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Earth Sciences is the study of the Earth in terms of Geography, Geology, Geophysics, etc. It combines the use of Sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics to understand the Earth System.
It's not really possible to answer that, as there are so many. Itis also dependent on your definition of mineral. Some are quartz,feldspar, and horneblende.
Creep is the slow mass movement of soil particles down a slope. Itis so slow that we do not see it happen. Creep is often shown inthe form of tilted objects along the slope.
Puerto Lopez de Micay, a small town near the coastline of westernColombia, may be a new contender for the wettest inhabited place inthe world.. Between April 1960 and February 2012, an average annual rainfallof just over 507 inches has been recorded at the weatherobservation station here, including...
Mountain-building is a result of continental collision, sodestructive plate boundaries. One plate is destroyed by subductionbelow the other, which undergoes compression, buckling and upliftas the collision continues. This is happening at present in Asia,raising the Himalayan Mountains.
The air you breathe is much lower than the ionosphere. Theionosphere is the outer layer of atmosphere.
Depends on the location of the forest. Gray Wolf: The iconic predator of the American North. Wolfpopulations have sprung back in recent years after decades ofdecline. Jaguar: The largest feline in the Americas, the jaguar once rangesinto the Southern US. Now its range is from Mexico to Peru. ...
Taylor Swift's telathon for Haiti raised $58 million dollars.
It would not be here according to science the sun will is come a red giant and overcome the earth and destroy it.
Five quarries that I know of are in Kelowna, Kimbereley, Renefrew,Salmo and Revelstoke.
Kimberlite pipes are typically quarried using open pit mines.
The oceanic plate (sea-floor plate) is denser than the continental plate, so the oceanic plate will be pulled under the continental plate (subduction) and into the upper mantle, creating an underwater volcano.
Minerals crystallize out from the water surrounding the grains andact as cement.
That's a very broad description. Some places have a lot of ice andsnow in winter, others have it most or all of the time. Nothingwill grow under permanent ice and snow. In the tundra, where onlythe top couple of inches of soil thaws in the brief summer, youtend to get only simple mosses. In places...
A volcanic crater is a generally circular shaped depression.
Significantly fewer people died or were left homeless by last year's earthquake in Haiti than claimed by the country's leaders, a draft report commissioned by the US government has said. The unpublished report puts the death toll between 46,000 and 85,000. Haiti's government says about 316,000 died....
According to theUnited States Geological Survey, more than 3 million earthquakeshappen each year. That's one earthquake every 11 seconds!Obviously, many of these earthquakes have little or no effect onhuman civilization - most are too weak to notice, and many othersoccur in completely uninhabited...
Radium is a decay product of uranium and is constantly beingproduced. U-238 has a half-life of about 4.5 billion years, sothere's still quite a bit left of the original amount on Earth.
ya it may be possible that by the using role scoper results in soilerosion
Countries that lie near the equator, the imaginary line dividing the northern and southern hemisphere of the globe. For example, Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia etc. People in these countries do not experience the four seasons as compared to residents in temperate regions.
Hot Ice, Sodium Acetate, is made from vinegar and baking soda.
They sent supplies like food water clothing etc
This is due to different soil compositions.
Particles tend to move faster, further apart and gain more energy.
It didn't really have a name, but there had been no real scientifictheory and most people's ideas were based on stories from theBible.
This question alludes to a common misconception. Warm and cold airdo not have magical properties that let on "hold" more water vaporthan the other. The answer lies in the dew point temperature (DPT).At 90 degrees a parcel of air can have a DPT of 90 degrees thusallowing a greater volume of water...
absolute magnitude is how bright the star actually is andluminosity is how bright it looks.
It gets cold when the sun is far away from our location like it is during the US winters due to the tilt of the earth.
The mail will run when it snows unless there is so much snow that roads are completely blocked and impassable.
Well lets see there is black carbon,carbon dioxide emissions and draining rivers if you need help with anything else don't hesitate to ask
Snow storms tend to develop in regions where air masses clash, and this battle zone has shifted south lately as a result of an intrusion of very cold Arctic Air. El Nino is providing additional energy to the subtropical jet stream, and that energy is able to fuel storms across the southern part of...
It is a cirrus cloud.
the area around the Pacific Ocean. It has a port.
low clouds = stratus middle clouds = altostratus high clouds = cirrus vertical development clouds = cumulus
weather . The state of the atmosphere at a given time and place,with respect to variables such as temperature, moisture, windvelocity, and barometric pressure. a. Adverse or destructiveatmospheric conditions, such as high winds or heavy rain:encountered weather five miles out to sea.
By who lives in it. . Examples:. Consumers, primary producers, decomposers, omnivores, carnivores, herbivores..
It can if exposed to the requisite conditions and circumstances ofweathering and erosion.
High Temp:. 26.1°F *. Low Temp:. 10°F. Average Temp:. 16.9°F. ( 24 ). Dewpoint:. 4.4°F. ( 24 ). Sea Level Pressure:. 1031mb. ( 24 ). Station Pressure:. 997.3mb. ( 24 ). Visibility:. 14.8miles. ( 24 ). Wind Speed:. 4.5knots. ( 24 ). Max Wind Speed:. 11.1knots. Max Wind Gust:. n/a....
