconsuming power and paying for it. As you are not benefiting bywatching a program, this action could be considered a waste ofmoney.
It was invented by Alessandro Volta in the year of 1799.
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The only way to do that is with a transformer. They make inline  transformers that convert 230 to 115 and they simply plug in  inline.
Depends. Typically red is hot and black, however on an automotive  stereo its typically yellow to +12, red to ignition/accesory +12,  and black to negative
The electrical current needs to flow. It comes it through the hot  and out through the neutral.
The top set point of the hot tub is there for your protection. Yourbodies cooling system can not cope with a higher temperature. Youmight notice that the temperature setting is the same as when youhave a seriously high fever. Taking your body higher that thattemperature will be seriously dangerous...
He created his inventions in his conservatory at his house in Kells Lane North, Low Fell.
It is difficult to know, however you would certainly be safe to add  the wattages of smaller bulbs to equal the bulb that was originally  there. There are now led bulbs that consume less than 1 watt, 3 and  7 watt chandelier bulbs are quite common.
A wraith is a ghost, spirit, spectre, phantom, or shade, often of dark nature. The word wraith is used to describe evil spirits in many different types of literature and media. An example might be the Ring Wraiths, or the Nazgûl, from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. These are wraiths as they are...
Bulbs with filament would produce larger amount of heat compared to  fluorescent lamps
Yes there is single phase for 600 volts. It is used for lighting.  You need a transformer which gives you 600 volts plus a neutral.  The voltage for the one phase to neutral is 347.
One type of electronic control device is a hand held immobilizing   device … that is used by police departments to control   uncooperative or dangerous subjects. It is operated by propelling   two darts at a hostile subject. When the two darts … strike the   subject, so long as both ...
The highest price was $1200 for a 15" set. Later in the year theycame down to $1000. As more programming turned to color more setswere sold and the price came down accordingly.
The term killowat simply means 1000 watts. Watts are computed as  volts times amps. A load of one killowat used for one hour consumes  one killowat hour of energy. That would be 60 killowat minutes,  however that measurement is seldom used.
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kW = (V × I × PF × 1.732) ÷ 1,000. now if we assume unity PF and solve this equation for "I," we get: I = 1,000kW ÷ 1.732V.
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The fixture construction has nothing to do with the amount ofenergy that the fixture uses. It is the lamp in the fixture thatdraws the amperage. This amperage times the fixtures voltage iswhat gives you the fixtures wattage. W = A x V. Watts = Amps xVolts.
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A 3/0 copper conductor will limit the voltage drop to 3% or less when supplying 200 amps for 450 feet on a 480 volt system.
It depends if you mean the telegraph or wiring. The telegraph was invented by Samuel Finley Breese Morse around 1832. If you mean just wire, nobody really knows who invented it. Wire is probably over 4000 years old.
Answers does not have the ability to show wiring diagrams.
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You basically need a hot wire. There is lots of info available on Google. Here is one URL with instructions for a home made foam cutter. http://www.instructables.com/id/Hot-wire-foam-cutter
Take the oven to an appliance repair shop. It sounds like the door safety interlock has jammed the opening mechanism.
Electricity wasn't invented , it was discovered . Later, practical applications were invented.
LED light bulbs are energy efficient, environment friendly, and provide huge electricity savings.
No one individual discovered how to 'control electricity'. This was achieved over a great many years by numerous physicists and engineers.
Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.A dryer outlet is only safe to use for one purpose: to power a dryer. Obviously you can attempt to use it for something else, such as an air compressor, but it is NOT SAFE to do it! You could drive around on the wrong side of the...
Fluorescent lamps (both the "compact" variety and the long tubes) are filled with inert gas (argon, xenon, neon or krypton) and mercury vapor, under low pressure (less than 1% of atmospheric pressure)Neon. and lead