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A place to ask advice and help in dealing with the piping systems of homes and offices. That includes water supply and waste transport and the associated fixtures.


Get yourhigh school diploma or GED. A plumber needs a foundation in math(i.e., algebra and geometry), science (i.e., physics) and computers(i.e., computer-aided drafting). Get your vocational training.Complete an apprenticeship program.Get licensed
To get rid of our bodily waste.
It provides it's own pressure. It has it's own pump which is used to create the needed pressure to wash the dishes.
It's less than one hour of labour. -So one hour average plumbing labour cost wherever you are located.
It diverts the water supply through small holes in the body of the diverter and sends required amount up pip[e to shower head.
Does not sound like central heating. It sounds like a boiler system. When the hot water is routed through the cooler pipes and radiator, the air in those pipes are pushed through begins to expand and it causes the same effect as a tea pot boiling on a much larger scale.
Ball valve with high mounting pad to fit actuator. The pad has four holes drilled to International standard so the actuator cab be fitted without any mounting bracket.
The trap outside a structure would be a Storm type where there is little possibly of freezing and it must be a deep seal type to prevent evaporation
Answer . Your answer may be as simple as replacing the rubber washers inside of the faucet.
There are several reason why the plumbing will bang when a toiletis flushed. The most common cause is something called water hammeror hydraulic shock. it is caused by a sudden increase in waterpressure. Another cause is air in the pipes.
good try,but water at room temp. has the same density. Unless you boil water and compare,my research shows boiled water has less density.
The cost will reflect an average of labor time and materials involved to install the fixture, a cost range is appropriate as an estimate
Open front? closed Front , elongated , round, with or with out lid, which country are you asking about ?
Was it inspected before you bought it? Did you get any signed guarantee with the sewer listed? A friend of mine just went through the same thing. Everything points to the previous owner knowing about the problem and not disclosing it. The problem is proving that he knew about it. Judge said he felt...
A 5 minute shower uses an average of 5 to 10 gallons of water. If an American showered every day for five minutes, that would be 1,825 to 3,650 gallons of water. Showering four days a week would be 1,045 to 2,090 gallons of water a year. That's a lot of water but when you consider how much a...
To keep them from bursting when the water freezes
Often there will be debris in the line that clog the screen in the spout. If not that, it may be in the faucet itself. With single handle faucets or two handle that are quarter turn valves, it takes very little to block the hole that water comes through.
It will not hurt it. Neither PVC or metal is not going to be affected by even boiling water for a short time.
Not easily. Read this:
At night or in the morning. Everyone gets dirty every day no matter what they do or their enviroment. If you have a partner you sleep with, it is better for them, but if you do it in the morning, you will offend less people through the day.
the hot and cold water become together then they make an equal tempature. warm :)
Not unless the water line is cut on the cities side of the meter. Even that is doubtful because the meter should be one way and not allow house water to get back to the main line.
The flapper in the bottom of the tank needs to be replaced or the chain going to it is too short.
If you did something to cause it, left a window open or something like that, you could be held responsible for it. For the most part, the pipes are part of the structure and the landlords responsibility .
One of the elements is shorting out.
Lead poisoning. Answer courtesy of a slothbrain
Between 68 and 72 % depending on exact usage the part is for.
cut the water off. soak it in rust removal chemicals then wd40
To make your heaters work, make sure you have water in the water tank under the bonnet. You cant miss it. I had that problem with a corsa sxi, I didnt have any water in the tank hense my heaters wouldn't work.
Answer . If the hose-end just spins, it's probably retained by a "circlip." This is a wire made in the shape of a three-quarter circle. You'll need to us a pliers (needle-nose if you have one) to remove the circlip and then the hose-end will just slip off.
The cable is 3/4 to 1 inch diameter with a head that expands with the rotation. For a 3 inch drain you use a powered auger that turns the cable.
The trap and drain in most sinks gets it's venting from the overflow tube in the sink or in the case of a double kitchen sink, one side gets it from the other. One problem is with most cultured marble and cast sinks. Most of these do not have an overflow feature and may drain slow.
Odds are that the cold water lines to the faucet you are trying to use are shut off but the hot water lines coming from the water heater are not. That is why you have hot water but no cold water.
Fusion caused by the sun's huge gravitational field causes hydrogen atoms (the most abundant element in the universe, to "fuse" their nuclei into helium. The force released by this reaction holds up the sun's surface against gravity. Fortunately for Earth the forces are, and have been, in balance...
