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Mining for coal is something that is widely known, but did you know that diamonds, uranium, copper, and other non-renewable natural resources are also mined? There are two types of mining; surface and subsurface. Questions about the methods and types of mining, what ores are mined, and related questions should be asked in this category.


They are mostly found in the western part of the US including  California, Colorado, Idaho, and a few more.
Sapphire, for anyone reading this who doesn't know, is the gemstone variety of corundum (Al2O3). Corundum is found in syenite (A granite-like igneous rock that contains little or no quartz), some pegmatites (igneous rocks with large crystals made of quartz, feldspar, and often mica), and in "high...
The three method generally used to extract metals from ores are  dependent on their reactivity. The first method is electrolysis,  which is used for metals like aluminum and magnesium that have a  high reactivity. The second is extraction by reaction with either  carbon or carbon monoxide, which...
There is one in Eastern Falador I think and maybe one Northwest of Falador where the dwarfs are set up. I hadn't played in a while but those are places to look.
I do, if the question still stands. Only 2-5 kg of the stuff  though.
Industries such as agriculture ,oil,mining,farming electronics and movie making helps people with finances,food,entertainment etc.
The melting point is the temperature at the solid and liquid states  of the material are in equilibrium; if the temperature is even very  slightly above the melting point, the material will melt, and if  it's even very slightly below, the material will freeze.    Technically the melting...
The denudation of the soil cover and subsequent washing down is described as soil erosion. The processes of soil formation and erosion, go on simultaneously and generally there is a balance between the two. Sometimes, this balance is disturbed due to human activities like deforestation, over-grazing...
The answer is: more likely NO. Water jetting has its own limitation which is dictated by the hardness of the ore. In general, this hardness can be as high as (up to) 10MPA of the compressive strength of the material. Sand, sandstone, some shale, claystone, limestone, oxidized metal ores,...
Because there are less workers there and fewer resources to mine
Saphire Mining is the removal of the precious jewel Saphire from the ground through the proccess of digging it up.
Iron Pyrites? That would be Gold. Iron pyrites is known as "Fools Gold" Since it is similar to real gold nuggets in appearance.
Well... The Lumbridge mine has no gold... The mine west of the Lumbridge mine has no gold... The mine near the Champion's guild has no gold... the mine east of the dark wizards has no gold... and I don't think the dwarven mine has any gold.I hope those are the answers your looking for =)
•Destruction of the topographical landscape •Degradation of ecological communities (ecosystems) •Degradation of water quality •Destruction of agricultural and forest lands •Noise pollution •Air quality •Sedimentation and erosion •Land subsidence •Vibration from blasting and air...
People in many African nations mine for diamonds around the volcanic pipes that erupted the diamonds to the earth's surface.
mining for coal, zinc,and silver
Yes. Diamond mines operate along the middle, the last stretch, and beaches that are around its mouth. For more info go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orange_River#Alluvial_diamonds
Basalt is a commonly extrusive volcanic rock. It is usually grey to black and fine-grained due to rapid cooling of lava at the surface of a planet. Unweathered basalt is black or grey. Basalt is defined as an igneous rock that contains less than 20% quartz and less than 10% feldspathoid and where at...
It's a rock that contains enough iron to be processed at a cost that allows the economic retrieval and purification of the iron.
Sweet home South Dakota
1. Overburden O/B 2. Coal / ore 3. Interburden (or parting), I/B 4. Waste Sometimes: Waste = O/B + I/B (look at the context) Waste (O/B + I/B) needs to be removed to get access to coal / ore What Is Stripping Ratio ? a. Measures relative deposit depth Q: How important is depth in surface...
its bad because if they take all the coal they could not reproduce it again (nonrenewable resource), it affects water, air and ecology.
Ores contain minerals that are of economic importance. Some of  these may be considered beautiful and as such their appearance may  contribute to their economic value (for example precious stones  e.g. diamonds).
you turn off the machine, move the explosive and turn back on the machine
Although alluvial diamonds had been found in India as early as 6,000 BC, and in Brazil beginning in the 1700s, the first mine opened in the 1870s, after according to Wikipedia: "... the discovery of the Diamond Fields in South Africa."(Again, from Wikipedia:"Alluvium -- from the Latin, alluvius,...
As of September 2014 the United States of America has the highest  gold reserves in tonnage globally. The United States has some 8.1  tons, followed by Germany at approximately 3.4.
Alternative sources of energy    AnswerRed Dwarf does the extended run to the outer planets, it is one of the medium haul vessels collecting various minerals in the form of ores from the moons of Uranus and Neptune primarily. Much of its mining equipment takes the form of rock blasters and...
  == Answer ==   It depends on the manufacturer. Most futons I have seen are steel, and can be cut with a torch, brazed, and welded.
Galena contains 86% Lead. Usually Galena contains some Sulphur and except for the central Unites States deposits usually varying amounts of Silver. No iron however.
No, they should not. In most of the world, it is against the law. Mining- especially coal mining, can be an extremely dangerous job.
Blue metal is a name of an aggregate used in constructions; it is not a metal.
