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Computer Science is the systematic study of algorithmic processes that describe and transform information. It includes the theoretical foundations of information and computation and the practical techniques of applying those foundations to computer systems. Among the many subfields of Computer Science are computer graphics, computer programming, computational complexity theory, and human-computer interaction. Questions about Computer Science, terms such as algorithms and proofs, and methodologies are encouraged in this category.
Artificial Intelligence is self awareness, sentience in a programmed computer. Such is impossible with digital technology and the limits placed on digital platforms by the relatively miniscule memory capacities available. So, no roles for business.
Iap stand for in app purchase like playing clash of clans or other  games like that you could spend money to buy something for you in  the app.
A connection between the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial  intelligence will become a threat to mankind, provided basic  questions are answered prior to considering imposing constraints on  AI capabilities.
More knowledge. If you know more you can do more. For example i  like web designing. Its the easiest way of expressing your colorful  ideas to millions of people with very small lines of codes which  are basically like symbols.   Like "Yo dude wassup...... Nothin much" can convey a lot of ...
An open loop system is simple and straightforward, requiring fewer  physical or logical connections as the closed loop design. It lacks  the feedback offered by closed loop designs. As such, it is often  considered inferior to a closed loop design.   A closed loop design assures the initiator...
the character-at-a-time printers are too slow; therefore, these  users need line-at-a-time printers. Line printers, or  line-at-a-time printers, use special mechanism that can print a  whole line at once; they can typically print the range of 1,200 to  6,000 lines per minute.
Through sniffing a network they can basically observe the package  traffic on the network. Their sources and destinations. By sniffing  they can listen the TCP/UDP ports and analyze the packages and the  data inside of it. So by using sniffing tools network adminstrators  can monitor unusual...
merge sort is the most efficient way of sorting the list of array.
A relation may be in 2NF if   1. it is in 1NF &   2. Every non prime attribute functional dependent on primary  attribute
Yes, it's a kind of storage, so you can store anything that will  fit.
In a sense yes all computer controlled enemies in games are AI and  a handful of robots could be considered to have an artificial  intelligence, however as of now they are just basic programs and  don't really think for them selves and are not really conscience so  don't expect USR robots...
interactive python. org/rune stone/static/pythonds/Trees/TreeTraversals . html (take the spaces out and enterinto your web address)
Sleek, speedy, fast, fine UI, highly productive, etc.
Generally, it takes 4 years to complete a standard B.S. in  engineering.
The easiest way is to have them each directly access a shared, synchronized data structure of some sort. Queues often work well, as one thread can be adding information to the end of it while the other thread removes information from the front.28.214999999999996 - 31.185
Robots can not advance their hardware they can only duplicate it sothat artificial intelligence through robots will not advance unlesshumans have some sort of input into it.
Binary-valued quantities can be 0 or 1, true or false, right or  wrong. There are only 2 possible values.
It can be either or even both - depends on how the designer(s) designed the distributed systems
well it depends on what AI software it is. some might be frommachines to learning algorithms. so for example if you get likecortana the AI system with Microsoft. it is learning new things.you can ask it to give you weather, play music etc. but it isconstantly learning more and more.
Machines are capable of performing specific tasks that normallyrequire human intelligence such as visual perception, speechrecognition, decision-making, and language translation etc. So infinance are we can use AI according to business need.
Cloud Computing Advancements inDesign, Implementation, and Technologies outlines advancementsin the state-of-the-art, standards, and practices of cloudcomputing, in an effort to identify emerging trends that willultimately define the future of the cloud. A valuable reference foracademics and...
Some love artificial intelligence because they think it will make their life easier for the-- which is true but there are disadvantages as well. Suppose the fact that these things will only be machines and they will not always listen to command especially if they are programed as a complete human....
In a pure segmentation architecture, segments are allocated like variable partitions, although the memory management hardware is involved in decoding addresses. Pure segmentation addresses replace the page identifier in the virtual address with a segment identifier, and find the proper segment (not...
Notepad can only read plain text from files. So if you try to open an image in notepad, it will attempt to ready the binary as ASCII encoded characters. This is where all those funky characters come from. If you want to view the binary for a file you will want to look for a hex editor. These types...
