The largest city in Georgia which was founded in 1837 and first incorporated in 1843

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How many counties are there in Atlanta Georgia?

There are 159 counties in the state of Georgia.

There are three (3) counties within the city limits of Atlanta, Georgia - Fulton and DeKalb counties are the primary Counties that cover the city, however, there is a little known fact that a large part is the city is also in Clayton County---The Airport. That's right, over 80% of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is located in City of Atlanta--Clayton County.

However, there are approximately 28 counties in the Metro Atlanta area (the number keeps growing as people move farther out and commute in for work).

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What is the driving distance from Atlanta GA to Tampa FL?

About 455 miles

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How far is it from Atlanta to Rockville MD?

About 652 miles according to MapQuest.

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What is the driving distance between Atlanta GA and Tampa FL?

It is 456 miles and an estimated 7 hours and 22 minutes according to Google Maps.
It is 456 miles according to Google Maps.
Google Maps estimates the driving time as 7 hours and 22 minutes.
455 miles taking this route:

  1. Take I-275 NORTH, from Tampa, to I-75 NORTH.
  2. Take I-75 NORTH to Atlanta, via I-475 NORTH (EXIT 156 off I-75 in GEORGIA) to bypass MACON.
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Are there any agencies in Pennsylvania to help felons find employment?


Check out

H.I.R.E. stands for 'helping individuals with criminal histories re-enter through employment'

There are many sources across the country listed here


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How far is it from Atlanta GA to Miami Florida?

The distance between Atlanta, Georgia and Miami, Florida is approximately 667 miles. The distance can be calculated for a specific route using any of the free mapping programs.

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Does it snow in Georgia?

Yes! It does snow in Georgia but only during the winter. The Christmas of 2010 it snowed & was very rare! But when it snow in Georgia, they get alot of it & get snowed in.

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What is the mileage from Atlanta Georgia to Memphis Tennessee?

It is 383 miles according to Google Maps.

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How long a drive from Pittsburgh pa to fort benning ga?

That is a distance of about 815 miles, driving time about 12 1/2 hours.


Where can you buy RC Cola in Atlanta-Georgia?


You can find RC Cola at pretty much any grocery or convenience store in the state of Georgia. Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Walgreens, Food Lion, Bi-Lo, and Kroger are all places that it is available. If you are looking for singles, try the local convenience/gas stations. Don't forget the Moon-pies!

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How long does it take to drive from Lawrenceville GA to Atlanta GA?

The time it takes to drive from Lawrenceville to Atlanta can vary depending on where in Lawrenceville you are coming from and where in Atlanta you are going to. It can also vary depending on the time of day that you are driving. I live about a mile east of downtown Lawrenceville and I drive to downtown Atlanta to work every day. I can get to my parking in lot in just about 1 hour in the mornings and about the same going home in the evening. If I come in earlier or leave later to miss traffic, I can make the commute in about 40 minutes.

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History of the United States

Since the Bible was one of the books used in the early schools how is it today that no mention of Jesus or God is allowed in the public schools?

Jesus and "God" are terms particular to one religion; allowing one to be placed above the other in a secular state is against the idea of religious freedom.

Answer:For the same reason that the Koran or Torah or other religious writings aren't.

Amongst other rights, the U.S. constitution guarantees freedom of religion. The Bible, or versions thereof, are (not "God") specific to the various Christian faiths.

Selecting out or using the Bible, or any other text specific to any religion, could be construed as promoting that religion over others, which would contravene this guarantee.

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How much alcohol can you bring into Australia not duty free?

2.25 litres of alcoholic beverages for each passenger aged 18 years or over. check out:

Real Housewives Reality Series

What kind of dog does Kim Zolciak have on Atlanta Housewives?

Kim Zolciak's dog is a black teacup Pomeranian.

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What are examples of human environmental interaction?

The way that humans treat and relate to the environment, is the definition.

It is the impact in which humans make with the planet and its inhabitants. it is the relationship of all humans and the impact they make on nature. An example can be how some people try to preserve wetlands and another can be in the other direction on how they cut down forests in the amazon.

Some examples of human environmental interaction are:

1. If chemical buildings polluting streams, rivers, and lakes then pollution will happen.

2. If constructers continue to cut down trees to build roads and building without building the trees back then we won't have a lot of trees for oxygen and it would effect the Ozone Layer.

3. If we kill bees then we won't have them to get pollen and pollute trees and flowers to help them grow

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Georgia Implied Consent Law?

The implied consent concept refers to the idea that when you get your driver's license, you agree that if you are ever arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI/DWI) of drugs or alcohol, you will submit to a blood, breath, or urine test . Your agreement to this arrangement was implicit upon getting your license; thus, implied consent.


