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A dry, often sandy region of little rainfall, extreme temperatures, and sparse vegetation
Kalahari Desert & Richtersveld
The sandy region of the western Sahara in Mauritanian is called the  empty "quarter".
The Namib Desert is found along the coast of Namibia.
Certain cavys are found in the Sahara Desert like the desert rodent  but not all kinds of cavys as the scorching heat of the sun in  Sahara is too much for a cavy.
  Snails, slugs,  earthworms, bacteria, and mushrooms are some decomposers in the  Sahara desert.   
yes, the Sahara is the biggest desert
Sonoran Desert is the desert in North America which has Cacti.
It's a desert! If you like deserts go ahead,but if you want to see scenery all you'll see there is sand.
A total of 3,064,000 live in Wales (2011).
You can get water in a desert when the rain is falling. Sometimes  there is also ground water you can dig for.
There are two general types of deserts:   Hot desert: Sahara, Mojave, etc.   Cold desert: Antarctica, Gobi, etc.
Camel also known as ship of desert xerophytic plants like cactus these are two most common living things in deserts
i am pretty sure that it is like other deserts. for more information go to google.com!
This question likely refers to the Bedouin peoples. The Bedouin are  nomads are not limited to Arabia alone, and can be found in Israel  and Egypt for example also.
No, deserts are a hostile environment for population expansion.
There are no deserts in the Netherlands/Holland
European countries have the least amount of deserts.
Millions of people live in cities and towns in the deserts of the  world:   Cairo, Egypt   Las Vegas, Nevada   Chihuahua, Mexico   Phoenix, Arizona   Ciudad Juarez, Mexico   and many, many more.
The Arabian Desert covers nearly all of the Arabian Peninsula.
A desert, any desert, is defined as a region that receives lessthan 10 inches (250 mm) of precipitation per year.
It is hard because of the heat and low water supply
The desert tortoise is found primarily in the Sonoran Desert and  Mojave Desert.
Nope, because extinct animals do not exist anymore.
They arn't, just because a desert is located westward of the middle of a country doesn't mean they can't form in the east, north, & south.
The Sahara the western and 1 other but I do not know!
France has no true deserts.
The sonoran desert covers 100,000 square miles.
Summer because at night, it wont get too cold.
the Sahara is the biggest because it covers 3 and a half million square and the Gobi only covers 400000
The Sahara is in Africa and you get there by plane. You take a plane ride to Cairo.
Very hot and humid. The winters are considered cool for desert conditions, with an average temperature of 55° F (13° C). The summers are very hot, with the highest ever recorded temperature at 13° F (58° C). The average rainfall in the subtropical region is approximately 3 inches (76 mm) per...
Several different animals call it home including the cape hare, baboons, oryx, the wild ass, gerbils, sand fox, jackals,a variety of birds, scorpions and vipers.
The Sahara Desert.
Deserts are found in the following: Texas New Mexico Nevada Arizona California Utah
The Sahara is as dry now as it was about 13000 years ago
Yes, tarantulas live in the desert.
yes you can own this cactus if it is on the property you buy..however ..you will pay more for it in arazonia (property that is) is one is on your site. however again..you can not move it. damage it. or molest it in anyway (i am sure molesting a cactus is not a good thing to begin with).
The three major deserts in Africa are the Sahara, the Kalahari and the Namib.
The Gobi is located in mid-Asia, far from the North Pole. But Gobi desert is a cold desert.
The hottest air temperature ever reliably recorded in a desert was 134degrees F in Death Valley of the Mojave Desert in California on July 10,1913. An even warmer temperature of 136 degrees was recorded a few yearslater in Libya but that has been discounted as inaccurate as it was notproperly...
The major deserts of Africa are the Sahara, the Kalahari and the Namib. The Sahara is further subdivided into smaller, local deserts.
It is hard to believe that anyone lives in the Atacama Desert, but they do, however, it is very hard for people to survive. The people there have adapted to the desert and are used to finding water that is very hard to find. Thousands of years ago, the desert was mostly inhabited by the "Atacameno"...
Plants that survive with little rainfall in the Sahara Desert  include acacia trees, palms, succulents, spiny shrubs, and grasses  that have adapted to the arid conditions. These plants grow lower  to the ground to prevent water loss by winds, store water in thick  stems, and have long,...
Nearly the entire continent of Antarctica is a desert.
Mesas (high mountains with flat tops, or plateaus), arroyos (rain-washed dry gulches), and sand dunes are some of the classic landforms that are found in America's southwest desert region. See the related link listed below for lists of landforms found in Arizona, USA, plus more information:
The camel is a rare animal in the desert because it can carry us for miles in the hot desert, if we kill it it will provide with meat, it also provides with fat that helps to light a candle, lantern etc and its hump will provide water.
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There are no true deserts in Britain.
no georgia does not have any desserts
Within the borders of Argentina are found the Patagonian Desert, the Monte Desert as well as a small part of the Atacama Desert.
29% (572,040 sq km / 220,866 sq mi) - the same size of Spain and Lithuania, or California and Illinois put together.
Alaska has some small semiarid regions but no major desert areas.
There are two deserts that enter southern Arizona: The Chihuahuan Desert The Sonoran Desert
An oasis is an area in the desert with water.
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In western Canada there is: Carcross desert Fraser canyon Thompson country Carberry sandhills Nk'mip Desert Throughout Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Oregon: Columbia Plateau Snake River Plain Wyoming Basin Red desert Alvord desert Oregon high desert In Nevada: Black Rock desert Forty Mile...
The Sahara desert is the world's hottest desert. It is located in Africa. :)It is very hot in the daytime and below freezing during the night. It is the second largest desert in the world, after Antarctica. The Berbers occupy two thirds of the Sahara.
The Atacama is located within a dry region of the world, specifically near 35degrees N/S latitude..if you notice the earth every major desert of the world falls near the 35degree mark N and South including the Mojave, SOuth West, Sahara, Arabian, Atacama, Kalahari and Great Australian (Sandy) Desert...
No, the Sahara is in North Africa
i knowit affects bye the cold weather in the earth and the bad  weather to im guesing
About one-third of the earth's land surface is covered by deserts. That's about 33 percent.
Antarctica - cold desert
The Gobi Desert is very large but the center point is located at:   Latitude (DMS): 44° 0' 0 N   Longitude (DMS): 105° 0' 0 E
The Simpson Desert is one of several deserts in Australia, and covers about 180,000 square kilometres in central Australia, spanning the Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia. It is the fourth-largest desert in Australia. The Simpson Desert has some interesting things to see. These...
a cactus is one and a good number of species of Acasia, Casurina, Calotropis and some halophytes.
they learn technics to survive and they know where to find water and food like cutting cacti (cactus') and getting water from inside.
St. George can be found in at the merging of three greatecosystems, the Mojave Desert, the Great Basin Desert, and theColorado Plateau.
Several Reasons: because traditional hot climate houses are built in areas where it was popular to build with available materials using an adobe or stucco style exterior. This comes from a hot climate house is subjected to very little rain and doesn't need a pitch roof; only protection from the sun....