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The laws and regulations set by the United States to apply to all of the people in the country. These are the supreme laws of the United States and take precedence over all other laws, rules, and regulations.
If he has served the full term of his sentence and is not on parole or probation, yes. HOWEVER - if they are on parole or probation it would not be unusual for one of the conditions of their release to be that they not associate with known felons. THAT might prevent them from holding employment at a...
In the United States the Federal Fair Debt Collection PracticesAct, or FDCPA prohibits debt collectors from engaging in abusivebehavior. Debt collectors are prohibited from doing the following: . Call you repeatedly or contact you at an unreasonable time (thelaw presumes that before 8 a.m. or...
This can be pretty complicated, but in general, there are two situations when a civil case can be filed in federal court. First, if the parties to the suit are from different states and the "amount in controversy" exceeds 75,000, normally the case can be heard in federal court. Second, if the...
Up to three years in prison and whatever fines are decided to belevied.
if your 18 your an adult they can not strip your rights away its illegal for them to do so. so do what ever you want
The Serviceman's Readjustment Act of 1944, which is better known byG.I. Bill, was a program that was enacted to help returningveterans from World War II adjust to civilian life again. Anyveteran who had been on duty during the war years was eligible toreceive either free college tuition, loans to...
You're probably thinking of PATRIOT or TIA (Total Information Act).
Your emails and IMs are not really protected by law. Generallyemail and instant messaging are not secure methods ofcommunication. Depending on your systems there may be certaintechnical protections (such as on the computer system of a largecompany) but generally, messages are sent over...
NO, according to their website, your number is registered for five years.
A company is a commercial business. Lawyers can and do establishcompanies.
If by "they" you mean the government, then yes is the answer. Your refund will be held or taken from your account if you owe back taxes . Not only can your taxes be held, "they" can empty your account of any money you have earned if you owe the government money, and have not made any arrangements...
Amendment six deals with your rights in court.
Elections in the United States are overseen by the Federal ElectionCommission (FEC). That body has the power to interpret laws passedby Congress.
Two powers of the executive branch are being able to veto a billand appoint supreme court justices.
The idea of destroying a symbolic thing is itself symbolic, and some people might take that personally. People holding to the offense principle assert that what offends them ought to be illegal. It's highly debatable which offensive acts should be outlawed, but the extremes seem clear enough, e.g....
In Australia, it is illegal to clone a human being. It is alsoillegal to clone a human being in the United States.
yes..my neice doesit and she is married, to keep from them taking the return for prior child support from earlier marriage/
American businessmen and military.
conflict of interest is a situation in which someone in a position of trust, such as a lawyer , insurance adjuster , a politician , executive or director of a corporation or a medical research scientist or physician , has competing professional or personal interests. Such competing...
Yes you can sell a used mattress is Washington State as long as the owner knows that it was used. No Retailer's can sell a used mattress. Outlet stores can not sell a used mattress unless the buyer is told by the seller that it was used.
no because it does'nt have to get marrige
You see...Back in ancient times, long before America was America. sometime around the 14th or 15th century when court systems came to be, the aristocrats would run the courts. When a person was persecuted, they would have a brand burned onto their right hand. When a person would come into court, the...
federal law must be obeyed because federal law fas jurisdiction over state laws. However, if a law in a state such as gay marriage is not especifically numbered in the constitution then state law must be obeyed.
Charles Church was her brother
The Green party supports full equal rights for gay people.
No, you have to follow established court procedures. Once a decision has been made, you can file an appeal if you have a basis for doing so, but you really should engage the services of a good attorney first.
There are probably no departments anywhere that permit their officers to swear at individuals in the course of the officer's work. It is almost universally considered unprofessional conduct. What happens when an officer swears at a subject is another matter. For anything to happen, a complaint...
No. Felons cannot own any firearms.
I don't think anyone is going to stop you. Unless USPS confiscates the package, no one is going to say anything. I've mailed OTC's to someone before, loose, so I don't know why you wouldn't be able to mail prescriptions. I have a family member that receives prescriptions all the time in the mail....
No, not anyone can require a social security number. In most cases, the general public will never need your social security number, but if someone does, be suspicious. Usually, only government or bank forms (and other types of official forms) are the only things that should require your social...
