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What is Ecuador?

Its not What , it is WHERE and Ecuador is in Western South America, it borders colombia and peru. the population is 14 million. The capital is Quito. Quito is nestled in the A (MORE)

Is Ecuador on the equator?

Yes, it is. That's how it got its name. There is a monument called "La Mitad Del Mundo," just outside of Quito, the capital city. Unfortunately, the architects of the monument (MORE)

Where is Ecuador at?

Ecuador is located in west South America between Colombia and Perú in the Equator.(that's what the Spanish word Ecuador means) This is the reason why La Mitad del Mundo (The (MORE)

What can you do in Ecuador?

Stay cool dude. Don't chuck the ice cream. Better answer: You can climb glacier covered mountains, relax on a beach, take a cruise to the Galapagos Islands, party all night i (MORE)
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What was Ecuador named after?

Its a foreign name of a line. The word for "equator" is Ecuador, and the equator runs through the country.
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How do you fax to Ecuador?

You can use fax machine. There are establishments who offer this paid service. Also you may avail of the internet fax service where in you can send faxes using your online acc (MORE)

Why Retire to Ecuador?

Because Ecuador is one of the best places in the world to retire to. A national travel magazine chose Cuenca, Ecuador as the best place in the world to live in. The weathe (MORE)