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What is on iTunes?

itunes is a music library for ipod. There is music, photos, movies, podcasts, apps, itunes store, playlists, and genius (a kind of automated dj for music) You can buy music, c (MORE)

Do you have to pay for iTunes?

You do not have to pay a membership fee or monthly price for itunes, you pay for what you download, songs normally are 99 cents to $1.29.
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What is iTunes?

A program you download over the enternet and you use it to put songs, or videos on your ipod, iphone, mp3 player, ect..     itunes is a program that lets u buy music, v (MORE)

Can You Have iTunes On A NetBook?

If the netbook is running Windows XP, then yes, although it may run a little slowly. There is no version of iTunes for Linux-based operating systems. Yes! If the netbook has (MORE)

Is iTunes legal?

yes itunes is legal, if it wasn't then millions of people wouldn't be able to use it. The songs cost .99 and therefore are legal to download. They maybe cheaper, but they are (MORE)

Does iTunes have DRM?

Yes of course. itunes has Fair4Use drm protection on its. But you  can remove it. with tuneskit products, it's perfect.
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Who invented iTunes?

Steve Jobs Jeff Robbin invented Soundjam MP, which was later bought by Apple and changed to itunes and released in 2001!

Is iTunes illegal?

No, iTunes is 100% legal. Unfortunately iTunes is not 100% legal. Itunes sells downloads from providers on the basis of the providers giving false information and does nothin (MORE)

Where is your iPod on iTunes?

When you open iTunes on the left side of the screen there is a sidebar. If your iPod is already plugged in to the computer there is a tab called whatever you named your iPod. (MORE)