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Luggage is the baggage we use to carry clothing and belongings while traveling. Airlines have many luggage rules regarding weight, size and contents. Ask questions here about luggage brands, airline luggage rules and advice for packing.


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I think there are the brand, bar code, website and logo in thelabel.
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The answer is - It differs from airline to airline, and also across domestic and international airlines. You can refer to my article on Airline Carry on luggage size limits for more information :
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It depends on the airline which you are flying. Also the other factors that determine the weight and the number of pieces (hand baggage and check-in) will depend on whether you are traveling in a domestic route or an international route. Long distance international travelers are permitted to carry...
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You can take it in your hand luggage, but if it's liquid concealer then it must be under 3 ounces and be kept in a clear ziplock bag.
It depends on the airline you fly with, some of the cheap airlines charge for check in luggage
Cole Haan is a producer of high-quality handbags that are popularacross the globe. The bags are produced in China, Vietnam, andIndia.
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Juicy Couture has REALLY cute purses and you can also try Kate Spade and Coach! If you are looking for something cheaper, try Target!
A carry on luggage basically is a bag that can be carried and bearsthe size of a bag that can fit inside the luggage compartment ofthe airplane.
The purse is made by Brahmin You can buy it at Nordstrom.
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Many of the top names of today's handbags got their start as luggage makers .Hermes bags were founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermes, a harness and saddle maker, while Loius Vuitton was a luggage packer for the Parisian rich.
Briggs and Reley luggage can be purchased online at very attractive discount from Bergman Luggage.
depends where they're sold...
You close your bag just like any other bag. Please refrase your question in a proper way so we can know better how to answer your query. I am a big fan of Samsonite bags, especially Samsonite Silhouette bags. They are smooth, handy & have never given me any trouble. Now they are also available...
weight limit in baggage to Barbados is 50lbs in each bag you are allowed 2 pcs of luggage
If they're metal, it might attract the sensor. You might want to reveal it to the guard, and if you're not allowed to bring it, don't argue, just do it.
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Please check with the airlines for the most up-to-date carry-on baggage regulations. This information may change at any time without notice. American Airlines 1 bag per passenger. Maximum dimensions: 45 linear inches (L+W+H) Maximum Weight: 40 lbs. You may also carry a purse, computer,...
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May be you can try online shopping stores like ebay I would even try the manufacturer. Having recently bought 100 handbags from various different designers, I have to say that Dents were the only ones who were anything like helpful. I only rang on the off chance and spoke to a very nice lady in...
This is not a question. Please rewrite because no one can answer this as it is written. Contact the airline.
It's more a question of what you can't carry... I travel a lot and I travel light. Carry-on includes a change of knickers for unexpected overnight delays, a small toiletries bag with a spare toothbrush, travel size toothpaste, stick deodorant, hairbrush, my fully charged Kindle, iPod and iPad (or...
If you are not FYRMacedonian yes you do.
Miche purses are a new innovative idea of purse or handbag. The idea is that you buy just one purse and change the outer shell to create new looks and styles. This means you can keep all your stuff in just one bag and chnage the outer shell with your outfit.
Packing follows these rules of priority: 1) Day Clothes. (#of days stay *2 = approximate sets of clothes) 2) Night clothes (#of days stay /2 = approximate sets of clothes) 3) Underwear 4) Toiletries kit: Liquid soap, Showergel, 1 tube toothpaste, toothbrush, shoe polish (If needed), deodorant, comb...
Well ... if you have a Louis VITTON purse, what does it matter whether it is real or not! It would be a real VITTON handbag! Now, if you had paid for a Louis VUITTON purse which is not real, that could be different. You may be one of those people who think that having an expensive, designer handbag...
Luggae is a considered a singular subject. It will be followed by a Singular verb. 'Is'.
I think she have to carry her makeup and cell phone. Also, she carry comb, eyeliner and perfume.
islamabad to sanfrancisco two bags one luggage is 25 and 2nd luggage is 15
Fine Lanka Luggage, which is also the manufacturer of Atlantic and Travel Gear.
Air India allows the following baggage allowances on all International sectors except USA/CANADA First Class 40 Kilos Executive Class 30 Kilos Economy Class 20 Kilos Infants not entitled to a seat 10 Kilos Air India allows the following baggage allowances on all Domestic sectors. First...
I was in Germany for 3 weeks and traveled all over. It sounds like you'll be doing a lot of traveling and moving about, too, so a smaller duffel bag would probably be more practical and easier to maintain. However, if you are planning on collecting a good amount of souvenirs then you need to make...
Yes - the one I'm using has a smalllabel sewn into it saying Made in China. I assume more than just my style of bag is made there.
As of Nov 2008 you can bring electric shavers in cabin. TSA does not forbid them and some airlines, like United, expressly allow them to be used in cabin during flight.,6722,1036,00.html
It is up to you what you put on the label.
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An Internal Frame Backpack , through the top, like clothes. It goes all the way to the bottom, or you could use an External Frame, and tie it to the bottom.
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What are you allowed to put in your luggage
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In the Airline industry there are three types of Baggage allowances. Traditional Airlines First being "piece concept" that applies to mostly the United States and Canada. In Economy class, you can check in one bag with restrictions with some Airports/Airlines of up to 32kg. The second more...
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The model number on Samsonite luggage differs from one luggage toanother. It is usually a very unique number that is used in theidentification purpose.
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