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What are the Western Sahara tribes?

The Western Sahara Tribes are basicly: - Reguibat with many fractions and subfractios - Oulad Dlim - Oulad Tidrarin - Tekna with many fractions and subfractios - Laa (MORE)
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How do snakes survive in the Sahara desert?

"they get food and then that food gets digested into the saliva and terned into a kinda liquid and then that gives them energy when they need it. and any way snakes only use e (MORE)
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Where was Sahara filmed?

Morocco; Delta Del Ebro, Tarragona, Cataluna, Spain; Hawley Lake, Hampshire, England; Pyestock NGTE, Farnborough, Hampshire, England; Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, E (MORE)
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What animals are in the Sahara Desert?

yes there are there are camels 1.Camel 2.Addax antelope 3.Ostrich 4.Goats 5.Dorcas Gazelle 6.Deathstalker scorpion 7.Monitor lizard 8.Sand Vipers
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What plants grow in the Sahara desert?

Common desert plants include cypress, olive, acacia and artemisia,  doum palm, oleander, date palm, and thyme, while the common types  of grasses include Eragrostis, Panicum (MORE)

Is western Sahara a Developing Or Developed Nation?

I don't even know if the Country of Western Sahara could even be  called 'developing'. Western Sahara is part of the Sahara Dessert,  the second largest dessert on earth (An (MORE)