The sandstone would have to be melted first by descending into the lower crust at a subduction zone. Once melted it would have to rise through the crust cooling slowly to allow the formation of typical large crystal granite texture and allow steam to outgas from the melt before solidification.
House built on rock foundation, it will stand oh yeah!
from calcium carbonate Caco3
Ultramafic rocks are made of ferromagnesian minerals.
Perhaps the most common iron ore is taconite.
Both of them utilize expectation-maximization strategy to converge to a minimum error condition. While K-Medoids require the cluster centters to be centroids, in k-Means the centers could be anywhere in the sample space. k-Medoids is more robust to outliners than k-Means therefore results in more...
No ore contains steel. However, IRON ore, such as taconite, produces iron. When alloyed with other metals and carbon, it becomes steel.
The mining cradle, also known as a rocker box, was invented by  William Tom Jr in 1851. It was used in gold mining operations.
I believe you are referring to "Formica". This is just one of many brand names for plastic laminate. This plastic laminate or "Formica" can be used on either counters, cabinets, wall panels, etc. It sounds like you are wanting a simple cabinet made. Call your local casework or custom cabinet shop....
difference between Data Mining and OLAP
The principal countries would include Australia, Brazil, Congo, South Africa, Russia, Canada, and India. Probably China as well? Even in the US there is a 'Diamond National Park(?)' in Arkansas.
Antarctica is not under threat from mining; the Antarctic treaty specifically forbids mining. Tourism isn't generally a threat to Antarctica, since tour operators have agreed to basic actions that go a long way in preventing damage by tourists. These include, 'carry it in: carry it out', and...
fools gold also know as iron sulphide FeS2
- using mining techniques - dissolving the salt in the deposit and after this extraction ofthe saline solution
Vibrating screen moves round. It has multi-layers and is of high efficiency. The eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block help to adjust amplitude. The material drops down along the long line.
Galena is commonly mined from sulfide deposits containing more than one mineral, often in combination with for instance Sphalerite.  The most common method of excavation is Cut-and-fill mining Underground.
simply put....less carbon footprint. Mining requires the use of fossil fuel burning machines from start to finish. Keep in mind that mining sites must be found and scouted as well add that to the fact that once a mineral has been mined or harvested it is then shipped to industrial centers then to...
Gemstones are mainly found by volcanoes, because they are formed below the crust, and the volcano pushes them to or near the surface. Gemstones can be found in any part of the world, though, but the real question is whether you are willing to dig for them and/or get lucky.
=== ANSWER: ===   Its called a shaft, whether it is a horizontal or vertical opening.   == Answer ==   An adit.
The Minimum Concentration Factor (MCF) depends on the minimum % for exploration. This means the minimum % of valuable ore needed to make mining profitable. For a mine to be profitable it needs to take in enough profit to pay for the amount of money needed for energy to retrieve ore and pay for all...
corporate irresponsibility of ignoring environment consideration for profit.
There are a number of environmental pollution sources. A few arecrude oil, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, phosphorous,and sulfur.
It depends on the type of rock. By fire, heat (from magma and lava) are called ingenious rocks, erosion by weathering (sedimentary rocks), and metamorphic rocks, caused by heat, pressure, chemical reactions, etc. ,
bauxite is mined. it is then melted and aluminum is extracted by high temperature electrolysis of the molten bauxite.
Yes, diamond is harder than granite. Diamond is the hardest mineral known. And it is several times harder than granite.
Uranium is found in south western South Dakota near Edgemont, South Dakota.
Stop for the selling; don't stop mining.Stop selling, not mining
this is because it is small
river bollinmanchester which was nearby had workersland was cheapnot good for farming because it was a v-shaped valley and....i don't know cos i'm stuck at it aswell :( hope it helped tho ;)
Sapphire is a gemstone version of the mineral corundum.
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pitch, petroleum,limestone,cement,oilfield,gypsum,gasfield .
Mining starts in Nevada in 1849 with the discovery of gold in a stream of Carson River.
That would depend on the operating hours of the mine where they worked. Not all mines are underground, but many of them were, and operated around the clock (no daylight in the mine, you see) A miner working the night shift would keep a different schedule from a miner on the day shift.
Kerr-Addison Gold Mines Ltd. was incorporated in Ontario in 1936. The company merged with Anglo-Huronian Ltd. and Bouzan Mines Ltd. to form Kerr Addison Mines Limited in 1963. Kerr Addison Mines Limited was acquired by Noranda Inc. in 1996.
The largest free player gold mine in Runescape is in the craftingguild south-west of Falador you need a crafting level of at least40 and a brown apron (you must be wearing it to go in but you canthen take it off) to enter.
All types of mining were used to find gold. Panning was used to pan small amounts of gold .
Because mines are the most important source of salt; another source is sea water.
You get lotsa money for 'em. i had 2k and after selling my ores and coal i ended up wid 44k
A chemical garden is an experiment in chemistry normally performed by adding solid metal salts such as copper sulfate or cobalt(II) chloride to an aqueous solution of sodium silicate (otherwise known as water glass). This results in growth of plant like forms in minutes to hours.[1] [2] [3] The...