Can convicted felons rent apartments in Atlanta GA?

The answer is NO...If you want to live in a decent luxury apartment. They will gladly accept convicted felons in high crime, drug infested areas. I applied to several Luxury apartment communities with honesty and they simply said ...don't bother to fill out the application. I was given an excuse in Stockbridge GA that they had to follow the guidelines of the Fair Housing Administration? My conviction is over 11 years old...I am currently gainfully employed by a Fortune 500 company earning over $75,000 a year. This to me, is a form of discrimination. There should be consideration and each case evaluated on an individual basis. I know for a fact that the way convicted felons get into luxury apartment communities is by getting someone else to rent it for them. Honesty does not pay in Atlanta Ga to rent an apartment.

Frustrated Felon in Atlanta

Georgia (US State)

How many hours does it take to fly from Atlanta Georgia to San Francisco California?

About 3 1/2 to 4 hours

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What are some things to check for a 1987 Ford 302 engine backfiring?

check the timing, you should also make sure you have oil pressure. Your valves mite not be opening or closing correctly.


Quickest driving route from Atlanta to Houston?

  1. Take I-20 WEST to I-59 SOUTH in Mississippi. Continue on I-59 SOUTH to LAUREL and NEW ORLEANS. On this route you will be bypassing Birmingham, AL by taking I-459 (EXIT 136). You will be looking for I-459 SOUTH to MONTGOMERY.
  2. Take I-59 SOUTH to I-12 WEST to HAMMOND at EXIT 1A in LOUISIANA.
  3. Take I-12 WEST to bypass New Orleans and take I-12 to I-10 WEST at END I-12 in Baton Rouge.
  4. Take I-10 WEST through Louisiana to Houston.
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Who is the mayor of Atlanta Georgia?

The current Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia is Kasim Reed. Reed took office as Mayor of Atlanta on January 4, 2010.

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How can I find out about free charitable or low-cost dental care options for uninsured or low income people?

There are various assistance programs that vary from state to state, so you may want to contact your state dental society to see if there are programs in your area. Another possible source of lower-cost dental care is a dental school clinic. Generally, dental costs in school clinics are reduced and may include only partial payment for professional services covering the cost of materials and equipment. Your state dental society can tell you if there is a dental school clinic in your area. Federally-funded health centers care for you, even if you have no health insurance. You pay what you can afford, based on your income. Health centers provide 1. checkups when you're well 2. treatment when you're sick 3. complete care when you're pregnant 4. immunizations and checkups for your children 5. dental care and prescription drugs for your family 6. mental health and substance abuse care if you need it * Talk to your state assistance program. They have free to cheap dental coverage. Also look in the yellow pages, some dentists will work with you on a payment plan. Good luck! == == * Go to the nearest dental college in your area. They always need people to work on and are usually very closely supervised. They may not do the work for free but it will be more affordable than at a regular dentist who has an office and employees to pay for. == == * You could try a discounted dental plan. Just go to dental plans and enter your zip code to find a dentist and plans in your area that will best suit your needs. I had it for about 2 years and it helped me to save a lot of money! == == * Save your money and pay cash. Take responsibility for your health and take action. Stop relying on someone else to solve your problems. I agree that if there is a training facility nearby for dentists, by all means, go there. The level of care will be very high and the cost will be much less than a private dentist. The negative thing about those places is the time it takes to get the care completed. You should plan on being there for several hours per visit, compared to a private doctor that will do the same thing in much less than an hour. == == * Try your local Health Dept. In Virginia some localities have Dentist for adults based on income, whereas, some are just for school age children. These Dentist are usually just out of college/training but are very good & careful. I myself searched high & low to find a dentist as I am indigent due to cancer & no insurance. I am trying to get disability but have been denied since 2000 & have not been able to work. So... taking responsibility & saving to pay for a dentist is not always an option for ALL people. == == * IF SOMEONE IS on State or Federal assistance (such as welfare or Medicare or Medicaid), certain dentists accept these patients for low cost or free dental care. The only other thing I can think of is to check out TEACHING HOSPITALS. They may have a School of Dentistry where graduate students work on teeth, under the supervision of an experienced dentist. Many times the cost is greatly reduced, and sometimes, depending on the situation, there may be no cost. GOOD LUCK! <<>> == == * And if there is no "free" clinic in your area, ask the health Dept. if there are any dentists who can/will work on a "sliding scale" meaning they will reduce their charges based on your income.

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How much should you charge to cut edge weed eat and blow the average yard in NJ?



How far is Atlanta GA from Augusta ga?

145 miles

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What is the Greyhound bus fare from Atlanta GA to Detroit MI?


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