This algorithm has several advantages. It is simple to write, easy to understand and it only takes a few lines of code. The data is sorted in place so there is little memory overhead and, once sorted, the data is in memory, ready for processing. The major disadvantage is the amount of time it takes...
The apology was released by the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on behalf of the UK government for sentencing Alan Mathison Turing in the 1950s to chemical castration which caused depression and eventually led to his suicide in 1954.
use to compose, review,edit,revise,layout,written memos and reports
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Serves for the correlation of two situations, for example speed with respect to time, this serves you more for analysis of situation that you can apply to the computer when making a program but it does not directly influence as such
we are doing the project in ieee standard dotnet so we want the seminar topic in ieee standard only
the data will be flow in tha crime reporting
ALGOL is a family of programming languages, developed in the 1950s, that was intensely influential on the development of algorithm description computer science.
There is no institution called "University of Indiana"; its name is "Indiana University." .
Here, let's check out this one as a warming up:http://www.slideshare.net/oscarjr713/artificial-intelligence-power-point-presentation-3006401
Turings' vision of AI was when you "talked" with an AI machine you would not know it was a computer. Today computers doing new tasks without prompting would be the goal of some programmers.
  a topology is a way to connect the network system.   we can connect network with different types   ring ,bus and mash is a topology or way to show connect network with different types   in ring topology the systems which we want to connect in network in the form of ring
#include<iostream>   #include<vector>   #include<string>   #include<algorithm>    int main()   {   std::vector<std::string> str_array = { "John", "Bill",  "Alan", "Craig"};   std::sort (arr.begin(), arr.end());   }
Mnemonics is a method of remembering things by associascation. Hexadecimal is a number system. 0-9 are as usual and then a(10) b(11) c(12) d(13) e(14) f(15)
It is called Computer Science because you are learning how a computer works and operates and how to translate that into human language. E.g. How a computer processes information, making programs using code like Java, C+, etc.. because computer science is the study of the theoretical foundations of...
In one sense, a computer is fairly important to computer science since it's the main tool you use for filing system . On the other hand, computer help us to keep data base, track records and we can keep account details easily. If you want to analysis data you have to use computer. we can say that...
DFA - deterministic finite automata NFA - non-deterministic finite automata
I want you to tell me the advantages and disadvantages
Given that the problem of artificial intelligence is most definitely not solved at all, the question cannot be answered.   Marvin Minsky himself, who is one of the key figures in AI research, gave an amusing lecture about that very fact not too long ago; the lecture, entitled "Where's HAL," is...
#include<iostream>#include<vector>#include<algorithm>int main(){using namespace std;vector<int> v { 9, 1, 4, 3, 7, 6, 5, 2, 8 };cout << "Before sorting:\\t";for (unsigned i=0; i<v.size(); ++i) std::cout << v[i] << '\\t';cout << "\\nAfter sorting:\\t...
Interface IP address is the piece of information is available from  examining the output of the command show IP interface  brief. 
JFC stands for Java Foundation Classes. They are a set of GUI  components and services which simplify the development and  deployment of commercial-quality desktop and internet/intranet  applications.
No. If you have one IP per customer, you don't need to create smaller subnets.(You won't have enough addresses though - the first and last addresses of the block will be the network and broadcast addresses and won't be useable. You'll only have 1022 usable addresses)
You can do it simpler just by using preprocessor directive #include void main() { int a, b; cout > a; cout > b; cout b; for ( int i =1; i
There has to be a key on your keyboard, between 'X' and 'V', marked with 'C'. Press it!
It is depends on the browser and operating system, Which youhaven't mentioned, but you can find it under "temporary internetfiles" (Internet Explorer) or "browser cache" (Firefox, Netscape,etc.) depends on your browser.
class diagram for payroll system
A washing machine, as it happens, is not a computer at all. It is a washing machine. However, modern washing machines typically contain one, possibly even multiple, computers. You can't play games on them or download a Twitter app, these are highly specialized computers. For example, one computer ...
calculus is very interesting subject . and in computer science it is as important as programing. a good programer must have tight grip on mathematics especially on calculus because it,s help a lot in programing logic
constants are values that does not chnage through out the program exceution..
