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What are baby waterfowl called?

That depends on what type of waterfowl it is. A baby duck is called a duckling. A baby goose is a gosling. A baby swan can be either a cygnet or a flapper.
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Treating a waterfowls broken leg?

Immobilize the bird (wrap it gently in some comfortable fabric in order to reduce stress) and get it to a vet or an animal rescue expert.

What do you call a baby waterfowl in general?

Take the kind of bird it is and add "ling" to it. For example, a baby duck: Duckling; a baby goose: Gosling. It may not work for all waterfowl, but if you reply confiden (MORE)

What do waterfowls eat?

Same as what ducks eat. So if you know what a duck eats then you know what a waterfowl eats. (So now you Know, you shouldn't ask this any longer).

What do the rings on a waterfowl lanyard mean?

They are bands that are found on banded ducks. Certain agencies band ducks with aluminum tags to collect migratory information. Once a duck is harvested, the band is called in (MORE)
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Where do waterfowls migrate to?

They migrate South because their food source becomes trapped beneath frozen water in the North.