The Republic of Latvia is a North European neighbor of the Russian Federation. The country is rich in Bronze Age artifacts; forest lands and wildlife; and folklore and folk music traditions that have been preserved for more than 1,000 years. Contributors typically seek answers to Latvia's participation in the European Union; and response to the Soviet legacy of economic underdevelopment, educational underachievement, large scale indebtedness, Russian dominated urban life, and school closings.


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No, as any language it developed and belongs to the indo-europian langauge family.
No. Latvian President's terms are 4 years, but they may be re-elected for a second term. It is basically the same as the United State.
the most watched sports are ice hockey and soccer
No there is a president
maybe i think yeah but not in 2 years or less... i really dont know.... i hope he would because i know Latvia is a small country but it really dont matter :) does it???
They are by the Baltic Sea.
Latvians. We call ourselves as `latvieši` [pronunciation- latvieshi]
city in a country that borders lithuania, latvia, and russia is minsk in belarus
No, Latvian Lats are used. Latvia plans to join the Eurozone in 2014.
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In the center of the country. The city lies on the Gulf of Riga, at the mouth of the river Daugava .
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Satikšanās. [ pronunciation -satikshanaas]
There are no states in Latvia . We have only 4 regions ( novadi ) whitch are Zemgale , Kurzeme , Latgale , Vidzeme . But its similar to states in some way .
3hr 00min Riga (RIX) to Rome Fiumicino (FCO) by a nonstop flight operated by Air Baltic.
Slegta sala is a Latvian equivalent of the title to the movie 'Shutter Island'.
Mostly for forestery and agriculture.
Latvia has a 498 kilometer coastline on the Baltic Sea.
Bildinajums is a Latvian equivalent to the title of the movie 'The Proposal'.
Of the 239 countries extant today, by size, with 64589 km2, Latvia comes in 124.
Diegs I guess... Not sure if it changes...
Dzuli un Dzulija is a Latvian equivalent of the title to the movie 'Julie and Julia'.
Ilaijas gramata is a Latvian equivalent of the title to the movie 'The Book of Eli'.
Vilkatis is a Latvian equivalent to the title of the movie 'The Wolfman'.
I think itakes 2 - 5 hours not longer!
As of the 1st of January 2014, the Euro is the currency of Latvia,so you can use it there now.
Gaiziņkalns is the biggest moutain in Latvia . Its 312 m height .
President - Andris Bērziņš (Union of Greens & Farmers) Prime-minister - Valdis Dombrovskis (Unity) Speaker of the Parliament (Saeima) - Solvita Āboltiņa (Unity)
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As Latvia is very forested country there are many wild animals around. Most popular are wild-pigs, beavers, deer, foxes and other typical northern forest animals.
The Latvia's neighbouring countries are Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia.
No. Latvia is a country in Europe . It is one of the Blatic States , located at the Baltic sea.
Cathedral Riga, Kalkstrasse, and the promenade Riga. Those are the major Latvian landmarks
Moscow, the capital city of Russia.
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Latvia (being independent) has had only one dictator. His name is Karlis Ulmanis. After that, being affected by war, Latvia has been in both - Russia's and Germany's jurisdiction.
There are many reasons why the Soviet union invaded Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (The Baltic States). Russia has always wanted to get near to the Baltic Sea and wanted to rule the sea but fortunately the Russia has never succeeded. The other reason was that the Soviet union wanted to spread...
Lady Gaga does not have a concert in Latvia scheduled between April and August of 2012. For her scheduled concerts, see the Related Link.
It is bordered by Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and by a maritime border to the west with Sweden.