\n . Answer 1: handle foreign affairs . Answer 2: The first answer, "handle foreign affairs," is absolutely incorrect. It is the Secretary of State who handles foreign affairs. The first answerer clearly got mixed-up, I'm guessing because both the Secretary of State, and the Attorney...
If a patient chooses not to receive the treatment doctors recommend, and the patient is in the ER or in-patient, the patient will be asked to sign a "Left against medical advice" type form. It releases the doctor and facility from any liability if the patient leaves, then gets sicker or dies after...
President Christian Wullff is a member of the Christian Democratic Union
Anything they like. While it must be clear that, realistically, some career fields may be closed to them due to their criminal history status, (in the US) there is no limitation on the level of education one may attain.
nothing can justify mail tampering. it is a strict federal offense and is punishable by law
only if three years have elapsed since the end of probation
They both share the power to tax citizens.
Not all Surenos are bald, as far as the one's that are bald it's cause they choose to shave their heads but it's not a requirement that u have to shave ur head to be a Surenos or anything, it's just a choice.
There's at least one problem with chain letters. They're illegal if they request money or other items of value and promise a substantial return to the participants. Chain letters are a form of gambling, . Nothing like going to the library and actually researching the U.S. CODES. The topic above...
What's it say on the piece of paper???? See an attorney if you need help on this. It's easy to do it wrong. A half-brother, or a half-sister, is a sibling who shares the samemother but is born of a different father.
The first thing you must do is have the Governor restore your civil rights. He does not restore firearm rights (see last paragraph) For a nonviolent felon it is a one page application that you can find at the Secretary of the Commonwealths website. There is a waiting period after you have completed...
It was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
someone that did go suicide probably had that on there list of why their life sucked but for that reason alone no.
If you want to start an exotic or strip club in Fort Smith,Arkansas you need to get a business license. There is a specificlicense for an adult business.
Yes she did. her first 3 kids died but then had a child named Phyllis and adopted a girl named Mary.
A person born in the United States is automatically an Americancitizen. Although immigration officials could potentially takeaction against a citizen's family members who are in the countryillegally, and each particular case varies, a citizen cannot bedeported.
Grand larceny penalties will depend on the degree. Each state willbe slightly different but if it is considered first degree youcould spend 25 years in prison.
An employer cannot retain your paycheck for any reason if you haveearned it. Some employers have a delayed pay period based onpayroll and when you began the job.
The phrase mercy killing is basically when someone is killedbecause they are dying from a painful disease. This process isusually accomplished by administering a large amount of painkillers.
Once you pass full retirement age, which would have been 65 for you, there is no cap on annual earnings. You can earn as much as you like without fear of reduced benefits.
Yes, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was a reflected example of Nativism.
It outlawed fraudulent monopolies.
The northern and the southern states split over the lack ofprotections for slavery in the south at the ConstitutionalConvention. The convention took place from May 25 to September 17,1787.
The preemption doctrine derives from the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution which states that the "Constitution and the laws of the United States...shall be the supreme law of the land...anything in the constitutions or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding." This means of course,...
not in most states Added: Federal law prohibits their possession without the issuance of a special permit issued by the BATF.
Which army? It really depends on your country. However, in general most will take you with minimum or no qualifications; anything you need beyond that can sometimes be taught on the job.
No, it is completely legal in the semi-auto version. A true fully automatic ppsh is illegal and if you have one, do not tell anyone, as they are a true piece of world war history. Additional: It is a type of "Air-Soft" gun and since it is not classified as a firearm under federal law, unless...
Yes. Texas is a community property state, therefore your spouse is entitled to half of the retirement you earned during marriage if you are divorcing in Texas.
Yes. Added: It is illegal to remove ANYTHING whatsoever from federal lands. Additonally: Certain federal lands (e.g.: Civil War battlefields), it is illegal to even search for artifacts without approval and permission.
I would like to know the same thing. I even called the Federal Trade Commission and asked them if they have numbers to actually talk to a human and they said no. As a matter of fact, it took me 12 prompts to speak to someone at the FTC. It's ridiculous. Someone needs to do something about it.
no, they are legal Added: They are NOT legal - in all 50 states. Two states that I am personally aware of which ban them are the state of Virginia and the District of Columbia. There may be others. Be sure to check the laws of the state(s) you will be driving through. Ignorance of the law is no...
