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Firefox was created of an open-source project by Netscape called Mozilla. The underlying Gecko was taken from Netscape to create Firefox, which was launched in 2005.
A browser is simply a program (software) in which one uses toaccess the internet (Takes code like html and converts it to animage text etc...)
Firefox is much faster than internet explorer. firefox loads a pagemuch faster than internet explorer. firefox also load lots of tabat a time but internet explorer hanged if we want to open more thanone tab.
Just download the Extention. Go to the top menu Tools----->Add-on Then go to "Get Add-on" tab and search for "outlook" you will see something like this: Outlook Button 1.1 . A Outlook Button You Can Stick On Your Navigation Toolbar,Bookmarks Toolbar, Or Menu Bar. Install it and have fun.......
They are available in archived-flash-player-versions in the adobewebsite
because these browsers uses different ways to interpret Cascading Style Sheets or commonly known as CSS. google CSS for more info.
Yes. With my computer, I deleted Internet Explorer because that is how your computer gets viruses and that's how people hack into your computer (the people who fixed my computer said that). But, they both can be alternately used. I personally like Mozilla Firefox better anyways(;
Bookmarks are private user data. Firefox does not look into it. Ifyou want to know if any of your saved bookmark links is broken/downyou can use Bookmarks Checker add on in FF and similar options ingoogle chrome, safari, opera, etc.
There is no company that owns Mozilla. Mozilla is an independent company. However, Firefox 16 started using Yahoo as the default search engine. Yahoo could purchase Mozilla at one point, but this is just a rumor.
Yes!!! It is the best browser. Get it at .
Yes. Bookmarks is to Favorites as Book is to Novel (They're the same).
On your browser, click on Tools then select Add-ons. Search for Farmville Toolbar the click on Uninstall to remove it on your computer or disable to just turn it off on your browser then enable to turn it back on.
Maybe you will need a specific browser version, and remember, Flashis no longer welcomed among most browsers, so you might findproblems running it.
I am using the following code to display vertical text in firefox. .rot-neg-90 {-moz-transform:rotate(-270deg);-moz-transform-origin: bottom left;-webkit-transform: rotate(-270deg);-webkit-transform-origin: bottom left;-o-transform: rotate(-270deg);-o-transform-origin: bottom left;filter: progid...
Answer . Zero. 60A is far too high to power outlets directly. A fire will start far before the breaker blows.. What you can do is use the 60A line to power a subpanel, and break the 60A line into 15A branch circuits to feed the outlets. As for the number of outlets you can install on that, you...
just go to the tools option of your firefox....... then uninstall it .............................................
You decorate it yourself!!!
you just download them thay are in the quest menu on the pipboy
I am Using OS 10.6.8 and Firefox 5.0.1 Is 1-click compatible with my system? ANSWER: Hello, Thank you for contacting Support. Unfortunately, due to an organizational shift at, we will no longer be supporting 1-Click Answers desktop software; however, the software...
Go to tools and then click Options, then click Main. Click browse to choose a new location, or choose "Always ask me where to save files"
1. In Firefox type about:config in the address bar and press ENTER. 2. Locate and double-click the entry for keyword.URL 3. Set the value based on which search provider you would like to use for your address bar searches. Here are a few search strings you can use. Yahoo:
The Firefox project began as an experimental branch of the Mozillaproject by Dave Hyatt, Joe Hewitt and Blake Ross. They believed thecommercial requirements of Netscape's sponsorship anddeveloper-driven feature creep compromised the utility of theMozilla browser To combat what they experienced as...
Yes they can. Add-ons are small programs that are used to extend the functionality of the program to which they will attach themselves. Now if the add-on is a malicious code rather than something useful, then it will infect its host. That's why the official site of a program having add-ons from...
In all truthfulness an outdated piece of junk. It USED to be able to view videos and etc... but Sony is not bothering with coming out with an update. It is still utilized in some situations though just not many.
I don't know why it's missing, but you can press F10, it worked for me.
Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
Firefox usage grew to a peak of 32% at the end of 2009, temporarilymaking version 3.5 the world's most popular browser. Usage thendeclined in competition with Google Chrome . As of January 2016, Firefox has between 9% and16% of worldwide usage as a "desktop" browser, making it the second most...
If you are using Windows OS, right click on the image and go to "Save Image as" or to "Copy Image", Depending on what you want to do with it. I don't have the slightest clue if you are using Mac of Linux.
Just Press ctrl+shift+delete
I had the same question. See
Simply download AIM from AOL's website. In Firefox, you could D/L AIM for Windows by just putting into the address bar and pressing "enter". It will pop up a little confirmation box and you can begin downloading.
Google chrome is the fastest browser. This has been shown with the latest version of Opera, Firefox and Internet explorer in an unbiased benchmark test.
There may be software or hardware issues that affect the speed of a specific application or the computer as a whole. Hardware issues: components of the computer that are faulty or overloaded, for example, the hard drive, the CPU, the internet connection or the network connection. Software issues:...
(when i open FF it comes up with this message) This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator. But the thing is i am the admin please help me!
It lives on your hard drive (drive c:) in what application were do I find the javascript so I can enable it..
Mozilla Corporation
This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox.
drag it tro recycle bin then empty recycle bin then its gone Answer 2 To properly uninstall Firefox, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove programs. In the list that opens, scroll down to Mozilla Firefox, highlight it and click Delete.
whatever the latest update of it is, the addons and customizations make it better
Completely Free.
You type your favorite music station on wikianswers.
AirG is meant to be used from a mobile phone, so there is no way tolog into their chat via computer.
