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Questions related to Wales, the mountainous country in the west of the island of Britain, which is part of the United Kingdom. It is known as Cymru in the Welsh language.


The French call Wales Pays de Galles.
Answer this question…Slate.
The distance between Cardiff and Cornwall is 149.85 km, or 93.11miles.
Yes, it receives quite a bit of rain annually
It is about his returning to Cardiff after a period of absence.Perhaps it expresses a realization of why he left or how it was nowso different from when he left it - or as he remembers it - or thatit does not fit into his current life.
Girl Siân Sioned Erin Ela Megan Magi Alaw Enfys Llio Catrin Teleri Carys Anwen Bethan Elan Gwen Awel Ffion Boy Siôn Dafydd Dyfed Bryn Ifan Iwan Gethin Huw Ynyr Eilir Rhys Jac Tomos Dewi Osian Aled There are so muh more...
A total of 3,064,000 live in Wales (2011).
Most Probably Caerphilly Castle
That would be a matter of personal choice and would be influenced by the sort of interests that you have. Some people might enjoy visiting castles and choose Caernarfon or Beaumaris, while other might choose Snowdon or Cardiff. Personally I really like isle of Anglesey and the mountain Moel Siabod. ...
Aberaeron is a seaside resort town in Wales
No and yes. It isn't, because it is a principality and a region of the UK, but it is because England is also considered a country.
The official union between the two countries was completed with the 'Laws in Wales Act, 1535', creating the legal entity 'England and Wales'.
If you mean "neptune" then the answer is ----> neifion
the nearest city to Blackwood s wales is Cardiff
The majority of people who live in Wales live on, or near, the coast. The inland of the country is mountainous. Not to an uninhabitable level (people in the Alps and the Vosges live in far less hospitable environments), but the coastal area has all the best farmland, and nearly all the mineral...
In the early middle ages it was Pengwern, thought to be either modern day Shrewsbury or Bascchurch. During Norman times it was Abergwyngregyn overlooking the Menai Straits.In the late middle ages Owain Glyndŵr made his capital at Machynlleth where he held the first Welsh parliament. Cardiff only...
grain, corn, and grass
Yes it is. Its 17 miles North of Cardiff on the A470 and 5 milessouth of Merthry Tydfil
Jones means "the son of John" and is equivalent to Johnson
Well depends what kind of journey do you prefer by road or by air.By air will be better and fastest way.
There are 14 major castles in northern wales: Beaumaris, Bodelwyddan, Caernarfon, Chirk, Conwy, Criccieth, Denbigh, Dolbadarn, Dolwyddelan, Ewloe, Flint, Harlech, Penrhyn and Rhuddlan.\n
Swansea is in Wales and Wales is in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom does not use the euro. It uses the pound sterling. Only 17 of the 27 \ncountries that are members of the organisation called the European Union\nuse the Euro. The other 10 countries, the United Kingdom being one of them,...
Most ski shops are at cardiff.
Of about 36,500 registered Welsh Ponies, about 2/3 live in Wales.
Kick off was 5pm. Result : England 30-17 Wales. the girls name Mair
Wales - 8,022 square miles.
The UK was created in 1801 between Britain and Ireland. Wales was under English rule when Britain was created in 1707.
Same as any other country! The usual cats, dogs, horses, etc. FACT: there are twice as many sheep as people in wales
The Menai Straits spilt Anglesey from the mainland.
Mapquest says about 229 miles (about 4 hours driving time).
Wales has its own language which is Welsh, which is still the mother tongue in some areas of Wales. Scotland has its own language which is Scots Gaelic, spoken as the mother tongue in the Highlands and Islands. Although a percentage of both countries speak their own language almost everyone of the...
If you mean the highest peak of wales, it's Snowdon (o'r Wyddfa in Welsh). It has a height of 1,085 metres from sea
ALMOST a third of school children from the ages 10-12 in Wales getbullied in a two-month period, according to a student survey.
Marene is a comune in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian regionPiedmont, located about 45 kilometres south of Turin and about 35kilometres northeast of Cuneo
The Aberfan landslide (also known as the Aberfan disaster) occurred in the village of Aberfan, in Wales on Friday 21 October 1966. A spoil heap from the Merthyr Vale Colliery which was deposited on the side of Mynydd Merthyr above the village primary school collapsed leading to the formation of a...
as of 2016 there are 62,000 people
The history of Wales consist of many invasions by the Anglo-Saxons and later the English. Wales became a part of the United Kingdom between the years 1536 and 1543, when the King, Henry VIII, decided that England and Wales should be united. This effected the Welsh language, as the "Deddfau Uno" (the...
There was a play with a bluebird in it and they started chanting it at the next match.
Welsh people are from Wales, which is a part of the United Kingdom (which consists of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales). Welsh is supposed to be the native language, but it is largely not spoken by Welsh people in the southern areas, whereas Welsh speaking as a first language is much...
When you're in Newport Chips, cheese, curry makes you feel brand new Washed down with a Special Brew There's a snooker hall, see But I'm not a member… And a lovely shopping centre opened in December So head over the water On the Transporter
NO Nottingham is in England
What is walas land formation
No, its origins are from Hebrew (Jewish) roots.
According to google map it is 212 miles, so if you are travelling at a steady 50 mph it will take you around 4 1/2 hours.
A surprising number of English people seem unwilling to admit that anything about Wales is real, so they might answer the question "Why is Owain Glyndwr famous?" with "because somebody made him up". This would seem to be a form of racism, since along with other gems about Wales, such as "The Welsh...
It may be possible on a clear day (which isn't very often in this part of the world !!) /
No, as the Tube (the London Underground) does not run outside the City of London. You could however use the Tube to travel to Paddington Station and catch a train to Cardiff. The journey would take approximately 2 hours if travelling during the day and may be of longer duration in the evening.
The United Kingdom.
metals, engineering, and energy
The Red Kite. This is the Red Kite.
Wales is a country, not a city.
Bedyddiedig. Though it's hard to tell without context.
4 at the door and at least 10 inside
Wales is part of the United Kingdom, along with England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
A lot, as this happened several hundred years ago.
Played 6 upto 19/02/2010 and won 3
At local level its the Welsh Assembly Government - Then above them Parliament
population of New Brighton, Nr Mol
He had got 4 caps for Wales U21's and has currently got 24 caps for the Wales 1st team.
Wales is connected to England by a number of mainland rail links and roads. Wales also has airports and it has ferry links with Ireland. The people of Wales use the same forms of transport as the rest of the population of the United Kingdom and indeed as the rest of the western world.
You can shoot an Englishman wiv a bow n arrow
Wales and England are two different places.
The longest word in Wales is a place name - 'Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.' It literally means 'St. Mary's Church in the hollow of the white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the Church of St. Tysilio of the red cave' - it is a description of the place. This long name...
Principally England- parts of it were occupied by the Romans, but they weren't able to hold all of it, and only succeeded in remaining there at all by striking up peace treaties with regional warlords. The Welsh succesfully kept the Saxons out following Roman withdrawal and the gradual invasion and...
From the 2011 census its populations is 3 million
No ,it's never been the Welsh capital- up until the IndustrialRevolution (1759) it was a small village, and only expanded wheniron foundries were established there in the 18th Century (From1759).
Its a product made all over the country and historically formed a part of peoples diets