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There's no school near where they live, they might be barred from attending school, because they are women, or belong to a minority religion, or skin color. They are forced to work to support the family. They have abusive parents. They ran away from home, and can not go to school, because they have...
I am student Electrical engineering
A brief lesson plan is one that hits the main points of a lessonand does not involve a lot of detail. The brief lesson plan cangive an overview of the expected learning outcome of a particularmodule.
World war2 brought jobs. Factories had to make the airplanes,tanks, and ships. Young men signed up to fight. Since many womenwent to work the government opened day cares and that requiredteachers. The banks and businesses were able to make profits fromselling items to Allied countries and still...
It has 9 edges, 5 faces and 6 vertices
A memoir is literally the story of the person writing. Being that this memoir is for a geography class, it should be the story about where you have lived, or where you have been. Write about the place you have lived and visited. Describe it through stories of those places. This may seem difficult...
A measuring cup measures volume.
technically it have 0 or 12 because if you are dividing the rectangles in half it will be 12 but if do not do it this way it will be 0
As a local anaesthetic by Alan hall As a local anaesthetic by Alan hall 11/3/09 menzies
Answer . The Red Sea
stiff, stuff, riff, cliff, spiff, gaff, tariff, bailiff, whiff, muff, cuff, fluff... that's all I can think of
Walter did not invent bubble gum, he just innovated it. Before he created his "Dubble Bubble" gum brand, gum was horrible; the gum was too sticky and it broke too easily. Walter created a gum that was a lot more resistant and lasted a lot longer, this is the first gum that became popular, which is...
Could you tell me what the ACT score is to get into the University of North Alabama?. Could you tell me what the ACT score is to get into the University of North Alabama?
The usefulness of 'School of the Air' was demonstrated last Century by allowing those students who lived weeks of travel away from the nearest Teacher to learn as much as the student wanted to
Hi You take two graph points x,y and x1,y1 Use the midpoint equation : (x1+x)/2 = midpoint x , and (y1+y)/2 = midpoint y For a example (1,3) and ( 4,5) What the midpoint of it? Midpoint x = (4+1)/2 = 5/2 = 2 1/2 Midpoint y = (5+3)/2 = 8/2 = 4 So the midpoint of points (1,3) and (4,5) is ( 2 1/2 , 4 ...
Often the best thing to do with a drug abuser is an interventionwhere those that love him or her tell them how the addiction isaffecting them. Counseling or halfway houses are an option as well.
The United States court system is divided into judicial districtsat all levels of government. Usually, municipal courts are lowest,district courts at the state level are next, and state supremecourts are the highest in any state. Federally, the United Statesis divided into district courts, with the...
When a cold object and a hot object are in direct contact (touching) heat will be transferred through thermal conduction. Normally, heat transfer processes are categorized as thermal conduction, radiative transfer or convection. Heat transfer through thermal conduction is the direct transfer...
Well Europe does not.. And it depends on how you talk about the Americas, North and South.. Antarctica. Australia. Africa. Asia. there are 4 when not counting North & South America. They are Asia, Africa, Australia, & Antarctica. There are 6 when counting North & South America. America starts with ...
Produce and advance social interaction
The number is limited by the amount of energy lost at each trophic level. Most cannot exceed 5.
One argument for a public school is the social interaction. There are also some other perks. It's easier for students to join sports and clubs, and the school does a lot of things for students that parent have to do on their own. Such as putting names for Universities. There is also of course the...
yes you can becasue you dont really need to be home shcooled at all unless you drop out of highschool or whatever school for that matter. you can go to a school to study the classes you have not yet studied with out getting the classes you have studied while being home schooled.
well if your school is a user on the internet ask for your login and it will be free
I went below deck to check on my sister.
plastic used in pipes packaging furniture
Curriculum vitae.A résumé :A brief account of your personal details when applying for a job.
It is in a rainbow because the larger part of the rainbow means you have too eat more of that kind of food. The smaller bits are the things yoiu should have less often
There are no more full blooded Cherokee Indians anymore
possibly trying many different way and or approaches to teach someone to better themselves. to teach them there are other approaches to do the same thing
about half a dozen are home schooled in Britain , 28.2% out of 1005
you dont have anything in comman, they did something u didnt want
An example of betrayal would be when Absalom's "friends" say that they were not with him when Jarvis was murdered. When the decision of the trial comes out they are allowed to go free but Absalom is sentenced to death by hanging.
i change my clothes that i have under cuz i hate school clothes they force us 2 wear them or else we get in trouble
You can be 16 with parental consent and 17 without it
A GED or high school equivalency test.
