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Who is the President of Rwanda?

Paul Kagame is the President of Rwanda. He became leader of the Rwandan Patriotic Front during the Rwandan genocide, and took power over the country on 1994 July 19. As he (MORE)
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Who ruled Rwanda?

Rwanda was ruled by Tutsi kings up until it became a German colony  in 1899 when it became a nation of indirect rule. After the Rwandan  Genocide ended in 1994, President Pa (MORE)

Who colonized Rwanda and when?

Rwanda has previously been colonised by Germany, who first arrived to Rwanda in 1897 and took control over it soon after. In 1989, Belgium seized Rwanda from Germany in 1916 (MORE)

Where did the tutsi genocide in Rwanda happen?

There is a very long history of conflict in Rwanda which was first settled by Hutu people from the tenth century, but from the fourteenth century they became dominated by the (MORE)

Why was Rwanda Colonized?

Just as with the rest of the African continent, it was colonized by the European powers for the purpose of empire (money, expansion of global influence, to "civilize" the "dar (MORE)
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Where is Rwanda?

Rwanda is a small country in the eastern part of the continent of Africa.. In Central Africa, it borders Uganda, Congo, Burundi, and Tanzania
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What is the Interhamwey in Rwanda?

The interhamwey was a group of Hutus. After the Hutu's got power back after almost a century of oppression under the Tutsi minority, The Interhamwey formed and acted to elimin (MORE)