Try vinegar first, if no cure try baby oil and chrome polish. that's all I've got!
check it frequently to make sure it's working properly. make sure it's plugged in and motor functions when rising water level makes the float turn the motor on and that float returns to proper position to turn water off. All functions are easy to check on and parts easy to repair.
Should be zero, but it happens. You usually use two rings when the drain is below the level of the floor. If you put ceramic tile down this happens. As long as the wax seals against the toilet and the floor, it shouldn't leak. Another issue is if the drain sticks above the floor too much and the...
There a re various joint and vales. Sometimes booster pumps .
Any commercial or domestic boiler uses a heating element to provide heat to the water which is governed by heat transfer laws or thermodynamics. Since cold water is heavier than hot water, it remains at bottom and hot water occupies top portion of the storage tank. Thus heating elements are placed...
sewer lines should never be laid at less than 1/4 " per foot and if there's absolutely no choice 1/8" per foot would work but I wouldn't advise it. just use a good spirit level and a measuring tape. Use the most slope you can without going too deep. Follow local plumbing codes.
Depends on the frost line in your area?
If you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, ask a plumber or HVAC tech. It is not an expensive or difficult fix. Price of the valve and a service call should cover it. Shut the boiler down a few hours before he comes to allow it to cool a bit before he drains it will help.
If you want to prime it first, latex is fine or oil base by itself. You can probably get by with latex directly on the pipe, but there may be oils or dirt on it that will bleed through.
If you are comletely dried all over even your face then yes but if not then no as you can get horrible coldness diseises x
There is a set screw at the valve end of the float rod, but these are usually corroded so that you cannot adjust them. Most people just bend the rod up or down as needed. Hold the rod at the base so that you do not damage or break the fill valve or the rod.
Normally you would use Plumber's Putty to seal the faucet to the sink. Some man made sinks can absorb the oil in the putty and darken in which case a bead of silicone caulking would work.
I would use Teflon tape instead. That way nothing should get into the water. If you have never used it before, hold the threaded pipe in your left hand and wrap the tape over the top of the threads and around several layers. By doing it this direction, the tape will stay in place when you screw it...
cold water is more dense than hot water, therefore making it heavier.
Into the sewer or septic tank.
5 months , 3 days 2 hors and 43 minutes and 14 seconds.
Type Sarasota, FL Gerber toilet supplies in the search engine for a list of suppliers.
If you are talking about defrosting a heat pump, just switch it over to cooling and run it until the ice disappears.
They are all a little different, but probably, where the door pivots there is a bracket that the door pivot goes into. This should be adjustable. with the door open, there should be a screw in front of the pivot, in line with the top track. Loosen the screw and the bracket should slide towards the...
Most likely you have a bad diverter valve. If you have a shower valve, turn the house water off, remove the diverter handle and the escutcheon plate. Remove the diverter valve-many different ways- clips, screws etc-check to see it it is clogged, , washer or cartridge damaged etc. Go to a plumbing...
Until the system just quits working. There are no guarantees of how long this will take. If it were me, I would be saving my pennies, because when it happens, there will be no warning. bob...
Garbage disposal? If it is just jammed, you can use a hex wrench on the bottom of the unit to try and free it. If this doesn't work, you can use a broom handle through the sink to unjam it. If it has quit working but not jammed, there is really no way to fix it. It just needs to be replaced.
no. hot water is the liquid form. Water vapour is the gas form of H20.
The residential house Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) usually has setting capabilities of between 25-75 PSI. Normally, 50 PSI is suitable.
Efficiency has to do with the amount of work done and the energy it takes to do it. If you want to heat the great outdoors, or parts thereof, there is no more efficient way than radiant heating.
A euphemism for Lavatory. From the French expression (re)garde l'eau' Literally beware I am about to throw dirty water from my upstairs windows into the street. Other words are crap-box or crapper, immortalising Thomas Crapper a Yorkshire plumber who moved to London and founded the Sanitary-ware...
in open condition the valve handle lever indicates the upstream end of a ball valve ANS 2 - Most ball valves where that matters will have an arrow embossed on the valve body. In the case of many ball valve flow direction is immaterial.
Normally, the supply line for an outside hose bib is taken from the supply side (the line into the softner), since softened water (the line out) contains a certain amount of salt that is not particularly good for watering lawns or washing cars. In areas with hard water, this plumbing arrangement...
Answer . \nThis is way too complicated for the average homeowner to do. I srongly suggest calling a plumber.
