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Sony Playstation

Playstation is the name given to various game consoles produced by Sony. The original Playstation was released in 1994 and the latest incarnation is the PS3 released in 2006 complete with the incorporation of a Blu Ray DVD player.
yea if you go down no street and find the house number 1, thenmaybe find someone who cares. add all the clues up and you'll getno1cares.
A psp theme is really just a change in the icons on your psp. If you open your psp, you will see that on top of game it shows a controller. If you feel like changing the theme of your psp, then go to the PlayStation network store (Internet connection required), log in if not logged in already, go...
there are no available codecs for the ps2 as its only strong enough to decode .avi and .mp3 i recommend converting your video files to .avi then using the correct process to burn them to a DVD and play them
Yes there are a list of reasons that you can be banned from the PlayStation Network. PS3 Live does not exist and comes because Xbox network is called Xbox live. see related link for why is my PlayStation Network Account Banned to receive working links proving details to the categories Verbal...
Character Passwords . Entry location: Enter oneof the following passwords under the "Data Center" option to unlockthe corresponding character:. Android 18 (Level 160) NzEr vcJO )Jlv kW@N P@Wf hOIl $ABQ &@CG Baby Vegeta (Level 160) ny!c Zp!! mVLg ilm@ $DOL hE(m ZQEK r@)! Bardock (Level 160) pB...
You must have a firmware installed other than the Official Sony firmware in order to use psp-pda. If you need help putting a "Custom Firmware" onto your psp you can find an almost limitless selection of tutorials online. Then you just need to place it in the game folder.
because the game you are playing is scratched
It won't it is simply only for ps2 but it works in a ps3 ^_^
give it a break every once in a while, keep it in a well ventilated area.
It's more a question of which PS3 can play any PS2 games, but both questions are answered somewhat in the related link. If you have the PS3 slim then none and don't look further. Some of the older PS3s did play some games, but really that ship has sailed. For unless you have an older machine and...
YES it can your player card is online so if you get a new ps3 and enter your email and password it will come up with all your friends,trophies, and multiplayer games will save too
There's a good chance that the USB ports in your PlayStation 3mostly, if not exclusively, get used to power and connect yourgaming accessories. What's not obvious, however, is that those USBports can also be used to read and write data to a standardthumbdrive. . What kind of data, you ask? Dust off...
You buy the game
Yes, why wouldn't they.
Yes, there are three: Sonic Rivals, Sonic Rivals 2, and Sonic Mega Collection.
They might not have made the last game many have been released since the question was asked including. Major League Baseball 2K12 PS2 release was March 6 2012 and they may make a Major League Baseball 2K13 for the PS2 FIFA 12 PS2 release was on September 27 2011 and they may make a FIFA 13 for...
The best play station 3 game is L.A. Noire
Playstation Network (PSN) is a free service. just pay for thedongle, and the internet service, and your golden.
The cost to play online for the PS3 is limited to what you have to pay for online access. The Sony PlayStation Network does not charge to use the internet. If for example you already have cable internet you can play the PS3 for hundreds of hours a month with no additional charges except to your...
go to the rock ledge in one of the maps and shoot three times in the air.
you cant connect a physical memory card to a PS3. press the homebutton, and hit change slots. and from there you should be able toset up a PS2 memory card built into your hard drive, make sure itis in slot 1, and save.
I prefer Reflex. It is newer and it has more fun in the gaming career. -EPIC_XTREME_AURA
uhh, yeah... You can have them on the same TV just not on at the same time. It's actually quite common for many people to have 2 or 3 different game consoles. They offer different features and there is no real reason for a person to choose to have just a single one anymore than a person would...
There should be an option on the main menu called "Career".
the best is the intervention or the wa2000. both are mostly 1 shot kills.
Yes, but only the demo.
No, you cannot play songs from an MP3 on PS2.
Some times that happens! Or your disc is dumb LOL
Well, I personally tend to do best when I use the M4 Carbine. I also enjoy the AK47 and MP5 (silenced). All guns are good in their own respect, but some are better for others based on playstyle. Some people like large magazines so they don't need to reload, other's like burst/single shot weapons so...
Sort of... I've never heard of your baby growing to the size depicted on the inside of the game case. However, he does eventually start walking and learns a few words. All in all, the creators probably didn't expect you to play long after the three year mark and it takes the average player a year...
You can not find one without some other form of payment needed. For example at the Sony rewards site if you answer every question for over a year then you could earn about $250 toward the purchase price of a PS3 and buy one for only $50 from the Catalog. Then that would only be for people who lived...
yes, Beowolf was set up in medieval Europe.
