The Togolese Republic is a West African country bordered by Burkina Faso to the north, Benin to the east and Ghana to the west. Togo covers 21,925 sq mi and has an estimated population of 6,619,000 as of 2009.
Togo has more than forty ethnic groups, each with their own musical styles. The official language is French and German and artist there basically sing the same genre as performed in the United States except in their native language.
The Sparrow Hawks (Les Eperviers in the native French)
Togo is smaller the West Virgina.
The primary imports of Togo are refined petroleum, light pure wovencotton, industrial fatty acids, oils and alcohols, palm oil andother food products, motorcycles and machinery. If you are interested in trade with Togo visit toconnect with the country's exporters and manufacturers.
There is no such thing as TOGO disease. Degos Disease has a similar pronunciation. It is an extremely rare vasculopathy that affects the lining of medium and small veins and arteries. Also called malignent atrophic papulosa, it results in blockage and tissue infarction.
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There are a lot of arts and crafts hobbies in Togo. A lot of peopledo bead-work, sewing, and knitting. There are also people involvedwith wood carving, and painting.
Togo does not have a national bird.
51% = indigenous beliefs 29% = Christianity 20% = Islam
Togo has a market economy.
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togo is a place in west africa. there are lot of people that are very poor. my dad akounda is from togo.the beaches are nice but they have trash people dudu in the water,its real nasty so if u want to be a helper please please go to togo and lend some money thank u.
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he never dead. he still ruling the country.his father died in 2005.but his son took over since
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Rank Country / Territory Population Date of estimate % of World population Source . -. World . 6,925,500,000. June 18, 2011. 100%. US Census Bureau's World Population Clock. 1. People's Republic of China . 1,339,724,852. November 1, 2010. 19.34%. 2010 China Census. 2. India . 1,210,193,422....
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Togo Heihachiro was born on January 27, 1848.
Togo Heihachiro was born on January 27, 1848.
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Christians are 29% Islam 20% and the rest African tribal.
The Hippopotamus is the national animal of Togo.
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Togo was one of the African countries that some time in the past were invaded and then dominated (in this case, as a part of "Golden Coast", in Western Africa) by French (first by Germans), until it could get independence (in 1960 only!!!); so folks there were obliged to learn how to speak French,...
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About 54,385 square kilometers.
From (UTB) Banque Headquarters, . 16 Rue De Commerce,B.P 359, Lome-Togo. . Tel/Fax: +228-987-66-193 . Email: UTB.TGB@FINANCIER.COM or UTBBANQUE@YMAIL.COM . Our Ref :UTB/ECO/XXVI/07GH/005/25/05/2013 .
.Depends. Every hour, the time is one hour later. Please ask with more details, like: When it is 5 AM in Rio, what time is it in Togo Africa? . Togo time = UTC
Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé is the President of Togo. After his father, the long time President of Togo since 1967, died on 2005 February 5, Faure Gnassingbé was chosen by the military to be the next president. At first Faure attempted to serve the remainder of his father's term, but the...
Togo boarders 3 different countries, in West Africa. Burkina, or Burkina Faso boarders Togo's north region. Ghana, lies on the western boarder of Togo, and on the eastern boarder of Togo, is the country of Benin. Togo's southern boarder is a 56 mile coastline, along the Bight of Benin, which is in...
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Sylvanus Olympio (1960-1963)
A Good soccer team that beat Cameroon. They also speak french over there.
I know that there has been wars affecting Togo, but I'm sorry I haven't been able to get more Information. If you do have a website or anything else please comment because I have a project
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They eat many different vegetables. They also eat smoked fish and other meats.
in 1860 by parker ??? An Alternate Answer: 1960 Togo garnered independence from France in 1960, under Sylvanus Olympio.