It would be about 200,000,000 feet short from the moon.
Predominantly due to friction. Major earthquakes (the ones you hearabout on the news) occur at collision (where two tectonic platesare smashing together) and conservative (where two plates slideside-by-side) boundaries. Rocks (which obviously make up tectonic plates) can undergo twotypes of...
The equation for this problem is pi squared •2 divided by mass
There is technically not a 'Rainy Season' for Alaska, as Alaska'sSummer's are only slightly rainier than the rest of the US. May isrelatively dry, with only a 25% chance of rain, but as the Summerprogresses, the likelihood of rain increases, as in Autumn, theaverage chance of rain on any given day...
every continent we have today was part of Pangaea
rocks: igneous rocks,metamorphic rocks,sedimentary rocksect.................
Climate change would be my educated guess. The rays that hit the Earth used to be able to get out of the atmosphere. Now with all the air pollution the heat rays are being locked under the atmosphere, basically where us humans are located. In result the earth is warming up. Patagonia, Canada and...
Why not? Just make sure they're warm and keep an eye on them, as always.
The ground drinks the water and air underneath the surface forces its way up.
Definitely not under a tree, lamppost, or power lines. If you arestuck outdoors, a car is one of the safest places to be. Because ofthe rubber tires, you can't be struck as long as you are inside it.Indoors, stay away from the windows in case a tree is struck andfalls onto your house.
It occurred on Boxing Day, 26 th December 2004.
The common term is rock hound. If the collector collects precious stones, gemologist could fit.
The thinner but more dense crust of the earth is the Oceanic Crust.
Amateur geology (known as rockhounding in the United States and Canada ) is the recreational study and hobby of collecting rock s and mineral specimens from their natural environment. The firstamateur geologists were prospector s looking for valuable minerals and gemstone s for...
The rotation causes the days, 24 hour periodsof light and dark based on your location on the Earth. The rotationis important because without rotation of the earth, we would not aseasily be able to tell, or keep track of time. What we consider tobe the passage of time- 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, is all...
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It sound like you have a sever case of Athlete's foot. You cantreat it with antifungal creams, but it is best to consult a doctorto be sure of the diagnosis and as it is so severe.
California,Australia,Asia,Latin America and north america
Mars haz a thin atmosphere, but its gravity is very related to that of Earth, making colonization a possible thing in the future.
Vesuvius is about 1,000 feet deep and 2,000 feet across.
!. You could have a bad heater core. 2. You could have a blown fuse. 3. Your thermostat could be bad. 4. Your air conditioning could be on.
Both. While most of the landmass of Earth is made of igneous andmetamorphic rocks, most of the rocks that we can actually see (i.e.those on the surface) are sedimentary. Sedimentary rocks are formedfrom deposition by forces like rivers, waves and glaciers.Sediment, however, comes from eroded...
About 90'' of potatoes on the coastal regions.
It helps the soil hold more rainfall so there will be less runoff and ruin the crops.
First, pebbles can be the result of larger rocks breaking up. Someof these large rocks were bedrock under a huge continent. A longtime ago, the continents used to be one and then drifted apart totheir current locations and are still drifting to this day. Duringthis process, the "plates" under the...
Grandeur happenings hath become in thy absence. People now come outof the caves and use this invention (that Al Gore tries to takecredit for), called the internet. Go to this thing called "Google."If you don't know what "Google" is, just Google it. Type inweather. Click on a weather site. Type...
Fossils are not found in water, but rather in the sediment depositswhich includes the bottom of a body of water. Fossils areespecially prevalent in shallow marine environments where they maybecome well preserved.
Mica is an interesting silicate mineral. The silicate series is:quartz --> mica --> asbestos. Quartz possesses three dimensional Si-O bonds which results in acrystal that is strong in every direction. Consequently, quartz isan exceptionally hard mineral. Mica, on the other hand, only has strong...
In the outback, because it's desert, but it's pretty cold at night.Not all parts are 'hot'. Answer Actually, deserts aren't cold at night in summer (and in winterthey can be quite cool in daytime). Australia is generally hot incomparison to other countries because of the huge landmass,...
well i live in ramallah,palistine the weather here is not really that cold its like in the 70s or high 60s there might be a slight chane of snow in the begging of february
No, she died in the camps.
The 2004 tsunami was caused by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean.The quake happened on December 26, 2004 off the western coast ofSumatra in Indonesia.
Most earthquakes occur along the Pacific Ring of Fire, which isalong the top half of the pacific plate. . +++ . Perhaps the second major area is the Eastern Mediterranean andneighbouring countries, involving a complex of continental plates,with NE Africa rifting and the Mediterranean closing. . "Top...
They do not. Glacierelectric is simply the name of a company.
Sugars with increasing carbon units tends to be less soluble in water like polysaccharides.
If the planet was exactly in between Mars and Jupiter, it wouldtake 3645.029 days.
Humans burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) release carbon dioxide, a powerful greenhouse gas. This is causing global warming. Any warming of the earth will lead to changes in climate. Scientists predict this will mean that storms, floods, droughts and other weather events will happen...
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more likely during the spring or summer
Snow is likely in many parts of the UK during the first few days in February. The Met Office predicts a high chance of more snow mainly in the northeast during the latter part of February.