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Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, with a total area of approximately 80,155 square miles (207,595 square kilometers), and an estimated population of 9.65 million (as of 2009).
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The post-Soviet satellite state of Belarus is near to many other former Soviet Union states. Bordered by Russia to the north and east, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the north, it is entirely surrounded and is thus known as a land-locked state.
Belarus is the world's 58th largest importer and the 30th most  complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index. The  country's major imports are petroleum and petroleum gas, packaged  medicament, cars and parts, mineral products, machinery, chemicals,  metals and food products.
Poland is the country you are looking for.
The country is called Belarus. Its official name is the Republic of Belarus, but prior to independence it was known as Belorussian (Byelorussian) Soviet Socialist Republic.
It's their climate, mid-continent climate. The same situation exists in our North American mid continent cities such as Winnipeg, Fargo, etc or larger, Manitoba and North Dakota,
Belarus declared independence on 25 August 1991. At this time it ceased to be Belorussian (Byelorussian) Soviet Socialist Republic, and became the republic of Belarus.
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Yes, in Belarus you can marry; your actual wedding ceremony will be unofficial- you would be considered officially married when you sign documents in Zaks (the government marriage center).
No, they are not, along with the Soviet states which have territories located in Europe, such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova , Azerbaijan and Georgia.
People outside of Minsk on collective farms can be pretty poor, but generally the country isn't too bad.
I don't think "Bela" actually means anything on it's own.But it comes from the old Russian name of the area which was normally refered to as "White Russia" in English - although I think white Russia actually covered more ground than Belarus does now.
5  lativa & lithuania to the north  russia to the east  ukraine to the south  poland to the west
Belarus is located in Eastern Europe .
A Polish officer
The most recent one, March 29, 2010.
Technically there is no official interpretation of what the color represents, but Lukashenka (the leader/dictator of the country) has said that "red stands for the freedom and sacrifice for the nation's forefathers and that green stands for life." The decorative pattern on the side of the flag is...
A small country in Eastern Europe, and is one of the new world countries
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No. Belarus is a country that is completely land-locked.
Belarus is a country in Europe.
It's possible that some people in Belarus speak French. However, it is not recognized as an official language of the country. The official languages of Belarus are Belarusian and Russian.
The train between Berlin Germany and Brest Belarus runs one every  hour. For the local, it may stop every other 15 minutes.
No, Belarus is a presidential republic, meaning that the leader is  directly elected by the people and not responsible to the  legislature, and that the nation's sovereignty rests with the  people.
No. Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe.
Tractors, buses, trucks, heavy off-road vehicles, haulage and earthmoving equipment, microscopes, cameras, watches, milk products, matches, textile, sulphuric acid, cigarettes and tobacco products
Belarus is a country in the Eastern Europe. It doesn't have any sea access and it is bordered by Russia to the East and Northeast, by Poland to the West, by Latvia and Lithuania to the Northwest, and by Ukraine to the South.
Minsk: It has a population of 1,836,808 inhabitants (2009 census).
The White Stork is the national bird of Belarus. Belarussians have many legends connected with this bird. It is a symbol of Belarussian nature, happiness and youth. To kill the stork is a very very bad thing. Also it is said that a pair of storks always live together, but if one among the pair dies,...
Belarus shares a border with the following: Latvia and Lithuania to the northwestPoland to the westRussia to the eastUkraine to the south
Belarus: 207,595 km2 or 80,155 sq miNebraska:200,520 km2 or 77,354 sq miBelarus is larger than Nebraska in terms of size.
The name Belarus means "White Russia", but it is no longer a state - Belarus has been an independent country since 1991.
No, some people of Prussia migrated to were Belarus is today around 1230 due to German and Polish onset.
It isn't any more. Belarus used to be one of the states of the USSR. When the USSR collapsed, Belarus gained its independence, doing so in 1991.
Belarus is a landlocked country in eastern Europe surrounded by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest.
