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What is atheism?

The denial of the existence in any god or gods. Atheism is the concept that there is no God, or deity above. It is not, I should clarify, a lack of belief in life after death, ( Full Answer )
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What is good about atheism?

Atheistic thought allows for a view of the universe that does not rely on a unexplainable supernatural being. Being atheists allows us to see the world as it is. Let's look at ( Full Answer )
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Is atheism offensive?

No. In and of itself atheism is simply the absence of any belief in gods. It is a benign intellectual choice. Some people with strong religious beliefs may find that offensi ( Full Answer )
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Why did Atheism start?

Atheism started because some people examined the beliefs of religion and thought that science explained facts better. Atheists believe that science has provided more evidenc ( Full Answer )
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What does money have to do with atheism?

Money has nothing to do with atheism, which is simply a rational lack of belief in a God or gods. Atheism has no need of money to preach its cause, because atheism does not se ( Full Answer )
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What is atheism caused by?

A lack of belief. Answer: Atheism (the conviction that there is no deity or supernatural realm trslm) is the result of an aware mind examining all the information on relig ( Full Answer )
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What is militant atheism?

'Militant atheism' is a term used to describe atheists who actively criticize organized religion. They claim that religion is the cause of many of the major problems we face t ( Full Answer )
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Is Buddhism atheism?

Buddhism at its very core--cessation of desire--is a philosophy, a way of life. This then is compatible with Atheism because it has nothing to do with the supernatural. Howeve ( Full Answer )
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Where is atheism located?

Atheism is everywhere in modern society. There is no country in the world where atheists can not be found. In some European countries it is reported that more than half the po ( Full Answer )
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Where is atheism in?

Atheism is believed to be in the non believer section as according to most religious books.