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A dry, often sandy region of little rainfall, extreme temperatures, and sparse vegetation
Kalahari Desert & Richtersveld
The sandy region of the western Sahara in Mauritanian is called theempty "quarter".
The Namib Desert is found along the coast of Namibia.
Certain cavys are found in the Sahara Desert like the desert rodentbut not all kinds of cavys as the scorching heat of the sun inSahara is too much for a cavy.
Any kind of insects they can find.
Snails, slugs,earthworms, bacteria, and mushrooms are some decomposers in theSahara desert..
The area of the Sahara had already long been a desert by 2000 BCE.Lack of precipitation and a rise in temperature had dried up thearea by 3400 BCE.
Africa is the second biggest continent in the world and is home tothe largest desert on Earth, the Sahara. Other major deserts foundin Africa are the Namib, Kalahari and the Libyan desert.
yes, the Sahara is the biggest desert
Sand in the desert moves by the wind, not a tide.
i don't know about night, but during the day the average temperature is about 86 degrees Fahrenheit, but on extremely hot days it can exceed 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
Sonoran Desert is the desert in North America which has Cacti.
It's a desert! If you like deserts go ahead,but if you want to see scenery all you'll see there is sand.
The Sechura is a desert located in western Peru above the Atacama Desert. It is a cool coastal desert. It is also known as the Nazca Desert.
A total of 3,064,000 live in Wales (2011).
The Atacama Desert of South America is the driest non polar desert on earth.
You can get water in a desert when the rain is falling. Sometimesthere is also ground water you can dig for.
There are two general types of deserts: Hot desert: Sahara, Mojave, etc. Cold desert: Antarctica, Gobi, etc.
The amount of rainfall depends upon the location as the ChihuahuanDesert is quite large, Generally, the desert receives about 8inches of rainfall per year on average.
Camel also known as ship of desert xerophytic plants like cactus these are two most common living things in deserts
i am pretty sure that it is like other deserts. for more information go to google.com!
Millions of people live in cities and towns in the deserts of theworld. A few examples: Cairo, Egypt Las Vegas, Nevada Chihuahua, Mexico Phoenix, Arizona El Paso, Texas Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and many, many more.
The Antarctic Desert and the Sahara are the two largest deserts on earth.
This question likely refers to the Bedouin peoples. The Bedouin arenomads are not limited to Arabia alone, and can be found in Israeland Egypt for example also.
No, deserts are a hostile environment for population expansion.
Many areas of the desert have fertile soil but if it does not havewater, it is not useful for growing plants. Only an oasis has boththe soil and water.
Many areas of the desert have fertile soil but if it does not havewater, it is not useful for growing plants. Only an oasis has boththe soil and water.
Asia : Gobi Desert, Taklamakan Desert, Thar Desert, Arabian Desert North America : Great Basin Desert, Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert, Chihuahuan Desert South America : Patagonian Desert, Monte Desert, Sechura Desert, Atacama Desert Africa : Sahara, Kalahari Desert, Namib Desert Australia : ...
Yes, a section of the Sahara called the Libyan Desert covers muchof Libya.
The Gobi is the coldest and most northern desert in the world. Itis mostly dry, rocky, sandy soil with only about 5 percent of theland covered with sand dunes. Clarification: Antarctica is actually the coldest desert in the world.
Most any animal in the desert will take advantage of carrion when it is available. Principal scavengers are ravens and vultures but foxes, cougars, bears, wolves, bobcats and many other animals will not refuse a free meal when present.
Cacti are from the Americas and not native to the Sahara.
There are no deserts in the Netherlands/Holland
No. The Negev is the southern region of Israel.
European countries have the least amount of deserts.
Millions of people live in cities and towns in the deserts of theworld: Cairo, Egypt Las Vegas, Nevada Chihuahua, Mexico Phoenix, Arizona Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and many, many more.
The Arabian Desert covers nearly all of the Arabian Peninsula.
