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What is the typography in Helvetica?

Helvetica is one of the most proeminent fonts in use by graphic designers today. You can see it everywhere, from American Airlines logos, to posters in your neighbourhood. Typ (MORE)

What is a ligature in typography?

A ligature is two or more letters that are tied together into a single letter. For instance, in some typefaces, certain character combinations like fi and fl overlap, resultin (MORE)

The purpose of typography?

Regardless of era, culture, language, or medium, typography has evolved as both a science and art for one main purpose: to make words easier to understand and more meaningful (MORE)

What does typography mean?

To understand the translated text as a communication tool which transfers a message, we must consider that every text consists of several levels: (1) communicative structure, (MORE)

What is bad typography?

Bad typography covers a wide range of mistakes people make when setting type in a document. Too short line length in relation to type size, not enough or too much leading, too (MORE)

Who created typography?

The first independent typefounder was a French man - Claude Garamond. He was not the inventor of movable type, he was the first to make type available to printers at an affo (MORE)

What is black typography?

Black in typography is referring to a font weight heavier than bold, the most "fat" weight of the font you can have and often expressed in numbers as 75, whereas the bold woul (MORE)

What is found typography?

Found typography refers to typography found in your everydayenvironment. Here's an example that I found on an old building, butit could be as simple as a flyer you see on a bu (MORE)