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What is sociology?

Sociology is a branch of science that is concerned with the studyof social issues or problems in a human society.

What is the sociological explanation of why sociology developed?

hey. In some point of life few of us have an experience or prervillage of crosing cultural boundaries (independly of secondary socialization ) by clashing with behaviour is n (MORE)

What is sociology of law?

sociology of law is a unique branch of science that deals with control of violation of social norms of that is important to note that social norms varies society to (MORE)

What does sociology do?

"Sociologists can identify general patterns of social life by looking at concrete specific examples of social life." -- "Sociologists recognize that society acts differentl (MORE)

For what extend can sociology be as sociology science?

If your question is what i think it is; to what extent can sociology be seen as a science. Many sociologists would argue that sociology is an extreamly relative science and sh (MORE)

How is sociology related with sociology of education?

"Sociology" is the broad discipline interested in the study of societies. "Sociology of education" is a subset of this, not unlike sociology of work, of gender, of the family, (MORE)

Why you have a sociology?

Sociology is overly important to the world. Soc. uses society to explain certain things that humans do. Apart from being very applicable to policy reform and giving you a stro (MORE)

Who are the sociology who contributed their ideas about sociology?

You probably mean which sociologists contributed their ideas to sociology. Well, the easiest way to answer that question is to look at the three fouding fathers of sociology - (MORE)