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What is atheism?

The denial of the existence in any god or gods. Atheism is the concept that there is no God, or deity above. It is not, I should clarify, a lack of belief in life after death, (MORE)

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How old is atheism?

Opinions   Since religion had to have a beginning, atheism is older than  religion. Richard Leakey (The Origin of Humankind) believes  that the first evidence of religion (MORE)
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Does Atheism have beliefs?

No. Atheism simply means "without god(s)" Atheism is the philosophical position of not believing - so there can be no beliefs. We need to define "belief" as well. Belief is a (MORE)
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Who invented atheism?

There is no founder or inventor of atheism. Atheism is as old as humanity. We are all born atheists. Religion must be taught and learned. Since atheism is simply the absence (MORE)
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What is an example of atheism?

Atheism is the lack of any belief in deities or higher beings in a spiritual realm. There's no real way to give an example of not believing in God or any gods as Atheists do (MORE)
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Why is Atheism popular?

Opinion: Only about 4% of the United States is atheist, so it wouldn't beaccurate to say that it's popular, but since so many people in themainstream media are atheistic, it m (MORE)
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Who was the founder of atheism?

Atheism is as old as mankind itself. everyone is born an Atheist and that man chooses a real religion no body found it
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What is militant atheism?

'Militant atheism' is a term used to describe atheists who actively criticize organized religion. They claim that religion is the cause of many of the major problems we face t (MORE)
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Why is atheism wrong?

Atheism is by no means wrong. We simply use our logic, reasoning,  skepticism, and rational thinking to figure out how nature occurs,  and not to cling to primative myths an (MORE)