It is hard to say it would have to depend on the toilet you are using. A toilet bowl and tank could last virtually forever if not physically damaged. However, the flush valve, supply tube and stopcock often develop leaks after 10 years or so, and might need to be replaced, or parts of them might...
This could be a blockage in the main DWV (drain, waste, vent) pipe which is usually a 4" pipe from the upstairs toilet and passing by the downstairs toilet, presuming the one is directly above the other. The other drains (sinks, showers, etc.), are smaller (1 1/2" or 2") and might be tied in below...
Since it is just water, it should go directly to the laterals. If the septic tank was full, the toilet would not drain. There may be a problem with the tank or the lateral field. ========================================================== Put simply a septic tank is always full! It starts off...
As with all things the term "best" is more a matter of opinion than of fact. Bathtubs are made of glazed stamped steel, acrylic, and fiberglass (and even glazed cast iron if you can find an old one). Each has its own properties, and each can last a lifetime or two if not physically damaged by...
Downstairs? First floor with a basement or in the basement? If first floor with access in the basement or crawlspace, no real problem. PVC, just cut the pipe and install a T. Cast iron, you can use a Saddle Clamp made for this. Looks like a PVC T split length wise and held to the cast iron with two...
it depends what shower you have cos if might affect it but on most showers you can
If the toilet is continuously running, you need to replace the flush valve assembly, or part of it, in the tank. If the flushing sound itself bothers you, you might be able to buy styrofoam insulation to line the inside of the tank. This will reduce the noise a bit while the tank is refilling, and...
You should not cap off any plumbing vent as these are in place to prevent siphoning of the trap water that prevents sewer gasses (which could be noxious or even toxic) from backing up through the plumbing. When you flush a toilet, the enormous rush of water creates a large suction which, if not...
Dual flush toilets usually use 3 and 6 liters of water depending on which way you push the flush handle - 3 liters for a little job and 6 liters for a major event. Single low-flush toilets use either 4.5 liters or 6 liters.
To clean a shower drain pour Dr.Pepper down it!!! Ideally water jetting as it will scour the waste lines to restore full flow as originally designed how to get rid of smelly bathroom drains . Water Jetting , snaking , Hydraulic shock wave . For cleaning nothing beats water jetting
The lead leaches into the water and gets into our bodies. Eventually you get lead poisoning and die.
House drain ends at the city sewer. City sewer ends at the waste treatment plant. Waste treatment ends at the nearest river.
The actual meaning of rough plumbing is advance work done by aplumbing contractor. Includes installation of waste and supplypiping, gas piping, shower pans and tubs. installation of water,installation of sewer pipes, vents and bathtubs etc. Whileconstruction workers are all too familiar with rough...
It is probably right next to the water heater. There should be a shutoff at the floor, if not then at the meter is the most likely shutoff.
You usually do not braze copper, you solder it. If you were to use brazing rod on copper, the copper would have very close to the same melting point as the brazing rod. This makes it difficult to do. As far as preheating the copper, it needs to be hot enough for the brazing to flow.
the pipe with the hot water will.] The piping with cold water as many hydronic systems are over 100 years old and the piping looks as new as the day it was installed As long as thermo stress and velocity are taken into consideration hot water lines can last longer then their cold countter...
If you don't insulate water pipes or protect them in some way from the cold, the water inside the pipes can freeze. This causes you to be without water until the pipes warm up enough to thaw. Also, when the water freezes, it can expand and burst the pipes which will then need to be replaced. Save...
Answer . Replace the wax ring with a double wax ring and shim the porcelain at the floor with plastic wedges, available at any home improvement store.
operating disc A gate valve, also known as a sluice valve, is a valve that opens by lifting a round or rectangular gate/wedge out of the path of the fluid. The distinct feature of a gate valve is the sealing surfaces between the gate and seats are planar, so gate valves are often used when a...
To stabilize a loose shower base, first make sure that the floorunderneath is level. A shim or two placed between the shower baseand the floor should make it more sturdy.
A Comparison of Corrosion Protection Systems and Requirements for Water Transmission Pipe Three separate studies in the last five years have indicated that the direct costs of external corrosion of distribution and transmission pipe for U.S. utilities is $4.4 to $5.0 billion per year. Large...
Through the vent terminal and the person adminstering the oil of peppermint test shall be excluded from entering the structure and all traps shall have their seals in place and all doors and window and air handlers closed
If the copper is big enough, you can treat it as if it were cast and use packing and sealant. If the diameters are too different, you can use a rubber coupling to connect the two.