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Media Players

Media player is the term given to any piece of software or hardware which turns stored data (an audio file, a DVD, etc.) into something which can be perceived visually or audibly. Questions about this type of software and how its used belong here.
Y would u want me to download a horse music
It depends what operating system you are using... 1. For Windows you would simply search for it in your start menuand then that will show you if it has been installed. 2. If it does not show up it means you have not installed it yetand need to find your download directory usually called "Downloads"...
I do not think so, because it is only for itunes. But you can get (for example a walmart or target gift card) and buy an ipod from there.
Go to the store. Tap games. Download any app. Paid apps earn you more. 100 credits equals 2 songs
It is so small. And it is attractive for others (they steal). its mosly our own falt, never let nobody see ur ipod.
It should automatically save in the downloads folder.
Removing the SC Info folder and rebooting solved my " unknown erroroccurred -50"
you can not! it is not permited by apple
You will need to download a the software for Logitech Touch Mouse.It is not possible for me to upload the link on as answers.comwon't allow me to do so. You can download this software from theLogitech website and open the 'support' tab in the webstie. Thenclick on "Support+Download". Click the...
Tune Up is a website to make your computer faster. Where ever you got the idea of album artwork is beyond me. It may be a scam,don't trust things like that.
The term podcasting is controverisal because it was first made as atype of radio audio for iPods and other MP3 players but now thereis a lot of other ways to listen to podcasts besides on iPods sosome people think that it should not be called podcasting becauseof that reason.
Put the sd card into the slot in your computer. When it pops up,open the folder to where you can see everything on the card. Then,open up iTunes and drag the playlist into the sd card folder
Hold down on the app that you want to uninstall and press the redcross in the corner.
Open iTunes. Mac: Go to File > Add to Library. Windows: File> Add Folder to Library. Learn how to turn on iTunes menus inWindows 8 and 7. Navigate to and select the file or folder you wantto add. Click Open.
a. Open Windows Media Player. b. Click the arrow below the Sync tab, point to the device, and then click AdvancedOptions . c. The properties dialog box for your device is displayed. In the Sync tab, clear the Startsync when device connects check box.
No, iTunes does not take Amazon.com Gift Cards.
you can't, you listen on 3g/edge or wifi and it streams the song...
No there is not. The stated requirements for an iPod are: Mac system requirements . Mac computer with USB 2.0 port . Mac OS X v10.4.11 or later . iTunes 9 or later Windows system requirements . PC with USB 2.0 port . Windows Vista or Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack...
Apple's free iTunes software can be downloaded and used on both Mac and Windows computers. (See links below) If you want to buy music from the iTunes Store linked from the iTunes software then you will need to pay for that.
Movies in an appropriate format (.mov, .m4v. .Mp4 etc.) can be added to your iTunes library by dragging them over the iTunes icon in the Dock, or directly into the iTunes window if it is running. Selecting Add to Library... From the iTunes File menu (shortcut: Command O) will present you with a...
Hello, I see you want free music but.. remember that copyright laws areagainst downloading music,software,and any kind of other files thatare paid for free.
You can only put songs that you have purchased onto your iPod. It is illegal to take songs that you have not purchased.
sync it to the pod cast you want
Right-click on the music file, then go to Open With; then chooseWindows Media Player.
The other phone must be an iOS device. (iPod, iPhone, iPad). To play them on another phone, download them from iCloud. If you don't have an iOS device the situation is complicated and might not be understood by qualified people. 1) You have to connect your iPad to your PC and find the music and...
You can buy an itunes giftcard from a store. Try to create an account, when it says : type of payment. You should click on giftcard( it says something like this) and then type in your code. To redeem it. theirs a triangle next to your account and click on the button that says redeem. Then enter...
you draw.... you favorite songs.... on their back.....
It depends. If you have a 1st or 2nd. You can't they can't play video. If you have a 3rd, 4th, or 5th, download the video podcast, and drag it onto the ipod or sync it.
At the top of the store click the home button.
Their website did not mention of a license policy (if any at all).To be on the safe side, assume a single license and registrationcode allows for only one (1) copy to be installed on one computerand that any other machines you wish to have a copy of you wouldhave to purchase additional licenses for...
It's simple! All you have to do is... search DJ Earworm on your computer, NOT your iPod!
The software iTunes is free and can be downloaded from: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ However, you do have to purchase most music, videos, etc. If you have CDs already, you can import those into your iTunes music library. Sometimes you can get a free song or two from the iTunes store. Click...
Yes Its Under 'One Of A Kind By Breaking Point'
hold down on the home button and the sleep button and that will turn it off and then u can turn it back on and it should b unfroze............ twilight girl
right click the album and select "get album artwork". If that doesn't work, go onto Google images, search the name of the album, find an image, select 'view full size' (you need to do that or the image will be blurry when you put it on itunes) right click and select copy, then go back on to itunes,...
Try Now TV or Netflix or iTunes or Google Play Movies
There may be a few reasons for this. . The track you dragged onto iTunes was copied into iTunes (drag and drop) and the original file wad deleted off of the hard drive. Since that song was not bought on iTunes, it uses the song on the hard drive as the primary file source to play the track. ....
Press down the menu button as well as the center button for ten seconds. If that does not work, restore it on itunes. I suggest you don't change the theme of the ipod, the themes are buggy and if you ever need your Ipod to be fixed, apple won't fix it when it has been tampered with.
