Bulgaria is located in Southern Europe and has a total land area of 110,994 sq km, making it the 16th-largest country in Europe. It borders five other countries, including Romania to the north, Greece and Turkey to the south, and the Republic of Macedonia and Serbia to the west.
Civil societies are growing here in this part of the Europe too. As a member of the EU, issues on environment is very important. The mass people cares about their surroundings (in the past they looked after it too, but they didn't have their voice raised) are active to look after the environment...
Which war? You didn't mention (Balkan wars, world wars, wars with the neighbors, wars against colonialism etc.) If we consider the category, then it is WW2. World war 2 resulted in official start of the Soviet era in Bulgaria. The total domination of one party politics as a copy of the KPSS (in...
The population of Varna is 349,000 (according to Wikipedia).
End of June and beginning of July are hotter period.
why for asking 5 facts (not 4 or 6)? was it sending 'just' one question? Here are FIV........E answers: 1. Bulgaria was established on 681 2. It was under Otoman colony for 5 centurires 3. It became a Peoples Republic in 1944 4. Fall of one party Communist Govt. in 1989 5. Its a full member of NATO...
Bulgaria became Bulgaria in the year 681.
Yes, they are welcome. There is a program called 'nature 2000'. One can search for it and visit it
2007 Reports: 1. Petroleum oils, other than crude ($US 2366.6 million) 2. Unrefined copper ($US 1039.1 million) 3. Clothing (men and women) ($US 756 million) 4. Flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel ($US 754 million) 5. Commodities not specified according to kind ($US 700.4 million) Hope...
Dubai-Sofia 3492 km (2170 miles). Add around 500 km for Sofia-Varna. Its means 3992 (around 4000 km). But if one takes highway from Plovdiv for Varna (by bypassing Sofia), he can economize about 100 km. So finally it is 3900 km
pornography (not allowed by the Government), You can't have them on .bg domain, as it is strictly monitored for sex abuse!
Han Asparukh, warrior was searching for some new land to rule andeventually settle. It was 681 AD. He started his journey, crossedDaniube and reached to the Black sea. He had no means how to crossthe sea. Moreover his soldiers were tired after a long journey.Hospitality of the local slavs was...
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staple food is bread (loaf). milk products (cheese), meat and meat products (sausages), bean type pulses, vegetables are common
a. for breakfast: banitsa, croisseunt, skembe chorba b. for lunch: working people- a sandwitch or a burger or pizza, others- soup, main course c. cheese, sausage, salads, yougharts, fruits
I have NO clue.. why do you think I asked!:P yes,yes I did just get smart with you!:))
a. compulsory education till class VIII b. secondary education till class XII (before entering the univs) c. Univ. education (bachelor/masters programs) 4. a doctorate
Bulgaria was not "defeated" in World War 2 by the Allies. They were occupied by the Nazis and joined the Axis powers until they did a switch which is described on Wikipedia under the heading of Military history of Bulgaria during World War II. ***On 5 September 1944, the Soviet Union declared war...
I think when Bulgaria was formed at year 681.
Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria.
well since Macedonian is Greek γέλια is the word for laugh used as a noun, its γελάω as a verb.
yes Illinois is bigger than Bulgaria. IL is 14 000+ sq km Bulgaria is 11 000 sq km
a. as noun- chetene b. as verb- da cheta (to read)
sports, pl. of sport sportove ...спортове
okean- океан
We say Hrana ( Храна)
I can only tell you one because that is its main religion and that is christian orthodox but slowly they are turning into Muslims (sadly BTW max tinson wrote this and I'm only 11 so boh-ya!
Еtiopia (Етиопия)
LIGHTHOUSE ['laithaus] n фар, маяк
its "бойно поле" boyno pole
Internet, mrejha (attr.)
Red= Cherveno (Червено)
Country = Durzhava (Държава)
EXTRAORDINARY [iks'trɔ:dinəri] 1. необикновен, необичаен, изключителен, забележителен 2. удивителен, стране...
industrial, commercial, consumers. adricultural and service-oriented goods
a. to have a good job b. to care for the family c. to be free to express opinion
no. not of local reproduction
MAHOGANY [mə'hɔgəni] 1. махагон (ово дърво) 2. махагонов цвят
SALMON ['sæmən] 1. pl без изменение съомга ( Salmo salar ) 2. розово-оранжев цвят
kompania ...... компания
n. elektrika, adj. elektrichen
noun Force: sila (сила)
Hi ,you can say (krasiv)or (hybav)
uchilishte, shkola (училище, школа)
Imperia (империя)
beizbоl бейзбол
futbol (футбол)
lider (лидер)
Tochka (lat. punctum)
WATCH [wɔtʃ] I. 1. ост. страж, стража, пост, караул, патрул, пазач, часовой 2. бодърствуване, бдение 3. Ð...
ARCH [a:tʃ] I. 1. арка, свод, дъга
SNAIL [sneil] 1. охлюв (ам. и гол) at a SNAIL's pace/ ост. gallop като охлюв/костенурка, много бавно 2. бавен, муден човеÐ...
noun Natsional, adjective Natsionalen (национал, национален)
prima (прима) - прима карта, Prima karta (prime cards) Praim (прайм)- прайм тайм prime time
luv (lav)...лъв
Etimologia.............. Етимология
WRATH [rɔθ] n гняв, яд, ярост, възмущение, негодувание
Ispania Испания
plod (плод)
Hrana, Hranene (храна, хранене)
kenya- кения
SEAL [si:l] I. 1. тюлен 2. тюленова кожа II. v ходя на лов за/ловя тюлени III. 1. печат, отпечатък (и прен.), клÐ...