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Is mayonnaise homogeneous?

a heterogeneous mixture is a mixture where you can see the different parts in it. So unless you have some very odd mayo, it is not heterogeneous. : ) (So the answer is homog (MORE)

Is mayonnaise vegan?

No, traditional mayonnaise has eggs as an ingredient. These brands of mayonnaise are vegan: Dixie Diners Club - Low Fat Mayo Follow your Heart Natural Foods - Veganaise N (MORE)

What does mayonnaise do to hair?

I know from personal experience that REAL MAYO is a really good deep treatment for your hair. I have heard that the reason is from the fat in the mayo. I have also heard it be (MORE)

Where does mayonnaise originate from?

It is impossible to say for certain. Sauces similar to mayonnaise could have existed in antiquity, in any location where egg yolks were available. The recipe and name were cod (MORE)

How do make mayonnaise?

Make an emulsion using one egg yolk and one cup oil. Add one or more tablespoons of acid such as vinegar or lemon juice for flavor. You can create the emulsion with a bar blen (MORE)

How do you make mayonnaise?

In order to make mayo, you only need three ingredients: Egg yoke, vinegar, and cooking oil. That is it! Anything else that you add just gives it more flavor. My personal favor (MORE)

Is mayonnaise a dairy?

no. mayonnaise is not considered as a dairy product even though it is made out of eggs and vegetable oil.You may check on the food pyramid.Mayonnaise is grouped together with (MORE)