Belarussian language is used in legal documents such as marriage certificates and passports (list goes pretty far). There are several schools and universitites that teach only in belarussian and some older cities and villages (with older population) use belarussian, but have no problem speaking...
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Belarus, is the answer and it is located just North of Ukraine.
Belarus is indeed a very old country and the youngest city in Belarus is it's capital - Minsk, over 900 years old. Main tourist attraction is architecture such as 11th century castles, churches and so on. Also, belarus is rich in its culture and has a beautiful landscape area.
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The currency of Belarus is Ruble, but not the same one as they use in Russia and few other countries.
the main exports of Belarus are wheat and vegetables and the main imports are oil and gas... i think
Alyaksandr Lukashenka
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Romania was not a part of Soviet Union (excepting Northern Bukovina and Bassarabia)..
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Belarus, as of present, does not have a national tree.
Other than Macedonia being a province in Greece and not a countryeverything is In Europe
In Belarus we have the same jobs as in America. Most women go to medical school or they work in the shops or store. Men work in meat stores or drive taxi. some do government work or even work in the chocolate factory. everyone works the fields in the spring and summer.
Romania was not a part of Soviet Union (excepting Northern Bukovina and Bassarabia).
No. Belarus is not located in Asia. Belarus is located on the European continent (Eastern Europe). It borders Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland.
Romania was not part of the Soviet Unon although it was one of the Eastern Bloc of nations allied to the Soviet Union.
1941-1944: The German occupation of Belarus resulted in the deaths  of 2.2 million people, the destruction of 209 cities and townships,  and 9,200 villages, and uncounted material losses.   1945: On April 25, delegates from Belarus and Ukraine were invited  to the San Francisco Conference....
It was in the days of Catherine II and more recently Anastasia- both Royal Ladies were of German descent! Catherine converted from Lutheranism to Russian Orthodoxy, by the way.
There are no "Belarus countries" in Europe nor anywhere else. Belarus is a single country located in eastern Europe.
Belarus supplies Russia on economy related conditions. Belarus and Russia have also strengthened lines of communication for better trading routes. They have helped each other flourish.
Yes. Belarus, in Eastern Europe, is bordered by Poland to the west, Lithuania and Latvia to the north, Russia in the east, and The Ukraine in the south.
If one traces back the origins of the word 'Belarus' he/she can find out that historically there were several lands bearing the same name 'Rus'. There was Black (the western part of the present-day Belarus), Red (eastern Slavic lands)and White Rus as well as Kyevskaya Rus and Moskovskaya Rus. As far...
Tourist visas for all countries that are part of the Commonwealth of Independent States (including Belarus) can be obtained at the Mexican embassy in the Russian Federation: Bolshoi Levshinski Per. 4 Postal Code: 119034 Moscow Russia Phone: +7-95-2015631 +7-95-2012328 +7-95...
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Belarus is a dictatorship.
None. Belarus is landlocked.
In 1940 Soviet Union (containing Russia, Belarus etc.) invaded parts of Romania (Republic of Moldova of today and Northern Bukovina. In 1941 Romania managed to liberate the occupied territories but lost them again at the end of the war.
The flight time from London Heathrow in the UK to the nearest  airport in Belarus is approximately 2 hours and 55 minutes.    The exact travel time will vary as it depends on factors such as  weather conditions, flight speed, refuelling stops and delays. Your  airline can provide additional...
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Yes. Regions (with administrative centers):Brest Region (Brest)Gomel Region (Gomel)Grodno Region (Grodno)Mogilev Region (Mogilev)Minsk Region (Minsk)Vitebsk Region (Vitebsk)Special administrative district:Minsk City
Yes. That point is less than 25 miles from the center of Minsk.
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Some of the major exports of Belarus are chemicals minerals andmachinery.
Kievan Rus' (ruled from Kiev but contained most of modern day Ukraine, Belarus, and some of Western Russia), The Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Lithuania), The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, The Russian Empire, The Second Polish Republic, and the Soviet Union.
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The Belarusian ruble or рубель, plural: рублёў.