A desert, any desert, is defined as a region that receives lessthan 10 inches (250 mm) of precipitation per year.
The main deserts of the United States are: Mojave Desert Sonoran Desert Chihuahuan Desert Colorado Plateau Desert Great Basin Desert
It is hard because of the heat and low water supply
The desert tortoise is found primarily in the Sonoran Desert andMojave Desert.
Nope, because extinct animals do not exist anymore.
They arn't, just because a desert is located westward of the middle of a country doesn't mean they can't form in the east, north, & south.
Every desert has different statistics. However, a desert is definedas a region that receives less than 10 inches (250 mm) ofprecipitation per year on average.
The Sahara the western and 1 other but I do not know!
France has no true deserts.
Patagonia is a cold desert.
South America has several deserts, the best known are: Patagonian Desert Atacama Desert Sechura Desert Monte Desert
The sonoran desert covers 100,000 square miles.
The Grand Victoria Desert is in Australia.
Summer because at night, it wont get too cold.
The Atacama Desert. However, some scientist say Antarctica shouldhave the title as the driest desert.
the Sahara is the biggest because it covers 3 and a half million square and the Gobi only covers 400000
The two major deserts of China are in the northwestern part of that country. One is the Taklamakan Desert and the other is the Gobi Desert.
No the Sahara Desert is in Africa, the Gobi in China
The Sahara is in Africa and you get there by plane. You take a plane ride to Cairo.
The Andes are so tall they prevent moisture from the Atlantic Oceanfrom crossing into Chile causing a rain shadow and forming theAtacama Desert.
The Thar Desert is found in northwest India.
Sahara Desert - Africa Chihuahuan Desert - North America Gobi Desert - Asia
An oasis is an area in the desert where ground water is close tothe surface and springs or ponds are found that provide water forplants and animals.
Non existent . There is no such place as the 'Savanna Desert.' The savanna is a very distinct biome from a desert. It is a grassland with some trees and receives more rainfall than a desert.
Very hot and humid. The winters are considered cool for desert conditions, with an average temperature of 55° F (13° C). The summers are very hot, with the highest ever recorded temperature at 13° F (58° C). The average rainfall in the subtropical region is approximately 3 inches (76 mm)...
Several different animals call it home including the cape hare, baboons, oryx, the wild ass, gerbils, sand fox, jackals,a variety of birds, scorpions and vipers.
There is no desert in the United States that 'covers' four states.The Mojave Desert does enter four states, however: California Nevada Arizona Utah
There are a number of choices that qualify: California Arizona New Mexico Nevada Texas Utah Colorado
The southeast region of what country? Please specify if you want ananswer.
North America: Mojave Desert Great Basin Desert Chihuahua Desert Sonoran Desert Colorado Plateau Desert South America: Atacama Desert Patagonian Desert Monte Desert Sechura Desert
The high humidity and cloud cover of a swamp act as a blanket,holding in the day's heating. The desert lacks humidity and cloudsso the heat radiates back into space.
The Sahara Desert.
There are several - amongst others: The Gobi Save The Kalahari
No, Antarctica is the coldest desert on Earth.
Yes there is the Kau Desert which is part of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It is formed by the rain shadow cast as the volcanic mountains drive the wet air up as the trade winds and force it to drop out the water as rain so the air on the other side of the mountain is relatively dry.. and also Ewa...
Deserts are found in the following: Texas New Mexico Nevada Arizona California Utah
The Sahara is as dry now as it was about 13000 years ago
Yes, tarantulas live in the desert.
yes you can own this cactus if it is on the property you buy..however ..you will pay more for it in arazonia (property that is) is one is on your site. however again..you can not move it. damage it. or molest it in anyway (i am sure molesting a cactus is not a good thing to begin with).
The three major deserts in Africa are the Sahara, the Kalahari and the Namib.
The Gobi is located in mid-Asia, far from the North Pole. But Gobi desert is a cold desert.