The following are operations performed by queue in data structuresEnqueue (Add operation) Dequeue (Remove operation) Initialize
EMYCIN is a derived version of MYCIN which was an expert system developed during the 1970s for administering right antibiotics to patients suffering from bacterial infections.EMYCIN ( Empty MYCIN ) is actually a general expert system shell created by removing some unnecessary domains of knowledge...
High level languages are far more descriptive and, generally, more like a natural language. In my experience, it has been a lot easier to make a typo in a low level language because you are doing things like directly accessing memory locations and using registers for storage.
Broadly; Information that is relevant to decisions of a country's policies.    Often refers to information that another country does not want known.information
the ability to actively think and form ideas and conclusions based  solely on personal experience and not pre programmed data
if a language is recognized by NFA then it can also be recognized by DFA so we can simply say that NFA=DFA
Advantage: you could use it to simplify some tasks in your life. Disadvantage: is very addicting to use. (Some people can't stay away from their computer for more than a day!)
Propagation means triggering ie something which fires automatically. Thepropogation of operation is applied with aggregation, if some operation is applied with the high level aggrigate the same operation will be performed with all lower aggregates. For example in aggregation between document and...
MCA is Equivalent to ME (Computer Science and Engineering) Masters is always MORE and HIGH VALUE than a Bachelors. It's really very Wrong to Compare BE / Btech to MCA, because, as you all know that BE / Btech is NOT Eligible for doing Ph.D (CS/IT), as MCA degree is Eligible for Ph.D The Person,...
Example: In this example we will try to demonstrate a very simple practical example of artificial Intelligence programming in Delphi using Delphi arrays. I have chosen a Nepali game named "GATTA TIPNE KHEL" (meaning pebble picking game) for this purpose. We can see small children playing this...
e-mail harassment, falification of data, gender and age discrimination, embezzlement sabotage, and industrial espionage.
this is my doubt about the non-preemptive priority scheduling. i m doing bachelor of engineering in IT and this question in end semester exam. the question is as follows: Assume you have the following jobs to be executed with one processor, with the jobs arriving in the order listed here: Process ...
commonly operated machine particularly used for technology education and research . Computer is one of those words which did not originally "stand" for anything. It simply meant "one who computes." Any answer like the one you see above has been made up to sate the computer world's thirst for...
Misuses of a computer include using it for a baseball bat, frisbee, and dinner plate. There are many misuses of a computer. Using one to spread viruses and spam is a major misuse.
To imput information onto the computer such as letters and numbers.
The Basic Elements of a Computer:    Hardware - Compose of the physical components. The tangible  parts of a computer. ex. power supply, keyboard, mouse, etc.   Software - Intangible parts. The parts which do not have  material form. ex. datas, programs, protocols, etc.     Slightly...
Multiple branched logical statements, that is one may not be true , the other one or the best statement
John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) in the year 1955
Example for C++: template<class T> void ListinsertSort(T * v, int n) { int * link = new int[n]; int head =0; int next,cur,i; link[0] = -1; for (i = 1 ; i < n; i++){ if (v[head] > v[i]){ link[i] = head; head = i; } else { for (cur = head ; cur != -1 && v[cur] <= v[i]; cur =...
Frequency AmplitudePhasefrom Anura Priyantha
Sequential search has a worst case of O(n) for n elements and an average of O(n/2). Binary search with a perfectly balanced binary tree or a sorted array takes O(n log n) time, both in the worst case and on average. However, an unbalanced tree has a worst case of O(n) when the tree is constructed...
Modern OSs making use of multi-tasking tend to be interrupt-driven.
A function can map for sets with infinite elements. Recursive variables, being 'algorithms of algorithms', are restricted to finite elements.
Queues are commonly implemented for abstract routines and data access structures. In languages using object-orientation, they may be featured as classes. Some methods for implementation include circular buffers and linked tests.
basis elements of AI are predicates , functions, variable , constants , quantifier and logical connectivity