Yes, if one has never been sent in the past.. Answer 2:. Normally the IRS will send you a CP 503 followed by a CP 504 before an L1058 is sent. There are actually a total of about 6 notices sent to a taxpayer before they are issued a levy. The IRS gives an ample amount of time to become compliant
Burqa is worn by women of some countries per the traditions and cultures of those countries. Wearing Burqa is neither obligated nor forbidden by religion of Islam. Burqa may be spelled as Burka, Purka, Burkah, Purkah, Purqa, or Purqah. It is a veil that covers head hair and face. See related...
" http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_does_the_IRS_examine_tax_returns "
Yes, in cases where the criminal code, statutes, or regulations are involved. Also with summary offences that are created by federal parliament, less serious indictable offences, and hybrid offences where the accused chooses to be heard in a provincial court. The provincial courts have jurisdiction...
Disclaimer- not an attorney, so my legal advice is worth what you are paying for it- IF you have parts to make a firearm full auto, AND you have the firearm that it would fit, the BATF has ruled that those two things make the arm READILY CONVERTIBLE to full auto, and would require registration. Even...
The 20th Amendment (Section 3) says the Vice President-elect will become president if the President-elect dies before the beginning of his term. The Vice President-elect would be sworn in on Inauguration day as the President and serve the full term to which the President-elect was elected.
Young laddie.....that is a WONDERFUL question. Too bad I'm not a judge, this isn't "That's So Raven" and I'm failing spanish class with a -15.89% grade..
The Federal government, and those acting on its behalf, are exempt from state laws, and most of the Federal Safety laws, such as DOT and OSHA.
There are several amendments that fought for the rights of AfricanAmericans. Those amendments are: the13th amendment which abolishedslavery, 14 which was the civil rights act, and 15 the blacksuffrage amendment.
There isn't any proof. AT ALL! We can only make things improve or make things worse. We can not make evidence. There is no evidence at all that says things will inprove or worsen. There is only hope and doubts. It is famously qouted by Hazrat Ali (RA), which sense like, "Society can run with the...
No you can not file a joint return if you reconciled with yourhusband unless you remarry. Only married couples can file joint taxreturns.
The main role of interest groups is for representation andeducation. Aside from these interest groups also serve as watchdogsin Congress and keep its members updated on issues they arefighting for.
The United Nations was formed by the representatives of 26 nationsin 1942, wherein they agreed to fight the Axis Powers. The term"United Nations" was coined by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
The Eighth Amendment, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights,was originally drafted by James Madison in New York City. At thistime, the entire federal government was operating out of the BigApple.
The state court system deals with state laws; however, the federal court system may also hear cases involving state laws under certain conditions.
1.In society, we need rules in order to help humans live safely. 2.To prevent anarchy where the strong dominate the weak. 3.Minorities can live in peace.
The short answer is that they allow criminals to possess more firepower than police. A full-auto assault rifle can put remarkable amounts of bullets downrange, meaning that even a modest marksman can shoot his way out of a rough situation. The ammunition used by assault rifles also tends to be of a...
The principle amount of a certificate of deposit is not taxable butthe interest it earns is taxable. The interest will be taxed basedon the terms of the certificate of deposit.
Typically federal law prevails (preempts) state law.
The Senate and the House of Representatives are both part of the Legislative branch . The Legislative branch (Congress) creates and passes laws; the Judicial branch, headed by the US Supreme Court, evaluates challenged laws to ensure they are constitutional; the Executive branch enforces laws.
No. According to Article II of the Constitution, the power of veto is granted exclusively to the President of the United States. The US Supreme Court plays no role in creating or passing legislation.
YES they can if each choose to file as married filing separate on a separate federal 1040 income tax return.
World Health Organization.
You were not treated as an employee that had an employer for this job when you were issued the 1099-MISC Nonemployee compensation amount in box 7 you are being treated as a independent contractor (a self employed taxpayer). You will need to report that income, and any related expenses, on Form...
He definatly was.
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