Die-cast Toys

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Metal scale models of cars, trains and aircraft produced by manufacturers such as Hot Wheels, Corgi and Matchbox
Hot Wheels cars were first produced in Hawthorne California in 1968. The demand became too great for the US factories and Mattel went to Hong Kong for more production. Since then, they have been made in Thailand, Malaysia, France, Mexico and China. Most are made in Malaysia now.
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£9 for a plain bear up to £19 for some thing like Hello Kitty.If you would like clothes with it, it will be about £3-5 for a normal top and for an outfit £8-10
a one- of-a-kind, hot-pink die-cast prototype of a 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb van. Worth $72,000.00 Right after the sale (above) they found another one. Same guy bought it. $3?,000. It was purchased for $32,000. There are 2 Pink Rear Loading Beach Bombs but they have different bases. ...
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I have seen them go on Ebay from $15.00 to $30.00 depending upon the condition. It takes about $15.00 to ship the set so, if you could sell it in your local area (without shipping it), you should be able to get $30.00 to $45.00 .
The first hess truck was issued between 1954-1965..
Answer . Hot Wheels are made of diecast metal. Aluminium-zinc alloy, sometimes known as Mazak, and of course plastic.
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Mattel Customer Service has a site for Instruction sheets. See the related link below for the instructions for this product.
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Yes there is it is at k mart
The rarest color is an original car in pink because it was considered a girl color so they did not make many in pink
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Hot wheels cars are made of cast metal. Die cast cars are pot mettal aka alloy
Get the latest Matchbox Guide by Charlie Mack or check Ebay.
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Mattel. Elliott Handler (owner at the time) wanted a toy car. His R&D team developed it.
That electric NYC 6 inch tin set should bring $50-$100
It depends on the model. Older models have bearings of an outer diameter bigger than regular skateboard wheels, and the axle is larger than the inner diameter of standard bearings. Newer models may have switched to a standard bearing. Skateboard shops sometimes have the proper sizes for older...
Hot Wheels cars were first designed buy the R&D Team at Mattel in 1966. They were released for sale to the public in 1968. The first mass production of the Hot Wheels Car was at the Hawthorne CA plant and then to Hong Kong.
Hot wheels were made in 15182367
The owner of the largest Hot Wheels collection is Michael Zarnock with more than 8,100 Hot Wheels model cars.
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The problem with going to one website is the fact that prices are always in flux. They change constantly. So one of the best websites to visit is Ebay, where you can research what people are spending on 1983 Hot Wheels. On the left side of the search page is a column with "completed" auctions. Click...
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Depends on what type of Hot Wheel it is. Normal ones sell for a dollar. Special ones sell for two or three.
Ertl toy Co will make a diecast model of your car if you get at least 500 made. That was their requirements a few years back..
ANSWER There are stores that sell them, the most obvious being Toys R Us. You can also get them on Ebay, search for "hotwheels". There are also diecast toy shows that come to major metro areas. Big Lots (sometimes) Target, Walmart, K-Mart, Pep- Boys (limited selection there) CVS pharmacy, Walgreens...
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Hot Wheels were invented in 1966 by the Mattel Toy Co. and released for public sale in 1968.
Just about anywhere that sells Hot Wheels cars. Wal*Mart, Kmart, Target....
It may be impossible to find but E-bay is the place to go.
It depends on the manufacturer, make, condition, packaging series, year, and total amount made originally. Value is not helped by remakes of the original. To identify the originals one cannot be new at this game. Original die-cast in original boxes with low production are the keys to a pricey...
Altogether I'm not sure how many but there are two series of mighty beanz and altogether there are a couple of hundred different mighty beanz.
Hotwheels were invented so that little kids can have fun.
At the time the Speed Points were collectible. You would save them and send away for prizes.
I know someone who has a whole collection that they need to sell. Contact me and I will give you the info.
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Custom Die Casting is when you do a "Make-Over" to a die-cast toy.For example: I have a Hot Wheels Car and I decide to color it allred with a Sharpie. It is now a Custom Die Cast
You could buy it on an online trading site, such as Ebay or Trading Post Online. You can search for New or Used matchbox cars on these sites.
100-1000 USD and up depending on specifics
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Ruger, Colt, Smith and Wesson, STI, Sako, Weatherby, Winchester, FN, Browning, Miroku, Korth, H&K, are a few..
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Tommy Houston / Roses cars are very common. New, in the package, it is worth only the current price of a common Hot Wheels car at a discount store: about $1 - $2.
originally, rail road wheels were made of cast iron (main spotting feature is the radial ribs on the back for cooling the wheels during braking) Now, wheels are forged from steel
Depending on the condition, and if it has red line or plain blackwall tires, these vans can go as high as $60 or $70. Check ebay--usually a good gauge of what they're going for currently. I have a 74 van, black with flames with blackwall tires (not red lines) that is worth about $20.00 in good but...
Yes, as long as its an old car.
They were usually made by the ERTL co. Your best bet is Ebay.
Malaysia, China and Thailand
Well here are a few stores you can buy beyblades from: Toys R Us, Toys Toys Toys, and you can buy some from ebay.ca/.com