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Commercial Vehicles

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Commercial vehicles can include fleet vehicles, company cars or other vehicles used for business.


It would depend on mostly how much business the company has and how long it has been in business. Personally i would tow anywhere from 3-10 cars in a day
Find a company which is hiring and will provide OTJ training. It'll require some leg work on your part, but they are out there.
Max Towing Capacity(lbs) for model E150 is around 6400 lbs
no, it must be placed on a flatbed truck to avoid damage to the transmission..
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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 382.107 defines controlled substances as "substances identified in § 40.85". Those substances are:(a) Marijuana metabolites.(b) Cocaine metabolites.(c) Amphetamines.(d) Opiate metabolites.(e) Phencyclidine (PCP).
You'd need to identify your country of origin. In the US, if you  were talking about truck classification based on Gross Vehicle  Weight Rating, there are eight classes - 1 - 8, and no Class 61.  Classification systems may vary elsewhere.
A  tow truck or  wrecker, is a truck used to move disabled, improperly parked,  impounded, or otherwise indisposed motor vehicles. This may involve  recovering a vehicle damaged in an accident, returning one to a  drivable surface in a mishap or inclement weather, or towing or  transporting...
It is usually on the east side of the map.
Average is about 30,000. It honestly depends on what you're  driving.
There's a strong chance it has to do with the vehicle's computer.Sometimes the ignition can malfunction for a number ofcomputer-related reasons, including the alarm. A shaking of thevehicle could either cause that problem, or even resolve theproblem. You might not know for sure until you have it...
Fuel pump fuse on iveco daily
Well, that's a very vague question - in fact, too vague to be answered. Trucks come in many shapes and sizes, and there's no telling whether you're talking about a Class 1 truck or a Class 8 truck.
a car being towed by
First, decide how much your target price--the price you always want to pay out of pocket for fuel--is. Let's say your target is $2. Subtract that from the current national average diesel price. If it's $5 per gallon (God forbid), the difference is $3 per gallon. Then divide the difference by six...
I am not sure what you mean by repair because it is a wear item. It  would need to be replaced which would involve disconnecting your  transmission from the engine, removing the pressure plate and  flywheel bolts to disassemble the old unit then either getting the  flywheel resurfaced or...
Any of the violation points are assigned to Vehicle Code sections  and any other code section, or city or county ordinance, involving  the safe operation of a motor vehicle. Any violation occurring as a  pedestrian or a bicyclist has no point assigned and department may  suspend and place on...
They have to be towed by a helicopter
It all depends on what vehicle you are referring to.     The CC indicates the volume of gas (V) swept by the piston in the  combustion chamber during each powerstroke. To know the brake  power, whose unit is horsepower, (BP), you must also know the  frictional power (FP), engine rpm (N)...
The value or worth of something is based on what someone will pay for that item. So what is your question?
how many case loads of bottled water can this semi truck practically haul? A typical semi-trailer should not be expressed by 12.5x8x40 because a typical semi-trailer is bound by dept. of Transportation regulations that say max height is 13ft 6in and max width is 8ft 6 in. If there were 12.5 feet...
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Depends on model, features, mileage/hours, overall condition, etc.
A CDL is required to operate vehicles or combinations with a gross vehicle weight rating of over 26,000 lbs., as well as any vehicle which is a: designed to transport more than 15 persons (including the driver) or b: carrying sufficient quantities of hazardous material that it requires for placards...
The CDL is federally administered. If you get a ticket while operating your personal vehicle in another state, it will still show on your MVR for your home state.
That depends on your pay structure. Are you paid by the hour? Load? Mile? Salary?
Depends on the bus and what kind of route it runs. Keep in mindthat some city buses are entirely electric. A bus driving longdistances on the Interstate will likely fare better in mileage thana city bus (one that runs diesel fuel), on account of it not havingthe stop-and-go traffic. You take a...
Get a haircut/look nice. tell them where you were grown up. what your driving record is. Just the basics.....
Typically 4 wheels.
Because air is in constant supply - thus, a leak in the system won't necessarily render the brakes inoperable, whereas, with hydraulic brakes, the fluid would leak out until it had emptied.
AB Volvo, which owns Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks, UD Trucks (formerly known as UD Nissan Diesel), and others.
You need the appropriate class of CDL without the Intrastate Onlyrestriction.. that restriction is given to persons who are eitherunder 21 years of age, or have identified as "Intrastate (eitherExempted or Non-Exempted)" at the DMV. Other than that, you need the appropriate permits, IFTA, etc.
3922x is an economy version of the much preffered gunite 3600A.The 3922X is 8lbs lighter than you 3600A but will fit all the same application for 16.5x7 brakes.The 3922X is marketed as gunite's " Value Plus Drum" I see alot of salesman out there selling these and not explaiing to difference between...
As much as the tank installed in it was intended to hold. There isn't one single answer applicable to all classes, makes, and models of school buses.
Part 393.30 - Battery Installation. Describes how the batteries in a commercial vehicle will be installed.. Part 382.301 - Pre-employment Testing. Requires drivers to be tested for controlled substance use before being allowed to drive.. Part 376.11 - General leasing requirements. Gives conditions...
if the governor is regulating the compress and its compressing like it should thn your best bet if you already havent tried this is check the air lines or one other possible thing could be a slice or a hole in the tank itself
If you don't have a headboard mounted on the trailer itself, then yes, you do.
If you are taking any form of medication responsibly as prescribed, it is fine to operate heavy equipment unless your doctor tells you otherwise.
A crane truck is a kind of truck where a crane type equipment is used to take any kind of load. for this purpose a truck have to be very capable of bearing heavy load.The crane is operated by a controlling device manually.
