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Is Ecuador on the equator?

Yes, it is. That's how it got its name. There is a monument called "La Mitad Del Mundo," just outside of Quito, the capital city. Unfortunately, the architects of the monument (MORE)

Can it snow in Ecuador?

Yes, even though it is located at the equator (the imaginary line that divides the northern and southern halves of the earth from which Ecuador gets it's name), snow can still (MORE)
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Where does Ecuador get its name?

  The country of Ecuador gets its name from the imaginary line that divides the Earth in two hemisphires: "equator"
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Who is the President of Ecuador?

Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado is the President of Ecuador. He assumed office on 2007 January 15 , he managed to get Ecuador's foreign debt heavily reduced by declaring the pre (MORE)

Where is Ecuador at?

Ecuador is located in west South America between Colombia and Perú in the Equator.(that's what the Spanish word Ecuador means) This is the reason why La Mitad del Mundo (The (MORE)

Where is Ecuador?

Ecuador is a beautiful country in northern South America, on the western coast, between Peru and Colombia. The Equator runs right through it. Galapagos Islands is a part of Ec (MORE)

What is unique about Ecuador?

ecuador is unique because of a lot of things. Mainly because of its resources. Ecuador´s Oriente is known as the lung of America. Also people in Ecuador are warm . Ecuador´s (MORE)

Landforms in Ecuador?

Ecuador is a South American country containing four well-known  landforms. They are the Galapagos Islands, Oriente Rain Forest,  Sierra Mountains and La Costa plains.