Quick answer: Just copy/paste into the Firefox address bar, and use that program to block sites. Long answer: For one, you can block images from loading in Youtube just by going into the Preferences, the Content...
When you download the file and go to install it, save it to MyDocuments, NOT the original path.
In Windows Vista, it's easy. Just click on the speaker icon on the taskbar and adjust the sound for Mozilla Firefox. On anything else I don't know...
Tools >> Clear Recent History >> Check "Browsing & Download History" >> Clear Now You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+Sift+Del.
it all depends on your computer really, your internet doesn't affect the speed of firefox at all. if you do want to speed your computer up do the following a disk clean up (cleans up all the unnecessary files) a registry clean up does amazing things to speed your computer up and in...
You must download the web browser from Mozilla's official page, install it and run the .exe file. The use is pretty much same as any other web browser.
Similar pages or related pages option is embedded in a website. Youcannot expect the same from browsers.
Similar pages option feature in not there in Chrome. It is anembedded feature in some websites.
Answer The Firefox browser, as well as other Mozilla products, can take icon packs. Look in, or search the web for "Firefox icon packs" or you can right click on the icon, click on properties, there is a button that says change icon... click it, if you don't want one of those...
Most broadband connections today are always up and use ____ IP addressing. Answer: dynamic
It took me forever to figure this out as well. It automatically loaded on my screen at start up. I have Windows 2007, so I don't know if it's the same on all versions, but I'm sure they're similar. Click on the Smartboard icon in the taskbar (the icons next to the time). Some options should...
To knit a bookmark, you will want to choose yarn that is relatively thin so that the book can close completely with the bookmark inside. Next, you will want to choose a stitch pattern that lies flat. For instance, you would not want to knit a bookmark in stockinette stitch (knit a row, then purl a...
Firefox is the name of a novel by Craig Thomas. I have read it. Was it a film too?, Clint Eastwood played Mitchell Gant if I remember it right. Mitchell Baker
First: Mouse over your account name on the top right corner of the screen. (After you signed in). Second: Click under 'account' that will appear. Third: Near the top, on the left, your profile picture will appear and under that, written in blue, it will say 'change'. Click on that. Fourth:...
I a struggling with this same issue which Firefox seems determined to make it imposable. I don't know any for sure answers, but I have an idea. It might be accomplished by the following steps. 1. Change the multiple profile names to the same name (should work as long as the different profiles are...
Mozilla Corporation wrote Mozilla Firefox.
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I would say Mozilla Firefox. I usually use Opera though, I prefer it to all the others.
In windows vista and 7 you can open a windows called (mixer in dutch) you'll need to press the sound icon on the right bottom of the screen and then you can try it out
Every time you open a new tab in Firefox, you are asking your computer to keep track of another web page. When you open enough of these tabs, your computer begins to run out or RAM (short term memory), and sometimes CPU power - that is, many of these pages are constantly busy doing something, and...
First of all, this question is not about Google Chrome, so please put your questions in suitable category. Second, Speech recognition softwares work on WAVES. They store all the basic speech letters as waves in their database (or any other store). After than when speech is made, it is matched with...
PS3 = PlayStation Network Store. (Go to Game Add-ons --> Q-S --> SCIV) I am unsure about Xbox.
The easiest way to block a website on Firefox is to use a third-party add-on. To add an add-on, open Firefox, click "Tools", then click "Add-ons". Search for that add-on you want, then Install it. You may need to restart Firefox for the add-on to take effect.
Right click any tab, and select "Reload all tabs."
I will list a few risks down below: . Phishing scams are fraudulent e-mail messages or Web sites designed to trick you into entering personal or financial information. Phishing scams often spoof companies you know and trust, like your bank, and might contain urgent messages with threats of...
Point your arrow to the Firefox word across the top of your screen. Scroll just one space to "About Mozilla Firefox", click on it and that box will tell you what version you have.
Right click up by your buttons (forward, back, home, refresh, etc) and click Customize. You have several options to edit (such as icon size [big or small], what icons are displayed, etc). You can also drag and drop icons and move around just about everything to make it look how you want it to look.
If you mean the Safari history - Yes - by restoring from a backup.Obviously that history that you want to recover would have to be inthat backup - but your Safari history is stored in the iPhonebackup. But you cannot find it on the iPhone itself withoutrestoring from the backup. How to recover...
don't try to hack the browser, just install a whole operating system on the Usb(fedora), the instructions will present on , then bring it to the computer, and boot the computer on the USB.
Type your answer here... Go to the office button click on word options, customize, add or remove and click ok
To get the normal Firefox persona back, you first click on the Tools menu on the top of the screen. After that, click on Add-ons. A windows should pop up. At the top of the Window, there should be a button that says "Themes". Find the normal Firefox persona and click the "Use Theme" button.
Go to Fire-fox tools. Then go to options at the bottom of the drop down menu. Then go to applications, once there you will see the allowed list.
To switch between tabs in FireFox 3 press the Command and Option keys (cmd & alt) and use the left and right arrow keys to move back and forth through the tabs.
That's because IE renders things differently (wrong) than standards-compliant browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, or Konqueror. You need to either: A.) Use code that both IE and the others know how to render. B.) Make a separate version of the page for IE. C.) Make the page for IE...
It is not a patch, it's an add-on. The add-on is called User Agent Switcher i believe.
Use can use the 'Trusted' and 'Restricted' website options in your Internet Settings-Security Tab to block and unblock web sites from being accessed by your computer. You can add and remove websites anytime by opening up your Internet Settings, choosing the Security Tab, and clicking on 'Trusted' or...
There are no offical Twilight bookmarks but the best place to get them is on ebay, there are some very gifted bookmark makers on there. Hope this helps.