There should be a place where it says cheats or something it'sprobably in the corners
yes, you just can not save
i dont think carnage is on mua2
Yes, the parent controls usually consist of 4 code passwords butfurther restrictions might be possible depending on the model.
Scratched and dirty games could be the reason or dust/dirt on the laser lens
Older PS3 Models with 4 USB ports will play PS2 games as seen on related PlayStation network link. All PS3 models with only 2 USB ports can not play PS2 games and there are no updates, downloads or additional hardware or cables that will allow them to play PS2 games. All models of PS3 can play PS1...
Stores that do take a PS2 in for trade do not offer much many times $20 or less.
no there is no option where the actual system will translate thegame that is only an option that can be selected in the actual gamemenu
When you defeat Chaos at the end of Shade Impulse part 4, you will unlock Shantotto and Gabranth's storylines. Defeat Gabranth at the end of his storyline and you will be able to purchase him at the PP store for 1,000 PP.
Through dial-up, just wait few months...
except the very first one
You need to attack it first wait till it falls down Zell will say to RUN! Hold the buttons you need to escape and you will.
After you get to the final world in Spyro the Dragon there is this door that says x100 eggs that is where sorcerer is and as soon as get x100 eggs that door will be open and you will be able to battle her and as you beat her you win the game. after that if you don't have all the eggs you can go back...
phoenix dies and so dose the royal duke and skyhead
i dno find it out your self
It is not likely to come out in spite of rumors
if you are asking if there any free games to download yes, go tothe playstation store go to games then go to free to play some arefor PS3 some are for ps vita
In my opinion,(and yes you can quote me on this since it is just anopinion) the Xbox elite 120GB is way better
No ps3 is way better than xbox 360 Elite by a mile
It is your internet connection password.
It kind of depends. MOST mics should be compatible with the PS3
Japanese games can play on American consoles, vice versa ONLY.
THE EPIC ANSWER . you need a WiFi connection and have to turn your WLAN switch on and create a connection, and voila.
A much shorter cord can produce extra voltage. Apparently its the lack of voltage from wd passport to the playstation that's the issue
The Hornet's Nest . Enemy Intel 1 Check inside the house at the right side of the alley . Enemy Intel 2 : After clearing the 2nd open area, check the far left side of the whole area for the Intel . Enemy Intel 3 : Enter the yellow building to your right by the entrance near the blue ...
no because once you go online you will start back from level 1. no emblem, no callsign, no unlocked guns.
Not necessarily. Maya will ask you if you have any of the listed equipments then she will use it during the exercise but if you don't have she will not.
The PS3 now has a 320 GB model that is $299.99 and some models are bundled with Uncharted 3 for the same price and can have a Move Bundle for $350 without the Uncharted 3 game bundle The 160 GB model is $249.99 and the 250 GB model is no longer produced and old store stock is being sold for $390 on...
go hunt a monster first. after the mission, go to the man who sells armors and look for the armor that he sells. choose the one with good skills, then hunt that monster again and again until all the requirements for that armor set is in your hands. then buy that armor. the skills will only be...
Yes there is but you have to buy an expansion to use it.
You find him in one of the rooms in Orochimaru's Hideout I don't remember when does he appear but i do know that you have to complete the main story line and if you found the Fourth Hokage than you can also find Sasuke.
New games are $16.95 and used games are under $10 but amazon will only give you $2 in a gift card to trade one in
Generally, since a memory stick labeled 8GB is actually a littleless (around 6.5GB) it will be able to hold about 2662 photos.(assumed photo size of 2.5 MB each)
There will be on November 8th, 2011. Battlefield is better anyways.
Hacking IS illegal.
Download the PlayStation Network Downloader and install thesoftware. Sign in to your PlayStation Network account. Onthe PlayStation Network account management site, go to the'Devices' tab and select the 'PlayStation Systems' link on theleft.
you go to multiplayer and select split-screen
No, but I heard on a website you can have infident health.
your game might be broken go to any video store and ask if they fix games
I believe there was, but I know there was a radio which you canplay music. But, Sony PS home is over now.
Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is a highly advanced data recovery software that will help you get data back when your drive's partition table, boot record, or FAT/MFT or root directory is corrupt, a virus hits the drive; when files are deleted; or when the drive is struck by a power failure. The...
i have updated 6.39 version..after that i m unable to play the game...when i open the game ..it shows that download the game or purchase the game....but other every thinds are working except games
You can't, modern warfare 2 has only one player online but it has splitscreen which is only local play.
Yes. I really enjoyed the game and wanted it to go on. No it dont! when u beat u can continue ur game and find all the hidden riddler challenges. Their's also no enemy's so u can find everything pretty fast.