Through Itunes or... On PC. Go to My computer, click on your ipod. On the top click view and click folder options. Select show hidden files and folders. You will see a new folder. Open that and... It should be all there! On Mac. Open terminal and type: defaults write com.apple.finder...
If this is occurring while the iPod has been on, it is because you did not pause or stop the music. Since most iPods do not have built-in speakers, when you take the earphones out, you do not hear anything. If you turned on your iPod without playing any music and then you plug in the earphones...
Ahh. My ipod nano has 16g but it says 15g. That is because the ipod alone has 16g, but it comes with 15g, because 1g is used for the ipod software.
You can't; use Windows Movie Maker instead; it is a free downloadfrom Microsoft.
Your media can be placed anywhere you wish, whether on the Internalor external hard drives or even on CDs. Use iTunes preferences toindicate how iTunes adds media to your iTunes Library. If you manually move media around, iTunes will not know where itis. So after moving any media, drag the media...
If the song is copyrighted and you don't own it, then downloadingit (for free) via torrent is illegal.
You can turn DVDs into .mp4 format with a video converter. However, you first need to decode the DVD on your computer before you can convert the file.
Good question i am having the same problem but make sure you have installed the phones software and check that the connection cable is not faulty.
Yes,you can go onto your account settings for iTunes and then click Edit payment information. You can enter an iTunes card as long as you have the code on the back that's only when you start creating an account when you already have an account you go to itunes and go to redeem and type in your...
To buy Apps with an iTunes card you must first enter the card onyour created account, before that make sure you're signed in andknow your password. Then what you want to do is try to buy a game,song, movie, video or something else. It will then ask you for yourpassword. Enter the password and then...
You can select more than 1 file the next way: push "Ctrl" andselect two or more files using "Arrow" buttons.
No, sorry you can't. You only go in the water. When you do make it to land the game with that spore ends.
Yes, there is a way. . Connect your iPod to iTunes and open up iTunes. . Go to the iPod's music library. . Right-mouse click on the one song you want off. . Then click Delete. . Now it is off of your iPod, and all the other songs remain.
That depends on personal preference, if all you want to do is listen to music the iPod Classic would be good for you. But if you want apps, games, and internet, look into the iPod Touch.
the song from the new skins podcast advert (the advert with posh kenneth) is called. 'Black and Gold'. by 'Sam Sparro',. i'm not too sure which remix it is though, sorry.
yes they are called macbooks and they have been around since the dawn of time.
What you have to do is press stop while it is playing then you have to press the fast forward arrow once and that way you will get on to the next song. If you want to get on any further songs press it as many times according to how far away the song is.
Usually MP3 player does not contain any any data. MP3 file may link with Player.
The difference is that an iPod touch is a touch screen and a regular iPod does not have apps and u cant put apps on a regular iPod any other questions if so ask me or send a message to me on thiss website.
Can be done file type by file type: Go to: control panel/programs/default programs/set associations Scroll down the list and pick the one you want. Pick .mp4 (for example) click on 'change program' (top right) Browse to the media player (.exe file) you wish to play the file in. I...
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I know 4K YouTube to MP3 player is the best option.
If someone gave you a code then that person could not cash it. Only a stupid person would give you a code.
In Frostwire your files will turn red when they are not being shared.
Nothing can be bought on iTunes for ten cents. The lowest price on iTunes is sixty-nine cents, which is the price of a very unpopular song.
I'm not certain, but pretty sure that you are trying to download a game 'app' to your ipod and the 'apps' and ipod classics are not compatible. iphones and ipod touches are the only ipods compatible with 'apps'.
yes and the police can track you down if you do it more that once
BeeMP3 is a search engine that finds mp3 files on the Internet. You are not downloading from BeeMP3 but from the servers where the music is located. If the supplier of the music is not authorised to distribute the music then they are acting illegally by making it available and you would be acting...
If "Auto-downloads" under "Settings" is enabled then Podcasts willbe updated automatically.
there is many website where you can play online video game. Just search in Google you will find many website.
Season one of Glee is still in production, currently on a mid-season break. The first season should resume mid-2010, and come to iTunes after it airs on Channel 10. Normally Itunes put an episode on right after or close after the episode as aired on channel ten
The iPod Touch software may be out-of-date or may be too new. iPod Touch apps have been known to not open if you do not have the minimum latest version of the 2.0 software, and certain apps will not open if you have 3.0 or 3.1 software.
You cannot 'download' internet. An iPod has to be connected to a Wi-Fi router in order to access the internet.
No. The iPod Nano is a separate device for listening to music/watching videos/ect. The iPod Touch and iPhone were made at nearly the same time with similar specs, though the iPhone is not necessarily an iPod Touch phone.
the first ipod touch made was September 7, 2007
People from all around the world can download iTunes. It's just a matter of whether or not iTunes comes in their language.
Depends on the cost of the songs. On iTunes, some songs are $1.29 and some are 99 cents. So it all depends
1. It is entertaining, and the information feels personal as theperson is talking directly to you. 2. They are easy to retrieve information from 3. They do not require you to read walls of text 4. Find one podcast, and you have lots of information at yourfingertips 5. It is a mp3, so you can listen...
My best answer is to turn it into a mp3 file from iTunes LimeWire,then save it onto your computer. Then plug in your iPod shuffle onthe computer, and import the saved music from your computer to theiPod.
BearShare is a filesharing website that specifically deals with music files that donot infringe copyright. All files are scanned against a musicindustry database before they can be shared and downloaded. You cantransfer some but not all files which you download from BearShareto your iPhone. ....