Depends on what class licence you want, and what endorsements. The most broad, sweeping answer is to attend a truck driving school - most community colleges have such a programme, as do several trucking companies (Swift, Schneider, Werner, USXpress, Knight, C.R. England, etc). The biggest thing...
It depends on the year, model and length.
Top of the transmission output.
The amount of time a driver should log as "on duty not driving" should accurately reflect the amount of time he spent doing his inspection. The minimum time that must be logged is 15 minutes.
It depends on the commercial vehicle, how it's licensed, the state it's running in, and a lot of other things, but a tractor-trailer combination with tandem axles on the tractor and the trailer can generally carry 80,000 pounds--12,000 on the front axle and 34,000 on the tractor and trailer tandems.
There are several brands and models. Knowing the model is essential. First you have to enter the programming mode for the lock your working with. This is why we need to know. Entering the programming mode and following this with the old 6 digit code. They by entering the new 6 digit code twice, your...
The tow truck driver must make sure that the 4x4 is disengaged (if it is 4x4) first of all. Then they have to put it in neutral so it will coast behind the tow truck. Since Ford Explorers are rear-wheel drive, you must hook up from the rear wheels, so the front wheels can spin easily.
No. To be exempt from CMV requirements and regulations, the vehicle must be registered as a recreational vehicle.
Because entry level companies tend to act like a bunch of slave drivers. They know they've got you by the balls for that first year. And they know that, if you quit after that first year, replacing you will be easy enough.
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Ask any truck driver, and they will all probably tell you that trucking is a lifestyle. The pay can be good if you own your own truck, but the hours are tough and being on the road is something that you either love or hate. Some people like seeing the country and the independence of being your own...
Depends on which chassis it was built on. Blue Bird used Ford, Navistar International, and their own proprietary chassis (and probably some others, as well). In most cases, where the dash normally would be on the passenger side, there'll probably be a fuse panel there, with a small metal door to...
Laden is the loaded weight
== Answer ==     A dye test will tell you if your head is damaged in the event of a blown head gasket. It turns colors anywhere it is leaking on the head, hence where any cracks would be.
Tow trucks tow automobile vehicles!
Depends on the vehicles weight. There is a thing called thinking distance. The time it takes you to think, react, and actually apply the brakes. This averages around 1.5 seconds. At 55 you will travel around 122 feet before you even hit the brakes. Then you hit the brakes and it will take around...
Varies by state... some states use Class C as a default, othersonly have a Class C CDL. Generally, it's vehicles up to a GVWR of26,000 lbs.
(As of July 2010) New HOS rules are still being debated at the federal level.
If you don't have a CDL, you can't operate a commercial vehicle. You can't even so much as be in actual physical control of the vehicle (in the driver's seat with the motor running). Even if you possess a non-CDL Class A or B licence, this holds true - a non-CDL Class A/B only permits you to operate...
Find out what the problem is. In my experience, it's usually a badwheel speed sensor.
Not necessarily every vehicle used for a commercial purpose.. for example, you don't need a CDL to operate a taxi cab, although some states do require a Chauffeur's Licence.. however, any vehicle carrying more than 15 persons (including the driver), and any vehicle carrying hazardous materials in a...
There is no known cheat for a tow truck. I tried it a few times and it never worked.
Because, instead of all the weight being on the lug nut studs The weight is on the HUB itself and not the studs. If you look at the wheel you will see that it fits tight around the floating hub. The regular rear ends the wheel studs hold all the weight.
With the proper permit and not concealed.actually, the concealed part depends on where you are. In the U.S. each state sets its own laws for permit issue. Some states allow concealed carry, some state allow open carry, some states allow either.
No. Florida wouldn't pass any such law unless it was passed as a part of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations first. As it, the FMSCR has no requirement for commercial vehicles to have air conditioning.
They come in various sizes.
No. 49 CFR Parts 300 to 399 do not mention a requirement to have an a/c system in the cab of a property carrying tractor CMV.
No, they are not. Some companies, however, may have a company policy prohibiting their drivers from doing such.
Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to purchase or take some action upon products, ideals, or services. It includes the name of a product or service and how that product or service could benefit the consumer, to persuade a target...
At the very least, an astronomical fine. Pray that any other vehicles involved were covered with "uninsured motorist insurance". This is coverage that pays the injured parties an equivalent amount as the at-fault party's insurer would have paid had there been third-party insurance. If not, and...
If the gearbox is causing freeplay in the steering wheel, then thegearbox needs to be replaced.
  New York State does not have any towing regulation for the state. Each municipality may have one. Check the municipalities village or town code. remeber your vehicle insurance does not cover exorbonate tow bills.
90 ft. lbs. and put sealer on the bolts
under the dash on the kick panel to the left if your looking at the steering wheel
I believe Melroe a subsidiary of Clark
The gross weight, in this case, would be everything with things like the weight without the engine, wheels, tyres and all that stuff.
There's a couple ways to go about it, and there are three different classes of CDL - which one you want depends on what you're going to be driving. . Class A: Combination vehicles with a Gross Combination Weight Rating in excess of 26,000 lbs, in which the vehicle in tow is rated in excess of 10...
Franna (now Terex) was originally a make of "Pick and Carry" crane  which is extremely common in Australia. They became so common that  crane type is most commonly known as a franna. The boom on a franna  is mounted on above the cab of a slewable truck (one that can flex  between its axles)....
When used for commercial purposes, yes. If you're asking about this insofar as CDL requirements go, then that's a different story. If the vehicle is rated up to (but not more than) 26,000 lbs. GVWR, then it doesn't require a CDL. Examples include the Ford F350 through F750, Freightliner FL60 and...
No. In fact, I've never operated a dump truck (or any other vehicle with a lift axle, for that matter) where the knob to raise and lower the lift axle was not in the cab.