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Apples grow on trees and are a member of the rose family. They are one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits in the world.
Macintosh is the first name of apple so hay sooted it to apple because Macintosh is a type of apples lol I think it's funny
No I wouldn't think so ... unless you wanted apple chocolate chip cookies, which would be sort of gross .... and you would still need butter. But hey! it could work, its worth a shot :D
When They Get To Their Natural Size Or The Wind Blows It Away
Four pears from ASDA is about £1.80. (Pears are lovely in cheesecake, by the way.)
It depends on the recipe. Often, applesauce is used to add moisture to the dish so it doesn't get dry as it sits. Also, people will substitute applesauce for oil to reduce the fat in a dish. So, oil or butter will be a good substitute, but will up the calories.
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Wild apples are too bitter to eat. Store apples taste fresh likenew.
It depends on which store you are going to buy them in.
Salt stops an apple from rotting due to its antibacterialproperties.
there are many different types of apples, the same as different types of pears, grapes and many varieties of vegetables.
There are seed suppliers such as tree shop, seed mall, grow-a-tree, and pineapple growers (the best one is like-a-tree) So you just would go to like-a-tree and buy a seed or two. Just remember to ask if it's a tree seed! And then, you bury it (or them) in the ground and water it every day.
well some worms eat apples..........and horses do too!
level of sugar to level of acidity
Answer . Yes, graft a pear branch to an apple tree or an apple branch to a pear tree.
One medium apple weighs approximately 182 g and is 3 inches indiameter. It has about 0.3 g. of fat.
possibly tomato, although they are all fruits, the tomato is the only one that does not grow on a tree.
The average pear contains 0.2g of fat...To get nutritional information on pears check out the related link and take a look at the table on the right hand side of the page.
The Beurre Bosc pear is the commonly sold type of brown skinned pear. It is named after Monsieur Bosc, an 18th century french 'pomologist' who worked in the orchard area where this type was later developed.. In the original French, Beurre has an accent on the final e. There are many other French...
Actually, a bushel of apples weigh's in at about 42 lbs. This is depending on the apple variety, i.e. smaller apples will weigh more per bushel volume and some apples are actually more dense, etc. but 42 lbs per bushel is about average.\n. \nTake Care!\n. \n-M\n. \n. \n. \n How much what? \n. ...
A cooked apple will have the following percentage of vitamins in itsuch as: Vitamin A-2%, Vitamin C-1%, Calcium - 1%, Iron-2%
Of course you can. But be careful with your cloths, the juice can leave permanent stain on them. The juice fermented and distilled give "Feni".
A seed needs no sunlight to start to grow however once the first leaf has sprouted it will need a normal day and night to continue it proper development.
2.4g of dietary fiber is present in an average apple.
Even though there are different oranges and different apples, we do consider apple to contain more sugar than oranges. That is true at least if we just measure the sugar content in the juice from them. Looking on pure sugar content, there are more sugar in apple juice than in Coca Cola. However,...
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In general, a ratio of 1:1 in a recipe works fine. The substitution will make the finished product a little sweeter and a little softer, but that is fine for most baked goods, especially cakes. Carrot and spice cakes in particular benefit from the switch because their recipes usually call for a...
an apple has seeds on the inside a strawberry has the seeds on the outside
Both antifreezes are ethylene glycol, the differences between themis the additives. The additives prevent corrosion inside the engineand different antifreezes are used in different vehicles. Never mixthe two types and always use the type recommended for your vehicle.
The value of a diamond depends on its cut, its clarity, its colour and its carat weight. A local jeweler can give you the answer you want.
They are hard, and crunchy when not ripe. retard
No, applesauce is not considered part of a clear liquid diet.Instead, applesauce is part of a "soft diet", where foods aresolid, but still soft and don't require chewing. If you're orderedto maintain a "clear liquid diet", this would be clear fluids orfoods that turn to clear fluids when they are at...
Yes. A Brazil Nut Tree is a hardwood tree. Do not stand underneath one. The pod full of Brazil Nuts drops about 150 feet!
Answer . We can prevent tooth sensitivity when drinking 2 tbs of apple cider vinegar with 8oz of water 3 times a day?..... by drinking it from a straw.
Of course you can!
Washington is the apple state because it looks like a apple
Apples are in the fruit group.
Ingredients: . 8 medium Granny Smith apples, chopped . 1/4 cup butter . 1/2 cup brown sugar . 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon . 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg Preparation: Melt butter in a heavy skillet over medium-low heat. Add apples, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Sauté 15 to 20 minutes, or until apples...
Because it's loosing sun. And the leave start to lump down and peal of their stems.
well I think that they are quite nice but it depends if your taste buds like them or not!
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Prune an Asian pear at the same time you would a European pear in your area ( typically this will be late winter/early spring).
Yew trees live for hundreds of years (often in churchyards) and bear red fruit. These berries are gloopy, sugary and edible, however the seeds are highly poisonous. If you must eat yew berries then be careful.
Between 4-6-8, Depending on the size of the apple.
no because its not changing into a new substance. actually its a physical change
No, it does not matter what color or type of apple you have. What makes an apple rot is when it is exposed to oxygen. So if you left a slice of a red apple and a slice of a green apple both out on your counter for an equal amount of time. You would see that they were equally exposed, meaning they...
Ingredients nocoupons . 2 large navel oranges, zested and juiced . 1 lemon, zested and juiced . 3 pounds Granny Smith apples (about 6 to 8 apples) . 3 pounds sweet red apples, such as Macoun, McIntosh, or Winesap (about 6 to 8 apples) . 1/2 cup light brown sugar, packed . 4 tablespoons...
Yes, it alters the pH of the scalp. It also helps the hair to shine. Dandruff is caused by dryness of the scalp so really medicines/shampoos that decreases the dryness is best for effective management of dandruff.
Apple is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates or sugars and water. Protein content is very low (about 0.3 g per 100g of apple). Still, apple is a great source of vitamins and minerals that make us healthy.
In trees that is where apples live ............................................. who wouldn't know where apples live omg!
A Bartlett is a pear
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The center of the fruit contains five carpels arranged in a five-point star, each carpel containing one to three seeds.
Yes; modern pencils use graphite, which is in no way poisonous in the amount you would get from poke. Lead has not been used in pencils for decades due to safety regulations.
I don't know the exact percent, but many people eat apples daily as a snack. At least the healthier people do, and I commend anyone that does.
Apples are great in zones 3-8. Apple trees are fast growers. They like well draining soil and sunny locations. Most trees will not bear fruit until they are 2-3 years old
when you go to the store before you buy it you look at the signs or on the sticker that comes on it.