Highly polished metal was used for mirrors before switching toglass. While it will reflect, the metal needs to be kept polishedor the reflection will dull.
An object with rotational symmetry looks the same after a certainamount of rotation. A regular octagon does have rotationalsymmetry.
Teasing usually make conflicts worse.
Home schooling can be good and bad for children. Some children benefit with not being around and socializing with large group of kids and others have a negative affect.
When you read to your children, talk with them, discipline them, train them, you are beginning in homeschooling. Whether you continue with more formal instruction is a decision that you can make later. I think that every good and responsible parent is a homeschooling parent, even if they do send...
Answer . The reason you are having a problem locating the info on the web, is "Jubilee", "Grace" and "Morningstar" are broken up into divisions in this school. It appears to be an excellent school (religious to some degree) and offers spirituality, which in my opinion is a healthy and excellent...
It can work for some but not for all. Many people don't consider home schooling their children, because they are afraid their children will miss out on socialization. . According to the U.S. Department of Education, it is estimated that 1.7 percent of all students participate in a home schooling...
because it is just amsing
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Children whom are homeschooled can have strengths in specificsubjects such as math, reading, social studies or science. They canalso have strengths in problem solving, reasoning, or research.
It would probably be better to tell your parents and let them talk to the counselor. Some counselors might not be supportive of homeschooling, so you might get a negative reaction that parents may be better able to deal with. That's not implying that anything is wrong with you, just that parents are...
Answer . charges reside only on the surface of a solid conductor. here charges maeans the charges which are free to move inside the conductor.. we know very well that any particle or body always tries to acquire minimum potential energy. because the charges will acquire min. P.E only when they are...
S.A.T.s are important because they show colleges that you -can take long tests -have learned something in high school -how good you are in Math -and how good you are in English This lets universities choose the best qualified students to attend their school.
what is the difference between supervision and inspection
Nothing. Speak to your local school district for book borrowing privileges. Here are more opinions and answers from other WikiAnswers contributors: . If cost is no object, it is easy to spend around $1400 per child per year. I pick that particular figure because in Alaska, we can sign our kids up...
I think its called a cone
There is no biggest score, it wlll keep on going up, and will depend on how many tasks you do!!!! my friend has got 231,000 points so far.... your all neeks i just started today i got 8750 pints ahhahah beat it noobs
You don't hire homeschool teachers. If you are the parent of a child and you decide to homeschool them, it means that you are taking on the responsibility of being their teacher. Otherwise, it's a tutor. (I speak from my own personal knowledge - I'm a homeschooled kid.)
Yes, or they go to academies. Don't be a fool, stay in school.
You will not be the only person studying for your particular onlinecourse, so this refers to the other people doing your course
Mars. It is called Olympus Mons.
18 is the answer and here is why:- 3+1=4 4+2=6 6+3=9 9+4=13 13+5=18
kerboodle! allows teachers to: . access high quality resources to enrich front-of-class teaching . upload their own resources, so that everything is in one place . group resources to create lesson plans, which can be shared online with colleagues . set personalised homework and revision tasks for...
- temporal pulse, found in your temple. - radial pulse, found in end of thumb. - carotid pulse, found in neck, side of windpipe. - femoral pulse, found in the groin. hope it helped :)
An antonym would be any word that means the opposite!! .
If this person is smart enough to move up grades, then they would graduate earlier.
A family selling its home, in order to donate half of the proceeds to charity.
Energy is used wen u pull or push an object
Type your answer here... Elikabg is a nick name of Eleonora Maryanova, a Bulgarian freelance innovative teacher, consultant and researcher in the field of education and the owner and self-builder of Elika's virtual school. ;
Answer . "it is a great furnace of wrath" is a metaphor. The pronoun it is used in place of Hell, so Hell is being compared to a great furnace of wrath.
\nNo, she did not. She was a Mathematician